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Nexus #: Nx-13

Civilian Designation: Harkness, Maryland

Population: 15,000

Area Class: Dunwich

Nexus Interaction Protocol: Foundation personnel are to not enter the Harkness, Maryland quarantine zone without wearing Level-4 Biohazard Containment Gear, colored to indicate one's role. Interaction with civilians within the zone is to be limited, as some civilians possess anomalous properties detrimental to the integrity of biohazard equipment.

While within the quarantine zone, Foundation staff will have several tasks.

  • Medical Personnel (wearing white biohazard gear with red crosses) are to collect biological samples and administer necessary medical aid to citizens within the quarantine zone.
  • Maintenance Personnel (wearing blue, reinforced biohazard gear) are to aid in the completion of public works projects and maintenance around the quarantine zone, including support of plumbing fixtures and maintenance of parks.
  • Eradication Personnel (wearing black biohazard gear) are to destroy all non-approved animals within the Harkness Quarantine zone, including foreign birds and vermin. Non-immune pets are also to be destroyed.
  • Requisition Personnel (wearing green biohazard gear) are to distribute catalogs to the population monthly. These catalogs can be used by residents to order items that are not available within the Quarantine Zone, including entertainment, clothing, technology, and food. Orders are paid for with Foundation-issued requisition tokens (approximate value: 1 Token:$4USD) distributed to all working citizens in Harkness. Orders are taken and distributed monthly, except during November and December, where they are distributed weekly.

Containment Facility: Site-59


Nx-013 is a municipality located in Cecil County, Maryland, with an approximate total area of 31km2. Founded in the late 1600s by several Puritan families, it is believed that Nx-013 is located upon a natural thaumic wellspring which accounts for the anomalous properties of its inhabitants.

All individuals born in Nx-013 have shown a complete immunity to all known diseases— antibodies present within citizens destroy all bacterial and viral pathogens within one hour of contact. Chronic illnesses, such as diabetes and cancer, are completely absent in the population of Nx-013. Fungal infections, such as athlete's foot and genital yeast, die upon entering Nx-013's area of effect. Parasites such as ticks, fleas and tapeworms disintegrate into a fine white powder upon entering Nx-013. Even if Nx-013 is vacated, these phenomena persist on individual citizens of the zone. Individuals within Nx-013 are still capable of dying, but due to the lack of diseases, the average life expectancy of an inhabitant is 104 years old.

Nx-013 was brought to the Foundation's attention during a survey in 1954, in the midst of the polio crisis. It was found that Harkness, Maryland had no recorded cases of polio, a massive statistical anomaly within Cecil County. Harkness, Maryland also reported no deaths from virulent and deadly diseases such as smallpox and the "Spanish Flu" of 1918.

This phenomenon dates to at least the late 1700s— several letters sent during the American Revolutionary War recounted an amazing constitution by soldiers from Harkness, who never contracted infections from wounds or diseases from cramped quarters.

The Foundation established relations with Harkness in the hopes of studying the antibodies in the population to cure major diseases, such as whooping cough, influenza, smallpox, and polio, as well as locate the source of the thaumic wellspring.

The Above is Considered Obsolete as of January 1st, 1974. Current Description is Below:

Nx-013 is a municipality located in Cecil County, Maryland, with an approximate total area of 31km2. Founded in the late 1600s by several Puritan families, it is believed that Nx-013 is located upon a natural thaumic wellspring which accounts for the anomalous properties of its inhabitants.

All individuals born in, or currently inhabiting, Nx-013 are either infected with or are agents carrying one of one-hundred and eight anomalous diseases. Inhabitants of Nx-013 possess a complete immunity to non-anomalous diseases such as polio, cancer, parasitic infestation, rhinovirus, and HIV; however, anomalous diseases and conditions, including lycanthropy, Type 3 and Type 4 vampyrism, Contagion-Induced Stevenson Syndrome, SCP-008, SCP-610, and SCP-081 are capable of infecting citizens living within.

Individuals within Nx-013 that have become infected with anomalous pathogens show far less severe symptoms than individuals who live outside of Nx-013. Examples include:

  • The strain of lycanthropy present within Nx-013 typically produces Class-5 lycanthropes, but all present lycanthropes are Class-1 or 2.
  • Typical Type-3 Vampyrism creates an anomaly which renders their reflections invisible on silver, including mirrors; reflections of vampyric individuals within Nx-013 are present, albeit highly translucent.
  • Individuals infected with SCP-008 and SCP-610 retain sapience, but display symptoms; SCP-008-infected individuals display a degree of necrosis that requires reconstruction surgery and use of prostheses over the lifetime of the infected individual. SCP-610 infectees often possess skin and flesh that sloughs off and stretches, only to regrow to normal proportions.
  • Individual body parts of SCP-081 positive individuals combust one to three times a month; this combustion is minor, and typically results in first-degree burns.

For ease of cataloging, all individuals within Nx-013 are given a colored armband to indicate which contagion or contagions they possess; for a full catalog of colors, see attached files.

The United States Centers for Disease Control's Exomedical Unit has been aiding the Foundation in containment of Nx-013 and its inhabitants since 1984, when President Reagan demanded more government involvement in Foundation activities in the United States.


"The Black March": Some time in October 1972, an unknown party introduced a cocktail of anomalous pathogens into the water supply of Nx-013. Several of these diseases are under Foundation classification and containment, and for several years, it was unclear how they were obtained and distributed.

By November of 1972, all members of the populous began showing symptoms of infection with anomalous diseases. Several members of the populous had to be located in nearby municipalities and escorted back to the city, as they were acting as asymptomatic carriers for the diseases.

The Foundation lobbied governor Marvin Mandel to declare martial law in Harkness in order to quarantine civilians; for a period of ten months, citizens were confined to their homes, and telephones were monitored in order to ensure that no contact with the outside world was made while the Foundation began construction on a large wall to quarantine the citizens.

However, a combination of inexperienced personnel and inadequate biohazard containment led to the infamous "Black March" uprising. While contact to the areas outside of Harkness was cut off, several "phone phreakers" were able to use whistles included in cereal boxes in order to "phreak" the phone lines, allowing them to make calls to individuals within Harkness undetected. This allowed several citizens to coordinate an attempted coup against the Foundation in March of 1973.

On March 17th, 1973, a phone call was placed to Harkness's 911 service, claiming that an individual (one Trevor Beaumont, infected with Viral Hemofractalis) had cut open their hand, and the resultant blood crystals were threatening the structural integrity of the house.

Foundation agents sent to this location were subdued by Trevor's wife Charity Beaumont (infected with Draconian Psoriasis, sometimes known as "shard skin disease") through use of the scales on their arms. Their weapons were seized, and the Beaumonts started to kill several Foundation agents and steal their weapons, before distributing them to other members of the community; the nature of the Beaumont's diseases made them difficult to subdue, as the fractal blood created by Trevor Beaumont created natural shields and obstructed the vision of agents, while Charity Beaumont's scale-like skin proved to be almost entirely bulletproof.

Over the course of the next three days, twenty-nine citizens of Harkness went from house to house, attempting to "liberate" citizens. Their actions resulted in several skirmishes with Foundation agents, and the deaths of ten members of this militia, twelve unassociated citizens, and five members of Task Force Lambda-12. An additional three members of Lambda-12 were infected by airborne diseases within Harkness.

The following is a transcription of the events which unfolded on the third day of skirmishing, as recorded by Lambda-12 command.

Gunfire is heard through the radio.

L12 Command: Kinsey, report!

L12-1: We've got them pinned down in town hall. But— look out!

A loud crash is heard, followed by the crunching of metal.

L12 Command: Kinsey!

L12-1: I'm all right. But… goddamn, their skin's like plastic!

L12 Command: Whatever you do, don't let your suit be breached by that.

L12-1: Command, with all due respect, no shit!

L12-2: Command, we need air support.

L12-Command: Micheals, are you suggesting we nuke Harkness?

L12-2: I'm just saying a carpet bombing couldn't hurt!

L12-3: Dumbass, we've got an entire family here that's got a thermophagic virus in them! The heat from the explosion's gonna make them strong enough to bend our guns into a knot!

L12-Command: Westphalen is correct. Air support isn't feasible at this time.

Screaming, howling, gunshots.

L12-3: Kins!

L12-1: I'm okay. Damn thing only got the armor plating. Fuckin' hate werewolves.

A loud droning sound is heard over the recording.

L12-2: Command, we have a bogey. Small plane, crop duster, coming in from the north.

L12-Command: Can you see the number on it?

L12-3: That's a negative. No number. It's solid black.

L12-Command: That's not one of ours. Okay, I'm going to get on the horn with L12-5. They have the RPG—

A loud hissing sound is heard.

L12-1: Gas! It's just released gas!

L12-2: We'll be fine. We've got a dedicated oxygen s— holy shit!

L12-1: It's getting in our suits!

Gunshots are heard as L12-3 and assorted citizens of Harkness attempt to disable the aircraft. The gunshots gradually fade as all present in the skirmish lose consciousness.

L12-Command: Lambda-12? Kinsey? Micheals? We—

At this point, L12-Command loses consciousness. A loud thump is heard as their head impacts against the table in the command center.

Both Foundation forces and citizens of Harkness would remain unconscious for approximately twelve hours. During this period, ten citizens of Harkness, who possessed no signs of infection and were not carriers, vanished from within the Nexus zone. Tire tracks that could not be accounted for were found leading out of the zone; outside of Washington, DC, the burned remains of a semi truck were discovered.

Realizing the presence of a malicious third party, Foundation and Harkness citizens formed a charter which stipulated the Foundation pay reparations to the town for all lives lost and property damaged, and establish a means to communicate with the outside world, as well as maintaining amenities and allowing co-mingling of citizens. The Foundation would build a twelve-meter tall concrete wall, acting as a quarantine barrier between Harkness and the outside world.

Currently, this agreement is up for review every ten years, coinciding with the United States Census.

2012 Wikileaks Documentation: In August of 2012, the website Wikileaks published several files related to the CIA's SMILODON project, a spinoff of MK-ULTRA which dealt with anomalous warfare and counter-warfare during the Cold War. These were largely disregarded by the general public, due to the outlandish nature of the reports, with several news organizations branding it as the CIA's "X-Files Research" project.

However, recovered files reference Harkness, Maryland as a site crucial to an endeavor known as Project AESCULAPIUS. These documents are reproduced below:

MEMORANDUM: ██/██/73

RE: Project AESCULAPIUS Harvesting Site

Out of the population of Harvesting Ground Alpha, we have determined that exactly ten subjects have shown complete immunity to The ███████ Compound. Seeking Go-Ahead.

MEMORANDUM: ██/██/73

RE: Project AESCULAPIUS Harvesting Site

EDBLACKROCK1 present at Harvesting Ground Alpha, treating non-relevant subjects as insurgents. EDBLACKROCK has traction with known enemy agent LNGREENHOUSE2, and is allied with Enemy Agent LNGOLIATH3.

Harvesting Site Alpha is expendable. EDBLACKROCK is not. Please advise.

MEMORANDUM: ██/██/73

RE: Project AESCULAPIUS Harvesting Site

HINTERKILL has developed a hyper-permeable anesthetic— capable of entering sealed areas at an atomic level and re-combining into its molecular compounds. Ten canisters will be distributed, and deployed over Harvesting Site Alpha. This should result in the incapacitation of all EDBLACKROCK agents and subjects.

Destruction of all irrelevant subjects is infeasible and inadvised. ██████ believes future generations may provide additional relevant subjects. ██████████4 agrees.

MEMORANDUM: ██/██/82

RE: Project AESCULAPIUS Usage 1981

██/██/81: One AESCULAPIUS used on LNSPECTER5. This is the third time symptoms have returned in the last year. Enemy action suspected. One-hundred remain.

██/██/81: One AESCULAPIUS given to LNCARMICHEAL. Ninety-nine remain.

██/██/81: Emergency requisition of three AESCULAPIUS to LNSPECTER. Ninety-six remain.

██/██/81: Attempted administration of AESCULAPIUS to LNZEUS fails. Destroyed. Ninety-five remain.

██/██/81: Emergency requisition of one AESCULAPIUS to QKCONSTANTINE6. Ninety-four remain.

██/██/81: ONCOURTHOUSE is administered AESCULAPIUS. Report filed can be seen in ███████████████████████████. Ninety-three remain.

██/██/81: One AESCULAPIUS requisitioned to LNSCREWTAPE7.8


MEMORANDUM: ██/██/99


LNZEUS has been terminated. It is believed that all extant AESCULAPIUS were destroyed. Recovery of body is inadvisable; transport was destroyed over EDBLACKROCK territory.

Recovery of Harkness Citizen: In July of 2001, Harkness citizen Richard Brayer (b.1960) was found inhabiting Salt Lake City, Utah in a destitute manner. They were referred to the Foundation following the discovery of an outbreak of blood-born viruses were spreading among individuals sharing needles; Brayer was noted to be completely immune. DNA analysis confirmed that they were related to current inhabitants of Harkness.

They were brought to Site-59 for questioning.

Dr. Hammersmith: Richard, I'm Dr. Mason Hammersmith. I'm not sure if you remember, but my father worked here too? Zachary Hammersmith.

Brayer: I-I remember Dr. H. H-h-h-h-he treated me good.

Dr. Hammersmith: Salt Lake is quite a distance away from Maryland. And… well, it's been thirty years since we last saw you.

Brayer: Where's… where's mom?

Dr. Hammersmith: She's alive. She's missed her son very much. Once we get you cleaned up—

Brayer violently flinches at the word 'cleaned'

Brayer: N-no. No, no, no, no, no, no, no.

Dr. Hammersmith: Richard?

Brayer: W-when they cleaned us, t-they… they…

Brayer proceeds to claw at his shirt sleeve. It tears away, revealing several scars beneath, indicative of repeated needle injections.

Dr. Hammersmith: Track marks?

Brayer: N-n-no. T-t-t-tthey t-took blood. A lot of it. M-M-Miss Knabenbauer9 k-k-ki-killed…

Dr. Hammersmith: What happened to her?

Brayer: O-once. They… they brought in a-a-a kid. T-ten. S-she didn't look right, didn't talk right. I think she was— that she had Downs? P-p-put tubes in Ms. K. Hooked them up to the girl.

Only one-hundred and fifteen pills were ever created, and at the time of its apparent destruction, only sixty-two remained. For further details, see ██████.

N.B.: USGOV(Non-CIA) designations for Anomalous Organizations:

Warhol: Are We Cool Yet?

Watchmaker: Church of the Broken God

Warden: Wilson's Wildlife Service

Wave: The Chaos Insurgency

Wayfinder: Serpent's Hand

Wealthy: Marshall, Carter and Dark

Weirdo: Unusual Incidents Unit

Whiz: Anderson Robotics

Widget: The Factory

Wight: Chicago Spirit

Wilt: Sarkic Cults

Winter: GRU-P

Wiseguy or Wise Guy: Prometheus Labs

Wishful: Doctor Wondertainment

Witchhouse or Witch-House: Nexus

Witty: Nobody

Worse: Codename for any joint operation between the GOC, HI and Foundation.

World-Wide: Relating to the Three Portlands

Worship: The Horizon Initiative

Wrangler: The Foundation

Wrecker: The GOC

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