SCP-1192 in its original location.

Item #: SCP-1192

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1192 is to be kept in a locked storage garage. SCP-1192 must be kept emptied of all rental products and be disconnected from power and network connections except during testing.

Any instances of SCP-1192-1 produced by SCP-1192 are to be archived.

Experimentation Procedures: Due to the difficulty of predicting the targets of SCP-1192's effect, all D-class personnel to be used for experimentation must be approved by an officer with level 4 clearance or higher.

A D-class personnel under consideration for use in testing SCP-1192 must undergo a partial background check to indicate the most likely order in which the subject's friends and family will be selected by SCP-1192-1. The potential subject's close friends and relatives must be accounted for and, if living, must be accessible for placement in observation.

The subject must be placed into isolation when first exposed to SCP-1192-1 in order for any effects to manifest.

Procedure updates following experiment 1192-1: Any D-class personnel selected for testing must have been emotionally close to another D-class personnel (subject 2) prior to recruitment by The Foundation; for example, the subjects could be friends, lovers or relatives. Other relationships may be acceptable as well, as determined by an officer with level 4 clearance or higher.

Prior to the experiment, subject 2 must be cleared of any duties, prepared for immediate termination, and placed into isolation. Any persons closer to the subject than subject 2 must be placed into direct observation during the course of the experiment.

Procedure updates following experiment 1192-3: Any Foundation personnel known to have had contact with the subject must be placed into direct observation during the course of the experiment.

Procedure updates following experiment 1192-4: Due to continued unpredictability, further experimentation on SCP-1192 has been suspended indefinitely by administration.

Description: SCP-1192 is an automated DVD rental kiosk. On the bottom left corner of the face of the kiosk, an unidentified symbol is drawn in purple felt marker.

A DVD rented from SCP-1192 shall be designated SCP-1192-1. Physically, SCP-1192-1 appears to be a copy of the video requested, but displays anomalous effects if it is viewed while the subject is alone. If SCP-1192-1 is initially viewed by multiple subjects, it will play the movie requested from the kiosk, no anomalous effects will occur, and any subsequent viewings (even if viewed alone) will continue to display the same movie.

If viewed alone, SCP-1192 will play a movie which will appear to star the viewer and someone the viewer knows (hereafter known as the victim). The victim will be selected by the following criteria:

  1. The victim must be alone and unobserved at the time the viewing begins.
  2. The victim will be the person to whom the viewer feels emotionally closest.

If the closest person to the viewer is not alone and unobserved, the effect will select the next closest person, then the next, and so on until someone is found who meets the criteria.

For the purposes of the effect, "closeness" is often (but not necessarily) indicated by love or friendship. However, other strong emotional feelings such as hatred or lust have been observed to trigger the effect. If nobody that the viewer feels strongly towards is alone at the time SCP-1192-1 is viewed, the effect will proceed to pick from acquaintances, potentially including anybody the viewer has ever met.

The exact plot details of the movie played by SCP-1192-1 differ in each case, but all known instances follow these general guidelines:

  • The movie will be of low production value, resembling a home movie.
  • The movie will vary in length from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours.
  • The movie will open with a title and cast credits indicating the full names of the viewer and the victim.
  • The credits will be timestamped with a date and time approximately 2 hours prior to the time the initial viewing began.
  • The setting will be an location familiar to the viewer which is unoccupied at the time the initial viewing began.
  • The movie will fade in with the camera fixed in place on the victim, immobilized in a way appropriate to the setting.
  • A person appearing to be the viewer will appear in the scene, and will torture and kill the victim with implements appropriate to the setting.

From the moment that SCP-1192-1 is initially viewed by the subject, the victim can be found at the setting of the video, deceased from injuries consistent with those sustained in the video. From this point on, SCP-1192-1 behaves as a normal DVD; it can be stopped, paused, replayed and will always play the same movie consisting of the victim's death.

When SCP-1192-1's anomalous effects are triggered, all records of the rental kept by the rental kiosk company will disappear. SCP-1192-1 will not be returnable to SCP-1192, which will indicate that SCP-1192-1 is not a valid rental product. The rental kiosk company has indicated that whichever movie which was originally vended will eventually be noted as missing during their semiannual inventory and written off as general shrink.

History: SCP-1192 came to the attention of The Foundation during a broad investigation for unusual claims made during the course of criminal proceedings. A suspect in the state of ██ accused of murdering his wife had attempted to defend against video evidence of the crime by claiming that, despite what the video depicted, it had been obtained from a rental kiosk.

Although the DVD had bar code stickers typical of commercial rental kiosks and was professionally labelled as a big-budget movie, the rental kiosk company had no record of the alleged rental occurring, and the actual contents of the DVD were considered to be sufficiently damning to convict the suspect, resulting in a guilty verdict on ██/██/████.

Research into other recent cases of homicide in the area resulted in 3 other proceedings where a suspect had been convicted of homicide where the primary evidence was a DVD video of the murder, and where the defendant claimed to have rented the DVD from a rental kiosk. One suspect was convicted of murdering her child, and two other suspects were convicted of murdering their spouses.

All 4 convicts were remanded to Foundation custody for further investigation into the matter.

SCP-1192 was located in the ██████ convenience store in ██████, ██ and was taken into containment by The Foundation on ██/██/████.

Experiment Log:

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