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Item#: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be placed within a vacuum sealed (poly 4,4'-oxydiphenylene-pyromellitimide (kapton) case, with a thickness no less than 4.1 centimeters ( 1.5 inches ). This to have a single 7.6 centimeter ( 3 inch ) square plate glass inspection panel secured with RTV Silicone Adhesive. The case is to be contained within a monitored, locked and lead shielded room at all times. Conductive or semi-conductive materials are not to come into contact with the containment case, this includes liquids and the facility staff. Communication with SCP-XXX is to be restricted to one five minute session in any forty-eight hour period.

Description: SCP-XXX for all intents and purposes would appear to be a HP ProLiant DL380 G5 Server series computer. SCP-XXX dos not require a conventional power supply of any kind and as of yet has not been connected to one. Under questioning, SCP-XXX displays a basic knowledge in several areas, primarily electronics ideology and theology. SCP-XXX also displays a disturbed and mostly lethal sense of humour (refer to Document #XXX-2 Dr ███████notes). To communicate with SCP-XXX the subject must stand within line of sight in to the kapton case. One of the many speculations on SCP-XXX is that it can lip-read. Vibration sensors set on the exterior of the containment case will pick up and amplify any responses.

Addendum 1: Prior History: SCP-XXX was found in a monastery in Tuscany, France in 19████ by agent ███████ from team ███████. When the otherworldly and destructive nature of SCP-XXX became apparent, the Foundation became involved and expended significant resources in the initial containment of SCP-XXX. The computer's original use was as a database for cataloging religious artifacts.

Addendum 2: Physical contact in 90% of cases is terminal. Survivors have so far been unable to communicate any useful information. Prolonged verbal contact with SCP-XXX can bring about the following symptoms;- headaches, vomiting, stiff neck, changes in mental state, such as confusion, blurred vision, seizures and blindness.

Addendum 3: To date only one attempt to destroy SCP-XXX has been made. This attempt enabled the subject to jump from the vaporized DL380 in the Kapton case to a DL380 the facility had been using as a disaster recovery unit, and was instrumental in incident 004

Document #XXX-2 Dr ███████notes on incident 004
SCP-XXX was able to briefly influence a dealing room in the bank ███████. In that time SCP-XXX was heard to be singing "lemmings fly free" as it forcibly ejected the dealing staff out of a thirteenth floor window.

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