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^^SCP-XXX in the normal environment ^^

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a standard containment locker at Site-65, modified to allow it to always be plugged in and charging while stored. Access to SCP-XXX is available to any personnel level 2 and above, or with permission of Dr. ███████████. Under no circumstances should any research staff run the application entitled "Go" under the Create environment.

Description: SCP-XXX is what appears to be a standard Apple iPhone 4, It is similar in all aspects to a normal iPhone, with the exception of the word "Create" engraved into the rear of the case. It displays no anomalous properties on first glance, containing all of the normal content expected of an iPhone, with the exception of one application titled "Create".

When a user activates the Create application, it replaces the currently running environment with an entirely custom made one, consisting of one application named "Go", and multiple applications with what appear to be [DATA REDACTED]. When a user launches the Run application, the screen is replaced with what appears to be the view from the front facing camera. After a 3 second countdown, the screen then performs the standard camera shutter effect.

After the shutter effect, it appears that the phone has effectively takes a "snapshot" of the current user's personality and consciousness. Using the information it can gather from this, it then creates a new application that, according to the user, would be the most useful, entertaining, or otherwise functional app they could imagine.

Afterwards, the application returns to the environment of Create, and the new application is added to the end of the list of applications. The user afterwards will no longer respond to any external stimuli, and only follow basic survival instincts and perform autonomous functions. Research into the applications added all have one feature in common: a "Contact the Developer" feature.

Upon using the "Contact the Developer" feature, a screen similar to the Messages application on a standard iPhone comes up, allowing the user to talk directly to the captured user.

Addendum SCP-XXX does not appear to display any effect compelling a user to come to it and run the application. Therefore, any researcher is free to use it as determined fit, so long as they take care not to run "Go".

At last count, there were ███ different applications created; interviews have been performed with a limited number of the "developers" of these applications, which can be viewed via Interview Log-XXX

Restoring the personalities and consciousnesses to their original hosts is a subject of ongoing research.

Test Log-XXXX

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I can't stress this enough. Don't run the damn Go application. If you do, well, I can't say that I feel sorry for you. -Dr. Kriegermann

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