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Item #: SCP-1810

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The primary mass of SCP-1810 (containing SCP-1810-001) is to be kept within a 10 by 10 meter Class-R containment locker composed of high carbon steel. A solid matter base powder should be applied to the floors around SCP-1810 as an additional preemptive measure.

Unless authorized, all experimentation on SCP-1810 should be limited to techniques for preventing the expansion of the object. Any experiments which pose any chance of expanding SCP-1810's mass are preemptively denied. Mobile Task Force Olive-XI is tasked with containing auxiliary instances of SCP-1810.

Description: SCP-1810 is an expanding mass of acidic chemicals that grows in a similar pattern to common molds. SCP-1810's color pigmentation commonly varies from shades of grey to bright green, but can take on almost any color in the spectrum. Before the recovery of SCP-1810-001, this pigmentation was thought to vary based on the kind of wastes found in its proximity. Since [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-1810 consumes all digestible substances in its vicinity, breaking them down with the acids its body consists of and converting them into nutrients. Instances of SCP-1810 are most often found in areas surrounding high human habitation, favoring large urban centers. If left unchecked, SCP-1810 will accumulate mass rapidly until it consumes all digestable material in the area it occupies, only stopping its growth when it no longer has digestible substances left. SCP-1810 seems unable to decompose specific metals, particularly those with a high carbon level. The cause for this is currently unknown.

SCP-1810-001 appears to be a mummified human female, encased in the primary mass of SCP-1810. SCP-1810-001's body displays no detectable vital signs with the exception of a high degree brain activity. It is not known how SCP-1810-001 resists the digestive effects of SCP-1810, nor how SCP-1810-001 retains brain activity. SCP-1810-001's body retains a stiff, upright posture, and appears to be frozen in the act of preparing to fire a gun into its left temple. History of [DATA EXPUNGED]

SCP-1810 displays an accelerated growth rate when in the vicinity of living mammals and birds. Instances of SCP-1810 have been demonstrated to grow towards sleeping mammals and birds, displaying more attraction to mammals with higher complexity of brain structure. Humans are given preference over other animals, followed by apes, followed by monkeys. SCP-1810 does not specially grow towards or attempt to digest organisms that are awake (even subjects that have been completely restrained).

Animals are digested by SCP-1810 just as easily as other organic material, but cause the digestion process if the animal is awoken by another animal. Birds and mammals undergoing the SCP-1810 digestion process do not awaken of their own volition.

Care must be taken to prevent the possible spread of SCP-1810 to metropolitan areas. Rampant growth would lead to massive structural problems in roads and piping, as well as large loss of human life and [DATA EXPUNGED]

The largest instance of SCP-1810 found to date was at the Hillsborough Landfill in Lithia, Florida. Because of this, all landfills are screened monthly for growth patterns and, if necessary, decontaminated.

Radios near an instance of SCP-1810 function strangely, repeating a near-unintelligible stream of spoken word in a female voice in a variety of languages (primarily English). The most commonly repeated snippet has been roughly interpreted as "Come dream with me."

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