Fausto Tales

Today is a good, gray, day. Well, by gray I mean average, as the sun's currently hot enough to make the fire sweat. I honestly prefer cloudy, rainy days, but it doesn't matter today because I've spent the last seven and a half hours in front of my computer and the first five and a half checking everything that would allow me to avoid doing my job, I finally ran out of ideas and decided to get to work for a change of pace.

Do me. Finish me.

I continue. As much as I tend to procrastinate my job, I gotta admit that I get sucked into it quite easily as soon as I start. Every story about these children show their uniqueness. Each of them have their particular issues, experiences and personalities, and even though it's not my job to judge, I think it's important for me to give a damn about what I am doing for a living. By this time my wrists are itching and my index fingers are begging for a break now. I open blank page to check the news, but perhaps more quasi-apocalyptic shit about how fucked up this country is won't help with my mood. Instead I enter the SCP site and, out of instinct, open the most recently created page.

Complete me Create ;ne Complete me Improve ME ReWrite Meh¡

I turn around and gaze at them. They are small, deformed beings. Their color faded and irrelevant. One of them is quite humanoid, but it's bruised and looks anemic. That's the lucky one, as the rest have missing limbs (if any), and their dying, translucent forms cling on with all their might simply to continue existing. Despite that, they look rather energetic, as they've been jumping around ceaselessly just to pick my attention. "Guys, I've told you before, I'll do it as soon as I get some free time to think about how to continue you all". Despite I try to believe my own lie, these little guys know me enough to be fooled for my words, or that's what I think. While they continue their frenetic attention dance, I get back to the screen and something picks instantly my attention.

SCP-3000 Contest

"Shit, it's that time again?" My mind goes black for half a second before a violent stream of regrets invade my brain at the same time. Most of it was the fact that I didn't manage to post anything at the third series. I look back to see them, but surprisingly they are dead silent. They understood what it means for them and for me. They no longer need my attention until I finish reading it, so after pressing the link, spending like 3 minutes looking at the hominous gif and reading everything twice, I get a good grasp of this time's contest theme and my little buds start chanting it at the Rhythm of Trinkets of the pale moon.

Horror Horror hOrroR HORROR horr0r

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