Bushcraft Medic's Sandbox

Intense Concentration Treadmill

Item #: SCP-???

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-??? is required to be kept at storage site . The object itself must have its outlet connector plug removed while in storage and stored separately from the rest of SCP-???.

Description: SCP-??? is a high performance electric treadmill of the Horizon brand. It appears to be in fairly good condition, with few signs of maintenance or use. Its standard electric outlet plug show that it was intended to be used within the United Kingdom.

The object seemingly has the ability to reduce all users to a trance like state while in operation, once the speed has been set at 10km/h. The speed of the object itself will increase by 0.1km/h every 100m, until reaching its maximum speed of 16km/h. The subjects currently using SCP-??? will adjust their pace in tandem with the object's. Once in this state, the subjects are seemingly unaware of their surroundings and expressing no desire to refrain from continuing to use the object, even after exceptionally long periods of time or when ordered to by staff. Subjects also seem to be unaffected my fatigue or dehydration while they are under the effects of the artifact. This effect will continue until the subject is either forcibly removed from the object, when the speed is manually lowered by an external individual. This is most commonly performed at this stage by utilising the emergency stop cord.

Once removed from the recovered SCP, the subjects biology will attempt to revert to what would be considered normal for a harsh cardiovascular exercise session. However the sudden shock of this process generally causes major trauma and/ or complications to the subjects body. These effects seem directly proportional to the length of time the test subject has been using the object.

History: SCP-??? was obtained from a former pugilism gym located within south east area of London. Agent field reports state that the object was amongst some of the newer times located within the premises. All items found within this location were additionally tested, but did not show any kind of abnormal behaviour.

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