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Another year, another Halloween, another horror film festival. They had to cancel the one last year for obvious reasons— you can't exactly run a film festival when you have a scarecrow stuffed with the festival's manager pop up in the middle of the popcorn machine. But, it's under new management now.

New management means lower-quality films have shown up. Passable indie horror that relies too much on jumpscares or has atmosphere but no payoff, a couple of low-budget movies that are as scary as vacation footage (mainly because they're shot like vacation footage) and, for some reason, someone decided it would be a good idea to make a film based on the Holders Series of all things. As if what they had done to Slender Man wasn't bad enough.

Still, there's one film that's attracting a lot of attention— a sequel seemingly lacking a first installment. People push their way through the crowd to get a look at the poster.

[insert poster here]

Tickets are selling fast— you barely managed to get one. Now, you've got popcorn, you've got coke, you're sitting in the middle of the Apollo Theater in Downtown Sloth's Pit, and it's time for the…

Establishing Shot

A street in a town somewhere in America. The camera pans into a bar, where a lone woman is holding a bottle of pills. She looks like she needs a drink.

Opening Credits

Names of the actors roll across the screen as they come onto the scene: a road that's been blasted to hell by something. The woman you thought was the protagonist isn't present. Eerie music plays.

An Innocent Is Harmed

The scene changes to a costume shop. It's closing time, and the clerk behind the register is waiting for her father to come and pick her up. Something stirs in the shadows outside.

An Expert Is Introduced

A solution from outside of the context of the plot is introduced— a new character, Dr. Richard Sloth. He claims to be descended from the cause of all of this… and he knows how to stop it.

An Expert Is Believed

Unexpectedly, the protagonists show no skepticism. Dr. Sloth is welcomed with open arms, though few ask an obvious question: why would he keep the surname if the only surviving Sloth was a woman?

Sweetling, can you hear us?

The Projector Breaks

Just as a shadow starts to creep up on the screen, the projector sputters and dies. It's a new digital one, and they're still working out the bugs. It should be up and running in ten minutes. Until then, you decide to head to the restroom.

A bee flies past your ear, straight at the film screen. Odd, considering that it's October. Most of them should be dead by now.

You sit down with a fresh drink and some candy just as the projector restarts.

The First Act Twist

Another attack, this time revealing something bizarre. It seems that they're taking the metafictional route with this film. How droll.

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