Game Cartridge
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored in a locked testing room, along with a functional Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 2 SNES controllers, and a television in Research Sector-█. Use of SCP-XXXX is to be restricted to personnel with Level 3 Security Clearance or higher or those with permission from two (2) Level 3 personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a video game cartridge made for use in the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The item is cosmetically identical to any other SNES game cartridge, besides the fact that the its label has been peeled off, leaving behind a small amount of torn paper and adhesive.

The object's anomolous properties are only made clear when the cartridge is fully inserted into a working SNES which is connected to a TV that is receiving electricity. When the game system is turned on, a video game will appear on the screen, which varies depending on the person who powered on the system. Each game variation has the standard 16-bit graphics (with one exception, refer to the testing of D-32094 for further information) which were usual for games released on the SNES. The style of game seems to have a connection with the person who started the system, with general goals and location settings often having similarities to his or her daily routines, and the player avatar almost always resembling the player.

Notable game variations are included below (See Experiment Log XXXX for a full list):

Subject: D-29347 (Subject, a 29 year old caucasian male, had been previously convicted of rape)
Result: When the game booted up, text appeared on screen describing a story in which the main character was a young boy who had been shunned by the community in his home village because of reasons "Beyond the poor lad's control.", and to regain acceptance he must travel to a 'Temple of Reason' where he would find answers. The game then turned into an image of the character standing in a forest, with the sound of a child's voice screaming out in pain playing in the background. Though D-29347 expressed discomfort at this, subject proceeded to move the character forward for approximately 6 hours, during which no environments besides the initial forest appeared.

Subject: D-30986 (Subject, a 56 year old hispanic male, had been previously convicted of second degree murder)
Result: Game was a sidescrolling platformer which began with the main character standing on what looked to be the roof of a building in a large city. Player was able to navigate the character on to nearby rooftops by jumping. After doing this several times, player was told to fall from a building. After doing so, the player avatar fell to the sidewalk below and appeared to suffer heavy wounds including broken legs which made the subject unable to move any more, though the character still appeared to be alive. At this point, several people appeared and crowded around the main character and looked down on him, until the system was turned off.

Subject: Dr. ████████
Result: Upon starting the system, the image of her avatar standing in what appeared to be a hallway appeared. After exploring the area for a short while, it was obvious that she was exploring an exact replica of Research Sector-█, complete with several other known researchers walking through that halls, and the testing rooms of ██ SCP items. The fact that Dr. ████████ was able to explore several sections of the Sector which she does not have access to revealed that SCP-XXXX does not generate games solely based off of the player's memory.

Subject: Dr. █████
Result: The game consisted of a top down perspective of the player avatar standing in a large room with wooden flooring and stone walls. In the top wall were 7 seperate identical doors. Character was only able to take 3 steps before violently vomiting and throwing himself to the ground accompanied by the sound of screaming. Avatar no longer responded to player input until restarting the game, at which point the player was presented with the same scenario. All possible combinations of player movements resulted in the character apparently dying in an identical manner.

It should be noted that Dr. █████ died 6 days after using SCP-XXXX, from cardiac arrest. He was found in a pool of his own vomit. Further testing regarding SCP-XXXX's possible pre-cognitive abilities have been scheduled.

Subject: D-32094 (Subject, a 37 year old caucasian female, had been previously diagnosed with clinical depression)
Result: The television showed what looked to be a video feed of the inside of SCP-XXXX's testing room. It showed D-32094 standing in the center of the room, looking directly at the source of the video. No matter what button was pushed on the controller, exactly 2 minutes after powering on the game system, the image of D-32094 would proceed to commit suicide in a way that changed each time the NES was restarted. After being told to restart the system for the 4th time, subject showed signs of distress and began hitting the back of her head violently against the floor. Researchers were unable to restrain her before she had succeeded in killing herself.

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