First Draft; Bullet gloves
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in Weapons Locker 7-B at the shooting range of Site 19. Access is
limited to responsible Level 1 to Level 3 personnel and the interaction requires the presence of a Level 1 minute writer and a serucity assistant due to accidental activation. Apart from this, no further security potocol is
necessary as the object is completely safe when separated from the materials necessary for activation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a pair of old, white leather gloves, obviously several decades old and shopworn. The clothing label
withinin the left one indicates it was produced by the italian military concern [DATA EXPUNGED] in the forties of the twentieth century.
The object has the same appearance as military gloves worn by italian forces during the second world war however there isn't
any proof the mentioned producer ever existed.

The object was discovered by the Foundation in [dont know yet] due to routine investigations of former military facilities. They were
thought to be conventional gloves until a member of the research team put one of them on and a shot went off. A fired bullet
hit Agent ███ █████ and killed him. Gunpowder residues were found inside the glove after the accident and the autopsy resulted
in the projectile to be a female screw. As the object consists of two separate gloves with same abilities it could be
considered as two objects yet it is registered as one.

In order to use the ability of the object two additional items are necessary, without these the effect won't show. In this
state, both gloves are completely innocuous and don't differ from conventional gloves. In connection with a propellant in the
form of gunpowder and a projectile the object gains the same functions as a handgun. Tests with the object have shown that
the shoot mechanism only occours if named ingredients are filled into the dent of the trigger finger. Even if both
ingredients are combined with the object it still not posses danger, the fire mechanism isn't ready until the glove is put
on. In order to shoot the loaded projectil the wearer must simulate the shape of a gun with his hand and push the trigger
simulated by his thumb. When fired, the projectile leaves the glove at the top of the trigger finger as well as the inflamed
gunpowder and acts like a conventional bullet. Another feature of the subject is the ability to load and fire various items
with diverse density and materials. Both repulsion, the ballistic trajectory and the risk of getting injured vary using
different projectiles.

It is yet unknown how the shot comes off without any mechanics, much less why the gloves dont take any serious damage.

Following documents record different test procedures with varying projectiles:

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