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Item #: SCP-1634

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1634 is to be held in a one meter3 metal safe with a combination lock. SCP-1634 shall not be removed from the safe except for testing or with the explicit written permission of the senior researcher assigned to SCP-1634. A staff member must always be within five (5) meters of SCP-1634.

When being transported over large distances, SCP-1634 must always be accompanied by two (2) vehicles with trained mechanics on board. Every four minutes, SCP-1634 must be transferred from one (1) vehicle to the other. For safety reasons, SCP-1634 must never be transported by air.

Description: SCP-1634 is a solid brass compass, circa 1890s, that does not appear to point towards the magnetic north but instead points to another direction. The needle on the compass irregularly swings to another direction without notice. The shortest recorded a time the needle has pointed in the same direction is fifty-four (54) minutes; the longest time is recorded at twelve (12) weeks. If SCP-1634 is over five (5) meters away from a sapient being, it will teleport back into the possession of its last living possessor or, if none remain alive, the nearest sapient being to it, regardless of whether or not they are human.

SCP-1634 possesses a weak but consistent compulsion, which can be easily dismissed, on its user to travel towards the direction its needle is pointing towards. When the possessor of SCP-1634 travels in a direction that goes against the needle, an initial warning event will occur immediately. The warning event varies according to the method of transportation but is usually an inconvenience that hinders movement. When the warning event fails to deter the possessor from proceeding, a disabling event, where the method of transportation is physically disabled, will occur to prevent further straying. The disabling event can, and occasionally does, result in death. When the possessor of SCP-1634 follows the path, SCP-1634 disregards terrain and natural barriers. Attempts to go around physical barriers are met with the same reaction as though the possessor of SCP-1634 had decided to head in a different direction, triggering the warning event and later the disabling event.

History: SCP-1634 was recovered in an antique shop. Agent ████ retrieved the object following rumors of a “cursed compass” originally owned by Charles ██████, the captain of the USS ████████ which had sunk in ████, but had gone through a series of owners. The last owner, a Mr. █████, died in a car accident soon after purchasing the compass.

Addendum: Permission to follow SCP-1634 to its target destination is pending O5 approval.

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