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Interviewed: John █████████, a worker of the ██████ Demolition Co.

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Foreword: John █████████ was the reason that the SCP Foundation was called to investigate SCP-1400 and is the only known person with a firsthand account of Incident-1400-I. He has agreed to an interview on the basis that we were from “the government” and that we would “take care of it”.

Dr. ██████: So, █████, can you tell me what transpired on █/██ at the ██████ Demolition Co. site?

John █████: Well, it was just like any normal inspection job, ya know? Me and Barry…

Dr. ██████: Barry is the one who disappeared, correct?

John █████: [pause] …Yes, that’s right.

Dr. ██████: Continue.

John █████: Well, anyway, me and Barry were doing a normal inspection check… run-of-the-mill stuff, you know? We were checking for cracks, structure damage, anything that would affect the final detonation. And then, as we entered the basement, there was… this hatch.

Dr. ██████: What did you do after you noticed the hatch?

John █████: Well, we both knew right away that something was off. I mean, we were in the middle of this old, run-down building, and here was this pristine metal hatch, looking like it had just been made. We sat there for a moment, dumbfounded, and then Barry went over there to check it out.

Dr. ██████: And you followed him?

John █████: Well, yeah. I don’t know what it was; morbid curiosity, I guess. Anyways, we both though it was just another part of the building. Then Barry just opened it, and…it was just pitch black in there. Not just normal darkness, either… it was almost an unnatural blackness.

Dr. ██████: Go on.

John █████: We both stared at it for awhile. Barry just figured that the circuit breaker for the room was fried; that’s why it wouldn’t light up in there. He tried to use his flashlight to try and get a good look in there, but he still couldn’t see a thing; it was as if the room just absorbed his light like one of them black holes you hear about.

Dr. ██████: And how did Barry disappear after these events?

John █████: [laugh] Barry was always a bit of a joker… we knew the building was decommissioned and that there was no one in there… yet he still leaned over the hole, yelling something like “Hey! You guys need to change your lights!” He was laughing, and I was too… but it was a nervous laugh. I was still afraid of this thing.

Dr. ██████: What happened next?

John █████: He just… kept falling. I had to sit there, hearing the sounds of him screaming as he fell… they just didn’t stop! How big is that room, anyways? I didn’t even hear him hit the floor… he just got quieter and quieter until it suddenly stopped. I screamed after him… I tried to help, but… [subject stands up from his chair, seemingly distressed]

Dr. ██████: Please calm down, Mr. █████. We aren’t convicting you, we’re just asking for information.

John █████: [subject sits back down] …And then I heard it again. That noise… It really got to you… you felt it reverberate throughout your whole body. It was the same noise as last time, only louder and more… well, agitated might be the best way to describe it. I wasn’t just scared for Barry then… I was scared for my own life. I shut the hatch and just ran… I mean, there was just nothing I could do! [subject is now sweating and breathing heavily]

Dr. ██████: It’s okay, John… it’s all over now.

John █████: [subject sits back down, breathing in and our heavily] …If you’re with the government, you can make me forget all this, right? Like in Men in Black, right? [nervous laugh] I… I just want to forget this.

Dr. ██████: Hmm. [whispers something to his aide] Certainly. Agent ████, get this man some Class-B’s right away.

Agent ████: Yes, sir.


Closing Statement: Subject was issued Class-B amnesiacs shortly after the end of this interview. The subject was willing to believe that Barry ██████ was killed in a workplace accident instead of the memory that he detailed in the interview. Subject was then released approximately 36 minutes after the termination of the interview log.

The data gathered from this interview prompted Dr. ██████ to ask for permission to explore SCP-1400, which was granted by Command. See the Log of Exploration-1400-I for more details.

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