Hannings' Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XVI

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: No special containment procedures are required for SCP-432, save that it is to be stored in a secure, locked room unless needed for testing.

Description: SCP-XVI is a cylindrical metal object with a diameter and height of approximately 2 cm, with a worn label on the side stating "Prototype of The Factory: Start-Em-Up!" The cylinder has a small prong sticking out of it.

When inserted into a key slot, power plug, or any other mechanical aperture, the device it has been inserted into will start up any systems or programs it can. Testing on a computer has caused it to immediately boot up and run all programs simultaneously, crashing the computer and damaging the hardware and software.

When inserted into a car's charger slot, the following has been observed:
1) Car engine starts.
2) Windshield wipers begin wiping.
3) Car alarm goes off.
4) Radio turns on.
5) Powered windows toggle status.
6) Automatic locks toggle status.
7) Brake lights and hazard lights turn on.
8) Headlights toggle status.
9) Air conditioning and heating turn on simultaneously.

SCP-XVI was found in ████, Illinois in a pawn shop labeled as an old spark plug by Dr. ████████ on ██/██/████.

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