Ghost Cannon
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Object SCP-1800-23

Item #: SCP-1800

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
As SCP-1800 is safely contained through its remote location and harmless nature, the only containment required is that to prevent the public from becoming aware of SCP-1800.
To this effect, an area of 50 Km around SCP-1800 has been purchased under the guise of a nature preserve, and a research and containment area built around the emergence point.

SCP-1800 is a location in a remote field in the Appalachian Mountains. At seemingly random intervals that vary between 6 months and 20 years, with a mean of 8 months, objects will materialize at this location.

These objects vary in size and composure, with the smallest recorded object being a small metal bead measuring 10 mm in diameter and weighing 3 grams, and the largest being a refrigerator measuring 2 meters in height and weighing 147 kg.

These items manifest about a meter above the ground and are always traveling at a speed of approximately 400 m/s upon arrival. They will then, as would be expected, fly in the direction of movement; so far, the direction of movement has been constant with each appearance.

What follows is a partial list of the objects ejected from SCP-1800 as of 3/19/2012
-A glass bottle, shattered against the containment wall. Testing on the shards has so far been inconclusive.
-A large rubber “bouncy ball”, ricocheted around the containment area for approximately 45 seconds before coming to rest in a corner.
-A large apple, liquefied on impact, remains proved entirely non-anomalous.
-A live chicken that squawked loudly upon appearance, and then subsequently died due to massive trauma as a result of colliding with the wall of the containment area, postmortem analysis revealed it to be a perfectly normal specimen of Gallus gallus domesticus.
-An extremely large lion which broke containment then proceeded to kill all the researchers on site, resulting in 6 casualties.
-A live hand grenade, detonated on impact, causing minor damage to the containment area.
-Over 40 individual beer cans of various brands have been ejected, all were empty.
-A human hand, appears to have been forcibly severed, DNA testing remains inconclusive.
-A vulcanized rubber truck tire, proved entirely ordinary, used as a replacement for a flat

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