Hypnotic Mirror
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Item #: SCP-1XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1XXX must be kept in a locked room at all times. The object must be bolted to the floor, facing away from the entrance, and covered by an opaque sheet when not in testing. Testing has been discontinued until [DATA EXPUNGED]. Any surveillance in the room must not be capable of viewing the surface of the mirror. No personnel are allowed in the room without Level Four approval. Under no circumstance should SCP-███ be brought near the mirror, especially when [DATA EXPUNGED]. In the event of an unexpected [DATA EXPUNGED], an extra sheet and mortar should be provided for repairs.

Description: SCP-1XXX is a large, ornate mirror, approximately 1.8 meters tall and 1.2 meters wide. The exact appearance of the mirror has never been properly examined, due to the mirror’s anomalous properties. When a subject views SCP-1XXX’s reflective surface, the subject undergoes a strong, hypnotic trance, as they become fascinated with what is seen. Subjects often exhibit facial expressions described as a mix between horror and interest. Attempts to remove the subject are met with violence, with the subject never breaking eye contact with mirror. If the subject is successfully removed from the mirror, or the mirror is fully covered, the subject collapses and shows absolutely no resistance to being moved. Subjects exhibit PTSD-like symptoms, mostly characterized by a permanent “thousand-yard stare”, from which no subject has recovered. All subjects have shown absolutely no will, even to eat or drink. If not cared for, subjects die of dehydration or similar causes. Subjects have been subjected to multiple medical tests, which have shown that brain activity is in an excited state and that the adrenal glands are releasing large amounts of adrenaline, along with other signs of excitation. Attempts to use amnesiacs to clear subjects' memories have garnered no result. Read Testing Logs 1XXX-01 through 07, as well as Document 1XXX-A, for further details.

Additional testing has revealed that the hypnotic effects persist through video surveillance, and even photographs, making viewing the responsible phenomenon impossible. Various filters were attempted in order to circumvent this, however, no attempt succeeded.

The use of sapient SCPs for testing will not be entertained. We don't want to lose them if it has an effect. - Dr. ████

Test 1XXX-01
Subject: D-4621, a muscular Caucasian male, 6' 10", on death row for multiple first-degree murders.
Procedure: Subject is made to view surface of mirror.
Result: Subject is seemingly hypnotized by mirror; completely unresponsive. When personnel tried to move the subject, the subject fought personnel. When removed from the mirror's presense, subject collapsed. During examination, subject remains totally unresponsive, yet is fully consious. In addition, [DATA EXPUNGED]
Note: Before coming in sight of the mirror, D-4621, who had been rebellious before, expressed curiousity in seeing the mirror. This could be memetic or part of SCP-1███'s anomalous properties. Needs more testing.

Test 1XXX-04
Subject: D-5201, a Hispanic male, 5' 9", embezzled millions, as well as counts of fraud and, oddly, cyber-terrorism, and D-5263, an Asian female, 5' 8" convicted of multiple violent crimes.
Procedure: Subjects view a recording of SCP-1███ and a photo, respectively.
Results: Subjects experience same effects as previous subjects.
Note: This confirms the effects on Dr. ███████. Special care must be taken by future testing.

Test 1XXX-05
Subject: D-6032, an African-American male, 6' 2", with a history of breaking parole, convicted of first-degree murder.
Procedure: Subject is put into room without knowledge of the mirrors properties; subject is told not look under the sheet over SCP-1XXX. This test is to learn if SCP-1XXX has any anomalous effects on a subject's curiosity.
Results: D-6032 seemed to suffer from indecision for a few minutes, then looked underneath the sheet. Subject fell under trance.
Note: With little doubt, this test shows that [DATA EXPUNGED].

Test 1XXX-07
Subject: D-7094, a Caucasian male, 5' 8", violent crime.
Procedure: Subject is exposed to mirror for excessive periods of time to examine any changes, as well as if subject requires sustenance while exposed.
Results: Subject remained unchanged for several weeks. After being removed from the mirror, subject suffered from quick and severe starvation and dehydration, dying within minutes.
Note: Subject was kept alive while linked to SCP-1XXX, implying the mirror is keeping them alive for some reason. Needs more testing.

Test 1XXX-10
Subject: D-8100, a Hispanic male, 6' 0", convicted of armed robbery and first-degree murder.
Procedure: Initially mimicked Test 1XXX-09 to examine the unusual results, test changed when SCP-1XXX [DATA EXPUNGED].
Results: [DATA EXPUNGED] with the subject unrecoverable.
Note: This is a new danger with SCP-1XXX. More care and research needs to be done.

Addendum 1XXX-01: After a variable amount of time, SCP-1XXX undergoes a [REDACTED] in which [DATA EXPUNGED]. Subjects have been completely [REDACTED]. So far, the effect has occurred, beginning on 07/21/19██, after the following time periods, to the second: 1 month, 1 day, 1 hour, 2 minutes, 2 years, 4 months, [DATA EXPUNGED]. The reason for the reverse in pattern, occurring at 7:08 ███, on 8/29/████, is unclear, as is the pattern for the times. However, Dr. ████ has [DATA EXPUNGED].

Why the hell do we keep this thing around? It's too dangerous, and we can't even see why! - Agent ██████

We need to know what's in there that's so scarring. After all, if this one exists, there might be others. We need whatever we can get. - Dr. ████

Addendum 1XXX-02: After Incident 1XXX-08, all testing on SCP-1XXX has been discontinued, except under explicit permission from Level 5 personnel. No testing is to occur during its [REDACTED], and SCP-███ is to never approach the room under any condition.

Requesting upgrade to Keter class. This thing is far too dangerous to be Euclid. - Dr. ████
Denied. If this thing's locked up, it's no threat. Not to say it should be Safe. We need to be careful. - O5-█

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