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Yellow-tinted Dianthus caryophyllus blooms growing from Glycine max stalks in a field outside Mayfield, Kentucky, United States.

Item #: SCP-3180

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation operatives within appropriate agricultural regulatory agencies worldwide are to monitor development of new pesticide formulations for indicators that rediscovery of SCP-3180 is imminent or possible. Regional Foundation operatives are to maintain a dialogue with American land-grant research extensions and their overseas equivalents to determine if SCP-3180 deployment appears to have occurred; this may be determined through investigation of unusual or unexpected floral developments in agricultural contexts.

Description: SCP-3180 is the designation for a chemical with the molecular structure 1,2,4-Trichloro█████████████ ██████████(███████)██████tic acid, sold as an herbicide under the trade name "Harbinger 10WSC". Given its effect on plant matter (similar to synthetic auxin herbicides), SCP-3180 is believed to be a complex metabolic derivative of 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid, a common herbicide with agricultural and horticultural uses developed in the United States in the 1940s. However, SCP-3180's molecular structure should not be stable outside of laboratory conditions; if it is naturally related to any extant herbicide product, how it came to exist is currently unknown.

SCP-3180 has demonstrated an effect on several hundred plant species across different classes and families; its effect on plant life seems to relate to the needs or desires of whatever force is controlling SCP-3180 rather than traits of the plants itself.

SCP-3180 has two primary anomalous effects, one relating to its production and distribution and another relating to its effects on plant matter. SCP-3180 has been distributed by pesticide distributors to farmers and horticulturalists across North America, almost consistently proposed as new chemical solutions for broadleaf and annual grass infestations in row crops and flower beds. Because they are consistently priced more cheaply than more conventional chemicals such as glyphosate or diquat dibromide, most farmers and horticulturalists elected to purchase SCP-3180 on a trial basis. No distributors have been identified who reported being aware of SCP-3180 or its origins, including under chemical and mechanical interrogation. SCP-3180 primary storage containers are labeled as having been manufactured in nonexistent or unknown locations1.

Plants that come into contact with SCP-3180 develop upward-facing bioluminescent flowering bodies, regardless of whether the plants do or do not normally generate other flowers. These bodies do not appear to injure or effect the plants in any way; fruit and vegetable matter from food crops do not differ from unaffected plants, and the size and relative health of affected plants do not seem changed relative to unaffected plants. Because of the resource needs of the SCP-3180 flowering bodies, this suggests that SCP-3180 may serve as an energy source as well as a growth regulator.

Flowering bodies generated by SCP-3180 exposure, though with different frequencies at different locations. The purpose of this light emission is unknown. However, some correlations have been noted:

  • In the vicinity2 of affected plants that pulse less than once per minute, aggressive insect, mammalian, and avian pest activity decreases almost entirely, and humans that spend significant time in the presence of the plants (farmers and farm workers) experience increased immunosuppressive activity and generally increased health. This represents approximately ten percent of documented cases.
  • In the vicinity of affected plants that pulse more than once per minute but less than once every five seconds, no change has been noted. This represents approximately 75% of cases.
  • In the vicinity of affected plants that pulse more than once every five seconds, at least one individual has experienced accidental death from failure of mechanical or hand tools. After this death, the frequency of the plant pulses tends to lengthen. This represents slightly less than 15% of cases.3

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Item #: SCP-3181

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3181-2 is to be kept inside of SCP-3181-1 for testing purposes. SCP-3181-1 is to be kept in a Level 2 security locker at Site 27. Personnel are to attempt communication with SCP-3181-2 every three hours once per day twice per week as often as believed necessary by Site command. Any nonstandard messages conveyed or generated by SCP-3181 are to be reported to Site command.

Description: SCP-3181-1 is an unmarked, unbranded brown leather duffel bag. SCP-3181-2 is an animate, disembodied human head of Asian descent. SCP-3181-2 was found outside Site 27 inside of SCP-3181-1; its origins have not been determined. SCP-3181-2 is capable of speaking English with a slight Southern American accent despite having no apparent respiratory system or functioning vocal cords. SCP-3181-2 has expressed no need for food or liquids and has survived without them since recovery.

SCP-3181-2 is only capable of speech when inside of SCP-3181-1 and while the zipper is fully open. The object at that point will speak intermittently, seeming to prefer speaking with some individuals more than others, without explaining the nature of its preference. During active periods, the object will carry out full conversations with chosen individuals, though the object seems to insist on speaking entirely in metaphors, aphorisms, and analogies. SCP-3181-2's most common topics relate to quality of life, happiness, and unidentified individuals referred to as "The Employer" and "The Harbingers".

Interview Logs:

We only want to help. Can we help you?

Item #: SCP-3182

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The cell at Site 17 believed to contain SCP-3182 is to be remotely monitored at all times using the camera equipment currently installed in the cell. Standard Class 2 Humanoid rations are to be introduced into the containment cell via the provided door; communication may be attempted using these rations. Under no circumstances are Foundation personnel to attempt to physically interact with SCP-3182 unless site security has been explicitly ordered to intercept SCP-3182 during escape attempts at least ninety minutes in advance of the planned interaction.

Due to the inabilities of Foundation personnel to determine SCP-3182's location with any accuracy or precision, all reports referencing SCP-3182 should instead refer to probable location and state of containment. With this understood, any and all graffiti produced by SCP-3182 is to be recorded and destroyed upon probable recontainment of SCP-3182.5 No graffiti is to be altered or damaged prior to probable recontainment.

Description: SCP-3182 is a humanoid female of Inuit descent, believed to be seventeen years of age. SCP-3182's primary anomaly is an unusual relationship between SCP-3182 and local spacetime. Specifically, SCP-3182 is presently believed to exist at some point between twenty-five and sixty minutes in the past relative to her surroundings. What is presently known with certainty is:

  • Humanoid Containment Cell #878 contains a surveillance camera that transmits video of SCP-3182, but does not transmit audio of any kind. The surveillance camera is of a different type than the Site 17 standard model; standard cameras with audio transmission capacity have been installed twice by Site staff during suspected containment breaches, but have been replaced with the old variety of camera upon recontainment of SCP-3182. Records of the removal and installation of the cameras have been corrupted through various means, but Dr. S███████ has confirmed that the replacements have happened.
  • The existence, location, and status of SCP-3182 has never been visually confirmed except through video surveillance in Cell #878. All personnel entering Cell #878 have found it to be empty. On each occasion that entry into the cell was attempted, Site 17 security reported having seen SCP-3182 exit the containment chamber 15-20 minutes prior to that time via surveillance video; they report having been unable to inform any other personnel of this event for various reasons. The phenomenon has been documented with enough different groups of security agents to inform a belief that this is another effect of SCP-3182.
  • After an indeterminable period of time, video surveillance of SCP-3182's containment cell will show SCP-3182 reentering the cell, sometimes appearing to have been pushed or shoved inside. No personnel have ever reported having actually returned SCP-3182 to the cell.
  • During the time that SCP-3182 is not visually confirmed as being present in Cell #878, there is an increased risk of some personnel developing inexplicable injuries consistent with having experienced a physical altercation, losing stretches of time (up to 30 minutes), or disappearing entirely. Slogans and phrases in predominately red and green Krylon brand spray paint are nearly almost always discovered at various locations around Site 17 during SCP-3182 containment breaches.

What is presently suspected with a high degree of probability regarding SCP-3182 is the following:

  • The length and severity (in terms of personnel injured or lost and property damaged) of an SCP-3182 containment breach can be altered depending on the behavior of Foundation personnel. Judging from prior containment breaches, SCP-3182 is likely to cause greater amounts of damage to property and personnel under any of the following conditions:
    • 1) if site personnel fail to react to the containment breach at all (see Incident Reports 3182-022, 023, and 054),
    • 2) if site personnel attempt to blackmail, bribe, or coerce SCP-3182 into returning to containment by using the Site intercom to announce an intention to execute D-class or other personnel if she refuses;
    • 3) if any personnel on-site at the time of the breach have at any point been involved in experimentation requiring a special dispensation of level 4 or higher from the Ethics Committee6, or
    • 4) if any personnel on site have any connection with the phenomenon known as "the Harbingers".

Addendum-3182-1: Excerpts of SCP-3182 graffiti:











I apologize to those who misunderstand us.

Item #: SCP-2633

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Foundation CVBG 04 is deployed in containment formation around SCP-2633, led by Admiral David Rapp Rox Walker aboard the SCPS William Fritz. Admiral Walker is the senior containment officer of record and should be contacted regarding any specific inquiries regarding specific containment procedures at any given time. General procedures currently authorized include the use of any means7 to prevent the further growth of SCP-2633 or the spread of its component parts. A secondary goal of containment is to avoid general movement of SCP-2633 as a corollary of the first goal.

CVBG 04 is authorized to use ship-mounted and aircraft-mounted anomalous weapon platforms up to Level 3 strength during standard suppression efforts. In the event of a major containment breach attempt or a partial failure of containment, Admiral Walker is specifically empowered to authorize escalation to Level 5 anomalous weapons deployment for limited periods of time while reinforcements are brought to the containment site. Application of Level 5 anomalous weapons in a limited spaciotemporal context for longer than five (5) minutes is not recommended due to increased likelihood of XK- or ZK-class scenarios occurring; it is not, however, forbidden.

No personnel involved in containment of SCP-2633, including Admiral Walker himself, are permitted to negotiate these containment procedures with SCP-2633 to any extent. No personnel involved in containment of SCP-2633 are permitted to allow growth of SCP-2633 under any circumstances.

Mobile Task Force Nu-9 ("His Men Friday") has been assigned to locate and eliminate the closest island masses to SCP-2633; to date, thirteen (13) Aleutian islands have been reduced to a condition of being no longer usable by SCP-2633.

Description: SCP-2633 is a disc-shaped collective mass of insectoid life presently holding a stationary position in the northern Pacific Ocean. The constituent mass of SCP-2633 consists largely of Vespoidae, including both eusocial and traditionally solitary insect families. The mass has an area of 24 322 401 552 km2 at last calculation. Given its movement patterns and lack of displacement in the water during movement, the mass has been demonstrated to be hovering not more than three centimeters above the water's surface; this fact has been used to assist containment efforts in the past.

The mass appears to be capable of reproducing at an exponential rate given adequate feeding materials, and by all observed behavior, appears to be able to convert any solid matter into consumable food via an unknown process. As a result, the mass has grown significantly since its initial detection in September of 2014, due principally to consumption of bird and aquatic life, entire landmasses' material composition down to sea level, and (during containment breaches) Foundation naval containment vessels and personnel. When deprived of access to external sources of matter, SCP-2633 will maintain its mass by converting its own dead constituent parts into food that is used to reproduce itself; while logic would imply a degradation of mass over time due to the inefficiency of this conversion, no actual negative growth has been detected during successful containment periods.

SCP-2633 has communicated with Foundation personnel at various times using various methods depending on the containment procedures in place at that time. Current communication consists largely of warnings, threats, or pleadings to end containment and permit SCP-2633 to feed and grow; this communication takes place by deploying bioluminescence-capable insects to use light signals in Morse code.

Addendum 2633-1: Incident 22587-Euclid

Conversation conducted between Foundation forces and SCP-2633 between 1529 and 1722 hours on 11 October 2014. SCPS Cervidae Cronus selected to convey messages to SCP-2633 due to possession of high-power infrared signalling lamps. This was the first significant and (to date) most cordial communication between SCP-2633 and Foundation operatives since successful containment was established.

SCP-2633: alert alert mayday hello greetings buenos dias alert alert mayday hello greetings buenos dias alert alert mayday —

Foundation cruiser SCPS Cervidae Cronus begins replying using onboard lights.


SCP-2633: alert yes please mister foundation would like to feed now game has been much amusements and we agree that you again have won this round but please can have food please can have food please can have food —


SCP-2633: we do not have quote unquote fancy schmancy naming schemata and yet our employer informs us that terminology such as we are often referred to by on other worlds would carry much bad cultural connotations for people of yours but you may call us grey legion. please interpret that in a cultural vacuum for best results. may we be granted access to foodstuffings for grey legion continued survival of.


SCP-2633: we were not a threat to you in our first incarnations and your attack on us has been unwarranted and yet we forgave you in our second incarnation and our third incarnation because we were told by our commander to expect that you would not be understanding but we have no other means of living and we know there will be a salvation for us and we are not concerned about ourselves but perhaps if you permit us a feeding we can discuss in greater detail and you yourselves will benefit from —


SCP-2633: we appreciate suggestion our numbers dwindle and that being of which we harbinge seemed distinctly to dislike the notion of our recycling methods after seeing another lesser race consuming itself (laughter at shade) but really we appreciate your efforts at survival and while harbingers of empathy such as ourselves appreciate our own survival it must be acknowledged that you are the real targets of these efforts —


SCP-2633: we are told your superiors already have a familiarity with our commander and we have been asked to elaborate no further on this matter. we are told that when direct communication is required between our people that our commander will engage that communication personally but until then we are here to provide key opportunities for your people, in the manner of a no, that is wrong word. we are here to provide key mandatories no that is wrong word as well. our apologies, we are still remembering how to speak. please respond with news of assistance soon before desperate measures become increasingly necessary please respond with news —

Then-commander Admiral David Rapp orders MTF Nu-9 to fall back to another island.


SCP-2633: yes yes affirmative si ja da finally you understand one of you understands the purpose of what we are here for there were those of us that believed our commander was in error to have such faith in you but we see that his wisdom truly transcends such temporary setbacks. we enjoy continuing your continuing of life.


SCP-2633: please observe this new system of life, its efficiency. keep open minds. we are not first option. but we are not not an option. please interpret that as the friendliest of threats.

Admiral Rapp ordered CVBG 04 into an elliptical formation suggesting an open space for SCP-2633 to enter, which it did. Admiral Rapp successfully navigated both the battle group and SCP-2633 to the location of a small island, which SCP-2633 consumed without incident. Notably, SCP-2633 was not observed to grow in size after this consumption.

Note as of 16/10/14: Admiral David Rapp has been relieved of command by order of Overwatch Headquarters and reassigned as a field agent following amnestic debriefing. O5 Command has ordered Rapp to be replaced by Admiral Rox Walker and has specifically been ordered to prevent any similar incident, including any compromise with the mass, from occurring under any circumstances. CVBG-04 has been reinforced and given improved armaments to accommodate the frequent attempts at containment breach that have occurred since this incident.

Thank you to all of you who helped with this. We hope to help with our work too.

Item #: SCP-2634

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: Sites 2634-Alpha through -Epsilon have been established around the five locations where SCP-2634-related transformations have occurred. The Foundation Records and Information Security Administration (RAISA) is to monitor and intercept satellite and other surveillance methods that allow discovery or observation of SCP-2634 sites by non-Foundation personnel.

Experimentation involving SCP-2634 instances is to be conducted by D-Class personnel with no history of sexually-based offenses or crimes involving children. D-Class personnel used for SCP-2634 experimentation are to be observed by armed guards throughout the experimental procedures and are to be restricted to supervised, non-sensitive duty for not fewer than three weeks after experimentation. Any personnel that come into physical contact wish SCP-2634 instances are to be restricted to supervised, non-sensitive duty for not fewer than three weeks after contact. All personnel restricted to supervised duty due to SCP-2634 exposure are to undergo psychological abnormality screenings until certified free of psychological contamination by the Foundation Department of Health and Wellness.

Description: SCP-2634 is the designation used to describe five similar separate physical transformation phenomena that have been documented and contained by the Foundation to date. They have been designated SCP-2634-A through -E respectively. The locations surrounding SCP-2634-A through -E have been designated Sites 2634-Alpha through -Epsilon. Future events will be designated similarly.

SCP-2634 instances vary based on the number, orientation, and dimensions of SCP-2634 objects, but the objects themselves are consistent in composition. SCP-2634 objects are cylindrical organic formations, one centimeter in diameter, composed of bone, blood, skin, nervous tissue, a solid form of water resembling ice8, what appears to be solid atmospheric gases (oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, and others), and other chemical components commonly found in the human body.

SCP-2634-A consists of two SCP-2634 formations, each 168.82 meters in length. The formations were located in the home of Zackary Roberts of Lenape, Delaware, USA; the formations were oriented perpendicular to the Earth's surface, beginning several meters in the ground beneath the house's foundation and reaching upward through the house and into the air. Based on the dimensions of the formations and the disappearance of the house's owner, the formations are believed to be Roberts's remains.

SCP-2634-B consists of three SCP-2634 formations, each 94.54 m in height. The formations were oriented in a straight line approximately 2.54 cm apart from one another, embedded through the concrete floor of a lawnmower parts warehouse in Summertown, Arkansas, USA, in a similar fashion as those of SCP-2634-A. The formations are believed at present to be the physical remains of one Noah Kyle Shepherd, an employee of the warehouse who lived in Summertown; the discovery of the formations coincided with Shepherd's disappearance, and an investigation of the area around the warehouse located several barely recognizable human corpses whose deaths were attributed to Shepherd upon further investigation.

SCP-2634-C consists of five SCP-2634 formations, each approximately 33.76 m in height. The formations were located in a construction site for a resort hotel in Chacmuchuch, Quintana Roo, Mexico, embedded in the ground in a regular pentagonal shape approximately 52.9 cm apart. The formations were confirmed to be the remains of Juana Montenegro Rosara, owner of the land and future hotel; the identity and motivation for the killing was determined through experimentation with SCP-2634-C.

SCP-2634-D consists of seven SCP-2634 formations, each 27.59 m in height. The formations were located in a regular heptagonal shape approximately 23.4 cm apart on a cliff overlooking the Marina Grande di Capri in Campania, Italy. Research into SCP-2634-D is pending.

All research and data regarding SCP-2634-E is classified L5-2634-Restricted as of 11/02/2014.

Addendum 2198-A: Sample of SCP-2634 Effects on Qualified Personnel

All attempts to relocate SCP-2634 instances have failed due to several peripheral effects of the objects. Mechanical devices more complex than simple tools fail to operate properly in the vicinity of SCP-2634 instances; while the radii of the effects vary between instances, they have all been sufficient to prevent the use of mechanical or power tools to remove the objects from their recovered locations. Furthermore, humans coming into contact with SCP-2634 instances experience anomalous reactions based on incompletely understood factors, reactions that often debilitate the humans involved.

However, to date, D-class Foundation personnel have shown the most useful and successful interactions with SCP-2634 instances. The pattern of successful experimentation suggests that SCP-2634 reacts positively to humans who have prominently but nonviolently broken established legal or social conventions, reacts neutrally to individuals who have primarily obeyed established legal or social conventions, and reacts with extreme hostility towards individuals who have committed physical violations (murder or assault, particularly sexual assault) towards other individuals (particularly children).

Experiment ID: 2634-04

Personnel Involved: D-099238, Dr. Stephen Chicobal

Notes: D-099238 was convicted of several counts of felony vandalism after being arrested while spraying graffiti throughout the inside of an abandoned fraternity house. Recruited into Foundation D-class program through assurance of reduced sentence.

Results: D-099238 was brought into the physical presence of SCP-2634-A and told to make contact with the northernmost formation. D-099238 grasped the formation with both hands and ceased movement. After three minutes, Dr. Chicobal of the containment team began interviewing D-099238.

Chicobal: Can you tell me your name?

099238: We can tell you many things using this vessel. We understand so much better now. Thank you for your patience.

Chicobal: Can you tell me your name?

099238: The name of this vessel is William Christian Couser. You identify it as D-099238. The physical formation left in this location constitutes the remains of human Zackary Shane Roberts. The harbinger responsible for this conversion is identified using pseudonym Red Sword.

Chicobal: Why was this…conversion carried out?

099238: Human Zackary Shane Roberts committed multiple violations of [unintelligible]9 of sentient beings. Human Zackary Shane Roberts was observed coercing human Jackson Pasronis away from an educational establishment. Human Zackary Shane Roberts was observed committing violence against human Jackson Pasronis, culminating in termination of life. Human Zackary Shane Roberts was observed committing acts of desecration against the physical remains of former human Jackson Pasronis. Acts of violation and termination of life are prohibited by [unintelligible] law.

Chicobal: This individual violated your laws?

099238: Human Zackary Shane Roberts committed deliberate violations of [unintelligible] law. As of this time forth, [unintelligible] law will be enforced in all places of the Earth by means determined to be most effective by harbinger Red Sword. It was decided by harbinger Red Sword that violations of [unintellgible] law would be best discouraged through acts of physical permutation that created a maximum of suffering and aroused a maximum of curiosity regarding the nature of the acts. You are serving a purpose by disseminating knowledge of these acts. It pleased [DATA EXPUNGED] that you are able to serve this role, as you were able to assist in our previous encounter.

Chicobal: What encounter? Who is [DATA EXPUNGED]?
099238: Your name is different in this timeline. But your face is so similar. Look at these fluids and remember.

D-099238's eyes unfocused. D-099238 experienced nasal hemorrhage and lost consciousness at this point, releasing SCP-2634-A. Dr. Chicobal did report feeling a sense of deja vu upon seeing the subject's collapse, but could not provide insight into any significance that this entailed.

Experiment ID: 2634-09

Personnel Involved: D-398398, Dr. Stephen Chicobal

Notes: D-398398 was convicted of felony assault against a police officer and possession of Schedule A narcotics.

Results: D-398398 was brought into the presence of SCP-2634-C and ordered to make physical contact with one of the formations. D-398398 made physical contact with a formation and ceased communicating. After four minutes, Dr. Chicobal began the interview.

Chicobal: Can you tell me where you are?

398398: Select scale for response: [unintelligble] objective numeric coordinates, relative placement coordinates.

Chicobal: We have already confirmed that your objective units tell us nothing. Relative placement, please.

398398: Location recognized as universe 226, iteration 33, cosmic sector 3747797, stellar cluster 7264742, cluster sector 11947, star system "Sol", third planet "Earth", landmass four, political division "Mexico", subdivision "Quintana Roo", settlement "Chacmuchuch", former site of Playa del Paradiso resort, location of remains of human Juana Montenegro Rosara.

Chicobal: Thank you. Can you tell us why this human was converted?

398398: Human Juana Montenegro Rosara manipulated local economic conditions in order to coerce labor from three hundred fifteen local humans. Human Juana Montenegro Rosara deliberately permitted working conditions that led to the deaths of four humans under the age of 15. [unintelligible] law dispermits deliberate negligence resulting in the death of immatured sapient beings. [unintelligible] law dispermits manipulation of economic conditions leading to negligent deaths as well, as a separate article.

Chicobal: Does negligent homicide typically result in…this punishment?

398398: Harbinger Red Sword exercised her discretion to enhance punishment in this instance due to the multitude and severity of the offense.

Chicobal: Where are the other harbingers?

398398: Those are not to be available to you directly. There are others in the world who need to be alerted as to the nature of the impending transitions to this world. Our previous interactions with this world focused overmuch on your organization. While this was due in part to your unique dedication to the preservation of normalcy — which is to be praised! — the impending transitions will necessarily require an abandonment of that normalcy, and we are working to prepare the planet for this.

Chicobal: What keeps happening to the offenders that come into contact with these…formations?

398398: Harbinger Red Sword has integrated what you would refer to as a "sentient tactile cognitohazard" into these formations. The entity speaking through this vessel is one component of that cognitohazard. Another component of the cognitohazard recognizes certain behaviors and thought patterns in sapient beings, particularly ones that incline the individual towards violent deviations against [unintelligible] law towards innocents, and reacts by terminating individuals coming into contact with these formations through sudden disruption of cellular vacuole function throughout the individual's body, leading to violent systemic cellular cytolysis.

Chicobal: You melted them.

398398: So to speak, yes.

Where would we be without sadness?

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Item #: SCP-2415

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Lawrence Berra High School has been condemned by the city of St. Louis, MO, United States at the behest of the Foundation, which is currently quarantining the building for containment purposes. Foundation security personnel posing as a cleaning service are to maintain the containment of the facility and assist researchers in investigation and interrogation of SCP-2415; this group comprises Stationary Task Force Gamma-4-q. STF Gamma-4-q is to prevent unauthorized access to the building, maintain visual blockage of all windows and ensure the protection of any Foundation researchers attempting to use SCP-2415 to investigate Group of Interest Gamma-4 ("the Harbingers").

Researchers assigned to SCP-2415 are to bring covert surveillance equipment with them to document observed lessons for later analysis. Dr. Django Bridge is presently the interim lead researcher for SCP-2415, per his request and in light of his success with SCP-2415.

Description: SCP-2415 is a humanoid individual between 30-45 years of age, 175cm in height. The humanoid appears to be corporeal in nature, as Foundation agents have come into physical contact with it in the past; however, touching SCP-2415 causes affected individuals to lose consciousness for upwards of thirty minutes at a time.

SCP-2415 appears to transit via unknown means from an unknown location into Lawrence Berra High School between 7:00 and 7:30 every weekday morning. SCP-2415's movements are unknown for certain parts of the day, as Foundation agents and researchers are physically unable to enter several rooms in the building that would traditionally be reserved for faculty or staff access. SCP-2415's primary area of operation is a classroom on the third floor, where he teaches English literature. The content and focus of his classes suggests that he attempts to teach in accordance with state standards that became obsolete in 2007; this helps to narrow down the likely time when SCP-2415's anomalous effects began.

SCP-2415 enters the third-floor classroom at approximately 7:45 every day. He pantomimes teaching planning activities, including sitting at an empty desk and shuffling papers or motioning as though typing at a computer that is not present. SCP-2415 walks to the front of the classroom at 8:12, at which point a ringing sound occurs throughout the school seeming to signal the beginning of a class period; no origin for this phenomenon has been located. SCP-2415 "teaches" four identical periods of high school American literature, followed by another class with a difficult-to-discern curriculum. Teaching consists often of lecturing to the empty room while gesturing to a blank wall as though a visual presentation were being projected onto it. The teaching method is often interspersed with "showing videos", which consists of introducing a video and directing the "students" to observe a blank wall, and "completing deskwork", which consists of being handed worksheets and being asked to fill in answers to be turned in later. Worksheets are often difficult to understand or decipher.

SCP-2415 typically behaves as though it is addressing a room full of students, despite the room being empty. However, whenever Foundation personnel sit in the room during the teaching periods, SCP-2415 will periodically address the personnel or include them in classroom conversation. This is most reliable and functional during the four American literature classes; during the fifth period class, SCP-2415's reactions become more difficult to predict.

Addendum: Sample transcript of observed American literature class

Foundation researchers Dr. Bjornsen and Dr. Bridge are present in the room, sitting in desks in the front of the room.

SCP-2415: …and Douglass's struggle is something many people feel that they can relate to today. At least, as much as we feel we can relate to anything that happens to people other than ourselves. Are there any questions?

Nobody speaks. SCP-2415 points at a blank spot in the room.

SCP-2415: That's a good point. And there really is no answer to that. I wish I could give you one. So many questions I wish I could answer. Yes, Melanie, you had your hand up?

SCP-2415 points to a blank spot in the room.

SCP-2415: That may have been part of the author's intention. I think he really had a faith in the human spirit that was untarnished by his experiences with actual humans. It's pretty hard to believe. I don't know, maybe human nature has become less forgivable over the last century. Perhaps we're simply tainted with something…dark. Maybe we used to be worthy of paradise, once. I don't know. We're getting off topic now, sorry. Any other questions?

Dr. Bridge raises his hand; this action was not preapproved by experimental command.

SCP-2415: Yes, Django, you had a question?

Dr. Bridge: Sir, could you tell us how many years ago Douglass died?

SCP-2415: Hmm. It's an odd question, but let's see; he died in 1896, so from then to today, that's what, a hundred and five years, give or take? I would have thought you'd have a little trickier question, personally. But it is only your third or fourth time in the room, isn't it?

Dr. Bridge: Fourth, sir, yes, sir.

SCP-2415: Well, welcome to class regardless. Always good to have new students, especially from the Foundation. My principal told me to expect you eventually. I'll email all of you your homework tonight, as usual. Please bring it into class tomorrow.

The bell rings. Dr. Bridge attempts to engage SCP-2415 in conversation, but is ignored. It should be noted that this conversation establishes that SCP-2415 believes it to currently be the year 2001, based on his analysis of Frederick Douglass's life.

Dr. Bridge did receive an email with an attachment that evening. Click here to download.

Addendum: Sample transcript of observed fifth period class

Foundation researcher Dr. Bridge enters the classroom. A single desk is present in the room; Dr. Bridge sits in the desk. SCP-2415 is in the back of the room at his desk, sitting still. The bell rings at 1:03; SCP-2415 stands up and comes to the front of the room.

SCP-2415: Django, have you ever been in love?

Dr. Bridge: I'm, um.

SCP-2415: Good. Don't.

Dr. Bridge: Sir?

SCP-2415: I thought this was meaningful. And maybe it will be, for you, for your generation. I don't know how many others he asked to work for him. So hard to get a job teaching nowadays. I was so happy when he called. Even when he explained what he was doing.

(Dr. Bridge is silent.)

SCP-2415: He met a girl in my class, you know that? They hit it off so quickly. It didn't work out, though. She moved on to someone else. She was a sharp one, she was. Oh god. Do you know what happened to her?

Dr. Bridge: I'm sorry, no. I'm not sure what you're talking about.

SCP-2415: I imagine you're simultaneously in enough trouble and also going to be getting a hell of a lot of positive attention pretty soon, heh. This is going to benefit you tremendously. She was one of my best students. He's a…capricious one. So to speak.

(Dr. Bridge does not respond.)

SCP-2415: That's probably not the word I'm looking for. Creative mind. Big planner. Always looking at the big picture. And then that thing happened to him, and he became what he is, and now…here we are. The student becomes, God help him, the administrator. Wouldn't wish it on anyone.

Dr. Bridge: Who is he?

SCP-2415: I'm enjoined from telling you his name, for God's sake. That much should be obvious. Can you see what he's doing, though?

Dr. Bridge: He seems to be just leaving clues, but I have no idea what it's building to.

SCP-2415: He's a megalomaniac. He's got it in his head that he's got these solutions to all the world's problems. But you can't just give it to people, no, that's too easy. You can't just show up and say 'Hey, I've ascended to a state of demigodhood and I'm here with a basketful of world peace and free energy for everybody'."

Dr. Bridge: But…why not?

SCP-2415: In his worldview? They'd reject it. Anything that straightforward, the people of the world would spit on it, call it trickery. Western deception, gentrification writ large, whatever you like. So he's got this idea, see? Paint it up as something different. Take over the world and seize control from them, transform the Earth into a utopia. But secretly, follow all of the tropes humans look for in the action movies. Bring the miracle cures in for the entire human condition, and smuggle it in under a cover just deep enough to allow people to be as cynical about it as they need to be.

SCP-2415 continues looking directly at Dr. Bridge for 42 minutes. Dr. Bridge is largely unable to meet his eyes.

SCP-2415: Don't listen to me. Find your Emma and die with her.

The bell rings. SCP-2415 leaves the room. Dr. Bridge attempts to follow and is unsuccessful.

I don't know where the pessimism comes from. It isn't our intent. It isn't theirs either.

Item #: SCP-2416

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: News reports of SCP-2416's arrival in Earth's solar system have been successfully suppressed (see documentation for Operation BLACKSITE for further details). No method of completely suppressing SCP-2416's anomalous and/or noticeable radiations has been developed. All scientific facilities on Earth involved in neutrino astronomy are to be infiltrated by Foundation personnel with orders to doctor or manipulate all records to obscure SCP-2416's neutrino output; this should be done in coordination with the primary containment officer of record (PCOR) for SCP-2100 to avoid contradictory cover stories involving neutrino detection. Standard press cover stories are to be disseminated to explain any other conspicuous activity resulting from SCP-2416 actions; this will be conducted and managed by the Department of Media Integrity in conjunction with SCP-2416's PCOR

Surveillance of SCP-2416 is to continue using all available methods, including Foundation satellite flybys and covert rover operations where possible. Bases Lambda-4 and Lambda-5 are to maintain constant surveillance of the lunar surface directly above SCP-2416 for radiation output; all findings are to be reported to [DATA OBSOLETE — SEE UPDATE]

UPDATE 20141202: General William Pendergast has been appointed PCOR for SCP-2416 as a component of Project Heimdall. As Operation BLACKSITE has succeeded in suppressing news of anomalous radiation output, priority is now being shifted to reconnaissance and infiltration of SCP-2416. Examples of reconnaissance efforts to be conducted at earliest possible time include

  • establishing contact with SCP-580 and crew to inquire about any knowledge it may have of SCP-2416's activities or behavior
  • utilizing SCP-120 by way of bases Lambda-4 and Lambda-5 to begin construction of a replacement facility for Lambda-2, which was destroyed by SCP-2416 during its entry
  • establishing contact with SCP-1680 to inquire about any knowledge it may have of SCP-2416's activities or behavior rendered impossible by destruction of SCPS Ockham; see Test Log 471-1552 for details
  • under no circumstances is SCP-2722 to be involved in containment or surveillance due to increasing likelihood of a Heimdall CASE TRUE scenario based on recent events — see files relating to Group of Interest "the Harbingers".

Description: SCP-2416 is a spacecraft of extraterrestrial origin, presently located in Tereshkova Crater along the northern edge of Mare Moscoviense on the Lunar farside. Estimations from what limited visual contact has been made with SCP-2416 depict the spacecraft as having an oblate spheroidal main body approximately seven kilometers in diameter across the major axis and approximately two kilometers in diameter across the minor axis. It is believed that the spacecraft has several dozen modular objects attached to the exterior hull; these appear to form some part of the vessel's "propulsion" system, or are in some other way connected with the manner in which the vessel moves through space. The designation of SCP-2416 is applied to the spacecraft and any entities that may later be demonstrated to reside inside the craft.

SCP-2416 has shown hostility towards human-built surveillance devices or any other attempts by humans to observe the craft or directly investigate its activities. This included Foundation Base Lambda-2 at the Earth-Moon Lagrange Point 2, which was destroyed immediately upon SCP-2416's entry into Earth's solar system10. This also includes all other probes sent to the L2 point using SCP-120, along with probes sent to L4 and L5 by the same means and propelled to the farside of the Moon for reconnaissance purposes. However, what communications have been established with SCP-2416 at various times suggests that its destruction of Foundation surveillance devices is not based on any animosity towards the Foundation or humankind in general; see Document 2416-ต์0 for a detailed log of events and encounters with SCP-2416.

SCP-2416's primary containment challenge is due to the anomalous radiation it produces, often in the form of exotic particles (most frequently neutrinos and muons) but also often in the form of otherwise-inexplicable radio, X-ray, and infrared discharges, as well as other phenomena that have defied all explanation to date and may not presently correlate with the Standard Model of quantum physics. Analysis of communications with SCP-2416 suggests that these discharges are unintentional and unwanted byproducts of extremely advanced scientific experiments directed towards the physics involved in inducing, preventing, or suppressing a theoretical YK-class vacuum metastability decay event.

Document 2416-ต์0: List of interactions with SCP-2416

All logs include time index (TI) in UTC, along with date in YYYYMMDD.




Item #: SCP-2417

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Instances of SCP-2417 are to be contained whenever they are discovered. Information about SCP-2417 is to be suppressed via usual methods of amnestic application and document destruction.

Description: SCP-2417 consists of a number of paper artifacts (39 in custody at present). More are believed to be extant, but not yet recovered. The papers are anomalous due to their presumed dates of creation relative to their dates of discovery; assuming the dates on the papers are correct, the notes were created between the years of 2000 and 2023, but have been discovered at unusual locations in an unusually intact state beginning in 1904.. SCP-2417 artifacts have been discovered, among other places:

  • inside a solid piece of quarried granite (SCP-2417-5, recovered 2/11/2004, dated 8/6/2001)
  • tied with what appears to have been fishing line to the keel of the HMS Lusitania (SCP-2417-9, recovered 5/23/2004, dated 5/2/2009
  • inside the stomach of a recently deceased crane (Anthropoides paradiseus), folded into the shape of an origami crane (Grus antigone) (SCP-2417-2, recovered 12/26/1932, dated 11/11/2012)

SCP-2417 instances appear to document stream-of-consciousness observations of different individuals' actions on particular days. No connection has been found at any point to explain any significance of the individuals, the actions, or the days in question. While the majority of documents seem to document actions by random individuals, almost every one of the last eight documents recovered have referred repeatedly to members of a single family; the surname is consistently unreadable but recognizably identical to one another. The observations are written in broken but comprehensible English.

Addendum 2417-A: Select excerpts from SCP-2417 instances

SCP-2417-34 — discovered 11/5/2015


Human sarah melania witnessed [inducing?] growth in plant life to grow and produce [illegible] foodstuffs in unnatural, justified by needs of human body needs. No intervention recommended.

Feline saqui avalon licked crotch. Action believed to carry no moral weight. No intervention recommended.

Human joseph peter [illegible]17 witnessed performing following acts: reacted to inappropriate upbringing by consuming [illegible] to destroy thoughts of sorrow, enjoyed fantasy iteration of human recreative pastime, defecated twice onto self to be cleaned by spouse, slept thirty five minutes, reacted to acute hypoxia by rolling off of bed and striking head upon nearby chair.18 Interventions needed appear to have occurred already.

Human doctor [illegible] guptra ordered life sustaining machine deactivated for human joseph peter [illegible]. Act carries no [intrinsic?] moral weight. Employer [see footnote]19 contradicts judgment of harbinger grey clipboard. Intervention planned.

Employer [see footnote]20 invokes IMMOLADUS on

Document ends.

SCP-2417-36 — discovered 5/11/2016


Human james bargerton applied violence towards human diane bargeton with the intention of persuading human diane bargeton to cease inquiries into nocturnal activities. Behavior reported to harbinger red sword for intervention.

Feline [illegible] harris killed by violence at hands of human david [illegible]. Intervention prohibited.

Human david [illegible] dug hole in ground between two trees and deposited former body of feline [illegible] harris at orders of human joseph peter [illegible]. Intervention prohibited.

Human david [illegible] submerged head beneath water in bathtub many times for upwards of one minute at a time. Human david [illegible] emerged from water repeatedly. Intervention prohibited.

Human joseph peter [illegible] ignored signs of offspring's suicide attempt and ordered human david [illegible] to stop playing in bathtub and do homework. Intervention prohibited.

Document ends.

SCP-2417-38 — discovered 3/5/1914


Human david [illegible] ceased life signs due to tumorous growth in brain stem. No intervention possible.

Human joseph peter [illegible] attacked human doctor ryan mcmanus and began emitting fluids from tear glands after being restrained by human laurie [illegible]. No intervention recommended.21

Feline general nathaniel lyon emptied bowels in incorrect location. Action believed to carry no moral weight. No intervention recommended.

Employer [see footnote] descends into this corporeal plane for first time. No intervention possible.

Body of human david [illegible] appeared to resume life signs. Human joseph peter [illegible] continued to emit fluids from tear glands in response while grasping body of human david [illegible] and Employer [see footnote]. No intervention possible.

Feline general nathaniel lyon emptied bladder in incorrect location. Action believed to carry no moral weight. No intervention

Document ends.

SCP-2417-39 —recovered 6/30/2016

[date illegible]

Employer [see footnote]22 has given indication that harbinger phase will soon end. Harbinger grey clipboard is pleased. Clipboard beginning to show damage from frequent travel. Uncertain as to what effects will be if clipboard integrity fails in transit.

Employer [see footnote]23 begins to

From the end of the last word, a line of ink trails off down the page. Document ends.

Can you feel it? The time is close. It will be here soon.



Item #: SCP-2418

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The area around SCP-2418 has been purchased and added onto the existing grounds of Site-06-3, having been adjacent to the grounds in the first place. A security force is to inspect SCP-2418 weekly for any changes to its interior. Any changes to its interior, including any production of SCP-2418-1, is to be documented and reported immediately to site command.

Description: SCP-2418 is a small standalone brick building approximately one kilometre from Site-06-3. Signage on the building suggests it was designed to serve as locker rooms and restrooms. Based on architectural similarities, SCP-2418 resembles a part of a larger complex servicing an equestrian stable on the grounds prior to the purchase of the land and construction of Site 06-3. The equestrian stable was demolished in its entirety during this process.

The interior of SCP-2418 deviates significantly from the previous building's blueprints. The building appears to be substantially bigger on the inside than the outside dimensions would suggest. Additionally, the inside of the building seems to contain several interior doors to what should be other rooms within the building; however, the doors are locked and no attempts to open them have been successful. The only door in the building that can be opened is the one marked as the entrance to the men's restroom.

The building, as designated within the previous blueprints, should be approximately ten metres wide, three metres high, and fifteen metres long (10m x 3m x 15m). The men's locker room within SCP-2418 is ten metres wide, three metres high, and fifteen kilometres long (10m x 3m x 15km). The locker room as depicted in pictures of the previous building possessed thirty individual lockers on each wall running perpendicular to the entrance into the room, with lockers being approximately 40cm x 40cm x 1m in size. The locker room within SCP-2418 contains the same number of lockers, but the lockers become progressively wider as one travels through the room. The closest, narrowest lockers can be opened normally, but as lockers and hardware become wider in the remaining lockers, personnel have expressed feeling "disturbed" and have been unwilling to attempt to open the wider lockers. Additionally, the widest locker handle is five metres in width and likely weighs several tonnes.

The room is appropriately lit for the first several metres, but the fluorescent overhead lights are no longer functional past that point and explorations have required the use of electric torches. Foundation-installed lighting devices left behind from previous explorations typically disappear sporadically once they are no longer being directly observed; the same phenomena typically affects cameras and surveillance equipment within a matter of hours of being installed. Other than these malfunctions and deformations, no other anomalous traits have been detected within the locker room and investigations in SCP-2418 have focused primarily on the final few meters of the room.

At the end of the locker room is a normally sized door, marked as the men's restroom. Beyond this door is, as advertised, a men's restroom. Out of 75 documented explorations, 69 investigations have encountered the room as well-lit, clean, and orderly, with a functional sink, faucet, and toilet. Probes of where the running water within the restroom comes from and where the wastewater goes to have generated no results to speak of.

Five investigations of the restroom have encountered restrooms in various states of extreme disorder, typically marked by physically destroyed toilets and sinks, latrinalia scrawled upon the walls, and human waste covering various surfaces. Latrinalia written on the walls include standard limericks and bawdy references to crude sexual acts, along with several references to apocalyptic events occurring to various parts of the Earth, graphic descriptions of adult humans serving human flesh to unknowing children, and (in blood) insistent refusals to "talk".

One investigation of the restroom encountered an eleven-year-old human, designated SCP-2418-1. SCP-2418-1 was in the process of defecating into his hand, apparently in the process of smearing fecal matter on the wall. The toilet was destroyed, but not the sink, and SCP-2418-1 appeared to have sustained several cuts from broken porcelain. The reconnaissance team successfully extracted SCP-2418-1 for questioning prior to his eventual suicide.

Commencing final edits. The end is nigh.

Item #: SCP-2419

Object Class: Euclid Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2419 has been closed and locked down; the building cannot be accessed by anyone other than Foundation security. No research is believed to be needed or useful at this time; as a result, no individuals are permitted access to SCP-2419.

UPDATE: As of 30 September 2016, SCP-2419 cannot be entered. Cause unknown. Research ongoing.

UPDATE: As of 1 October 2016, SCP-2419 no longer exists. Cause unknown. Research ongoing.

UPDATE: As of 10 December 2016, SCP-2419 is considered neutralized. Containment will be maintained for one year as per security protocols, at which point the Foundation will withdraw direct containment efforts.

Description: SCP-2419 is the building formerly known as the William H. Kibbie-ASUI Activity Center, commonly known as the Kibbie Dome, in Moscow, Idaho, on the campus of the University of Idaho. The building is classified and contained based on the events of 1 September 2016. Whether the building itself has any connection to the events in question is unknown at present.

On 1 September 2016, prior to the beginning of the season opener game against Montana State, a series of anomalous events took place. Five minutes prior to the kickoff, the following individuals were transported by unknown means to the Kibbie Dome:

  • Five members of the Foundation's Overseer Council (O5-1, O5-4, O5-5, O5-6, and O5-13)
  • Four members of the Chaos Insurgency's Delta Command ("Baron Seville", "Queen Capulet", and "King Montague")
  • Three high-ranking members of the Church of the Broken God, one each from the major sects (Robert Bumaro, Sister-Legate Trunnion,
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