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Item Number: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Static image of SCP-XXXX-4.

Special Containment Procedures: Objects are to be kept in a hermetically-sealed glass display case at Sector-28. Top of case should be cleaned with disinfecting spray every 2-5 days. Objects should never overlap each other, and should be spaced a minimum of 1.5 centimeters apart from each other. All objects comprising SCP-XXXX must be well-lit with lighting levels of no more than 50 lux. UV content cannot exceed 75 microwatts per lumen with an optimal level kept below 30. SCP-XXXX-4 should never be allowed to observe an altered variant of the Bill Ripken “[EXPLETIVE DELETED] face” ’89 Orioles card. 4 D-Class personnel with working knowledge of baseball history will observe records of historical events concerning baseball and alert staff of any significant changes immediately.

All SCP-XXXX items must be kept apart from each other. While they may be positioned near one another, placing any of the cards over or under one another will result in screaming. - Junior Research Assistant Brown

Description: SCP-XXXX is comprised of a set of twelve (12) baseball cards, henceforth referred to as SCP-XXXX-1 through SCP-XXXX-12. Additional objects matching the description of these SCPs are to be obtained and given an appropriate number in line with the previously listed objects. Persons from whom additional instances of SCP-XXXX are collected from are to be given Class-A amnesiacs. Objects have been examined by qualified experts to be in conditions ranging from “Gem Mint” to “Good”.

Objects are all from the Fleer brand of cards and date from 1921 to 2███. Cards from 20██ to 2███ are to be noted in the database and should be flagged for [REDACTED] before the timeline catches up. Any discrepancies with the current timeline and the cards should be brought to a supervisor with Level 2 clearance.

Objects labeled SCP-XXXX are known to communicate through a mild form of telepathy. Experiments have shown when test subjects are left alone with any object in group SCP-XXXX for a time period of roughly 5 minutes, they begin feeling a sense of someone being in the room with them. At 10 minutes, they report hearing low whispering sounds calling out to them. After 15 minutes have passed, the voice or voices have grown loud enough for them to be heard audibly, at which point subjects experience the objects attempting to hold a conversation. All attempts to talk to any object comprising SCP-XXXX have shown no physical or mental toll, and testing shows main topic of interest to be seasons played either prior to or during current time photograph on card was taken.

Any attempt to photograph or record items making up SCP-XXXX have resulted in an image showing the card in its original pose, and all requests to use SCP-978 on any of the objects have been refused by an unanimous vote by O5 Command. This is primarily due to the fact that some of the objects are [REDACTED], and could cause [DATA EXPUNGED]. No further requests of cross-testing between XXXX and 978 have been brought up by either supervisors or Senior Staff.

ADDENDUM-01: SCP-XXXX items have revealed information which could be of use to the Foundation to specific D-Class personnel scheduled to clean the cases. These personnel are generally more knowledgeable of baseball history than most. This exception was first discovered when D-2263 “accidentally” switched his schedule with D-6726. Video logs show D-6726 pressuring D-2263 into switching schedules with him, worried that his interaction with the objects might result in him “going insane and stuff”. D-6726 was terminated for insubordination and a meeting between one of the other D-Class reviewing historical material was instructed to observe SCP-XXXX-4 in an enclosed space. The resulting interview can be read in Interview XXXX-1 by personnel with Level 3 clearance or higher.

Subsequent tests are to be scheduled in order to gather more information from objects. D-1045’s termination date has been pushed due to high rate of success in encouraging SCP-XXXX-4 to reveal additional information regarding [DATA EXPUNGED]. If additional information is not revealed, termination of D-1045 will proceed as scheduled and new D-Class personnel with working knowledge of baseball history will engage SCP-XXXX-4. Additional interviews require O5 clearance to view, and may be requested by Senior Staff at an as needed basis.

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