Fluid Canon

Special Containment Precautions:

SCP-[fill in number here]-1 is to be maintained on a standard optical disc, stored in the Site-19 archives. Unauthorized individuals who view the file or listen to an infected individual recounting the false memories induced by SCP-[fill in number here]-1 are to be gagged as soon as possible and escorted to the current soundproofed holding room designated for SCP-[fill in number here] by guards wearing sound cancelling ear protection. Under no circumstances are the security personnel to remove their ear protection at any time while handling any member of SCP-[fill in number here]-2.

The intected personnel, SCP-[fill in number here]-2 are to be contained in a soundproofed room sufficient to comfortably house all members and allowed to speak freely to one another. They are to be encouraged to discuss their recollections of past events with each other.

All testing and experimentation is to be carried out via D-Class who have been instructed to ask specific questions to the subject, which are then recorded on paper by the D-Class examiner. Indirect information written out does not transfer the meme, only direct recollection of the memories are capable of infection. D-Class used in any and all experimentation regarding SCP-[fill in number here]-2 are to be terminated immediately following the testing in order to prevent the spread of the memetic agent.

Description: SCP-[fill in number here]-1 is a virulent memetic agent which causes individuals who associate with one another to "remember" events which never took place. An individual infected with the meme will remember their part or parts in events which never happened, while multiple individuals infected from the same person, or who associate with that person post-infection will remember taking part in the same event. Individuals with different fictional memories will intermingle memories. At this point, it is yet unknown whether or not conflicting memories will cause any sort of mental instability. Further experimentation is requested.

Infected personnell are designated part of SCP-[fill in number here]-2. Current testing shows mental stability aside from believing in fictional events. When an individual is questioned on his belief, they generally show similar levels of emotional upset as a normal, uninfected individual would if their memory was called into question. Infected persons are rather vocal about their new memories, and will gladly talk at length about them to anyone, infected or not. Whether this is an aspect of the meme itself, or of simply having interesting memories is as of yet unknown.

When a sufficiently large group of SCP-[fill in number here]-2 are allowed to interact daily, they will gradually share their false memories with one another sufficiently that an entire false reality is formed. What individuals in the group interact with on a frequent basis is seldom remembered incorrectly, while long term memory is especially prone to being rewritten and is often the first to fall to the agent. A group fo SCP-[fill in number here]-2 sufficiently isolated from the outside world will eventually "fill in" a fictional reason for their being where they are, false pasts for the entire group and all minor details about their "new" pasts. In essence, an isolated group can retcon history within the group.

Uninfected individuals inserted into an already established and "recanonized" group will generally react negatively until their own memories begin to be retconned, over the corse of a month, until their own memory is part of the coheasive "group canon".

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