Interview 1917-001

The Interview is recorded on █/██/20██, three days before Incident 1917-B-001.

Dr. ██████ enters the Interview Room, and sits adjacent to ████ █████████.

Dr. ██████: Good morning Mr.█████████, how are you feeling today?

████ █████████: Well, I feel fine, after what..had happend…

Dr. ██████: Our Medical Personnel had done our best to tend to your wounds, but may we please ask how your encounter with SCP-1917-A occurred?

████ █████████: Well, okay. It was a summer afternoon, two days after I had met this woman named ██████, and we were on a hiking trip together. When we arrived, we decided to split up at an intersection on the park, so I took the left path down to the lake, while she took the other to the nearby quarry. She wasn't very sure of this action, but I convinced her that I'll be fine.

Dr. ██████: I understand, please go on.

████ █████████: Alright, so I stopped for a few minutes to take a breather and decided to unpack a granola bar for a quick snack. After I finished, I continued my journey near the riverbank, and I had seen ██████ crossing by the rock quarry at the corner of my eye. I waved her hello for a little bit, then kept on going. Now, to tell you a few things, I can be a very large fanatic about birds, as soon as I heard that chirp, I quickly unlatched my binoculars from the side of my backpack, and scoped around the area.

Dr. ██████: Is this the moment you had seen SCP-1917-A?

████ █████████: After looking for sometime, I decided to call it quits and head back, but at that last second, I saw this…this Blue Jay flying around a nearby oak tree. It looked wonderful, it had a crescent blue back, with a dark-colored beak, and its gleaming eyes, it was purely magnificent!

Dr. ██████: You had then approached it.

████ █████████: Yeah, and I regret doing that action ever since. It sat down on a nearby flower for a few seconds, and I approached it to get a better look, and of course, it retreated. But the flower…the flower started…mutating..

Dr. ██████: What did it look like?

████ █████████: It started getting cold… and shifted into bright blue, after a few seconds it had then faded into a clear, transparent crystal. It started moving, and then morphed…turning into that bird, it screeched, and went right for me, it clutched my eyelids and squeezed them down. For a second, nothing happend, then the next minute..that [EXPLETIVE] thing was attacking me. Struck me several times, it pierced my forehead, my left cheek, and my lower jaw. ██████ found me, I was screaming in pain when she found me, she grabbed the bird and yanked it off of me. While she held it, she noticed that thing was beginning to disintegrate, and boom, by the time I get up it's nothing but dust.

Dr. ██████: Thank you for the information, you will be admitted to leave in a few hours.


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