Item #: SCP-603

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Subject is to be kept in a standard enclosure, and provided with UV lamps. SCP-603 requires 2 litres of water, to be given twice daily in a trough. The subject also needs regular exercise and interaction with humans. It is not allowed near any other plant-based SCP subjects, but may interact with some other safe-class objects, and is particularly fond of chasing SCP-131. However, the subject must always be kept on
a leash due to its size.

No incineragens or dangerous SCP objects are allowed near the subject. Wrestling with or attempting to harm the subject is strongly discouraged as it will bite—see Addendum 603-a.

Description: SCP-603 appears to be a male Great Dane, approximately 4 years of age. It weighs 56 kilograms and is 1 metre tall at the shoulder, and appears to have green fur, which was revealed to be tiny blades of grass on closer
examination. The subject has never been observed to eat, but instead draws its energy from the water and UV lighting provided. Testing of nail clippings and bodily fluids has not shown that it is anything other than an ordinary canid.

The subject has not, since its recovery from [DATA EXPUNGED], made any attempt to escape. Its temperament is best described as placid and gentle. However, should it perceive a threat, it will bite its assailant.

Addendum 603-a: One Class D member of staff (hereafter known as D-603-1) attempted to wrestle with SCP-603, frightening it, and was bitten. Within 3 hours, D-603-1 had sprouted plant matter from the wounds. This was examined and found to be Soleirolia soleirolii, a common house plant known as "Peace-in-the-home." The plant had completely vanished after 48 hours. D-603-1 reported nightmares of [DATA EXPUNGED] during 72 hours following the incident, but suffered no further ill effects.

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