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Interviewed: Junior Research Assistant Adam Jackowicz

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Approximately 30 minutes ago Junior Research Assitant Adam Jackowicz was identified as a designated victim of SCP-XXXX, the subject was then properly prepared for the subsequent interview.

<Begin Log>

Dr. █████: Alright Adam let us begin, you have been working with SCP-XXXX for roughly a year now, correct?

Adam Jackowicz: Yes doctor, I was brought on to the team when we were requesting the entity be reclassified as Keter.

Dr. █████: So it would be fair to say that you have a good understanding of the entity and it's nature?

Adam Jackowicz: I would say so, yes.

Dr. █████: Could you tell me your reaction when you were depicted with the entity?

Adam Jackowicz: I would describe the feeling as mildly surprised, after all I was preoccupied since I had just discovered that I was going to win the lottery.

Dr. █████: Isn't it true that you have not purchased a ticket for tonight's draw?

Adam Jackowicz: That is correct, but stranger things have happened, I mean, come on, look at who we work for.

Dr. █████: I suppose so, you were photographed with the entity about 30 minutes ago, surely you are aware of the victims?

Adam Jackowicz: Yup, but this time is different, I just know everything will be alright, you know? It just feels like god has smiled down on me.

Dr. █████: I see, well Adam I would like to ask one more question if that is okay?

Adam Jackowicz: Of course [REDACTED], shoot.

Dr. █████: Over the last couple months you have been attending weekly sessions with Dr. ████████, she tells me that you are experiencing concerns of becoming a victim of SCP-XXXX after having reviewed the known casualties, can you tell us why the change of opinion?

Adam Jackowicz: Because I'm going to win the lottery, I won't have to come back to this [REDACTED] ever again, I don't know how nor do I have any specifics, but I have a good feeling about this that I just can't describe.

Dr. █████: Thank you Adam, you are free to leave.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: Junior Research Assistant Adam Jackowicz was later discovered through on-site garbage disposal personnel and was only identified by subsequent DNA testing, the remains were then properly disposed through on-site biological waste processing.

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