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Item #: SCP-766

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

Due to SCP-766's immobile nature, Site-766, disguised as a ████ █████, has been built around it. Operated by dummy company ██████ ███ ██ in ██████, Indonesia, SCP-766 is stored in a locked room behind the site's storage room. A wooden crate has been lowered over it which is fastened to a cleat on the floor by a combination lock, known to field agent ███ █.

Though classified as safe, precaution should be taken when interacting with SCP-766. Leather gloves and Plexiglas visors are recommended and are stored on-site.


SCP-766 is a human-shaped anomaly in space that matter cannot pass through, making it in effect an invisible "statue" of a person. Plaster applied to the anomaly has allowed researches to study its shape. It is in the shape of a perfectly anatomically correct nude woman in her late 30s with features consistent with the native population of the island. She is running, mid-stride, looking behind her, up, and to the left. The right hand forms a fist with the fingers forming a hollow, cylindrical opening, suggesting it was once holding an implement of some sort. A band on the left shoulder is intended in the shape the strap of a satchel might cause. SCP-766's face is exhausted and startled.

SCP-766 was known to the local population as the "Woman-Bearing Tree." A Santalum album tree had grown around it, suggesting its shape. Reports It was considered a local botanical oddity until a forest fire in 19██ which destroyed the tree and left ash resting atop SCP-766 making it appear to be floating. Foundation agents intervened, sequestering it.

SCP-766 does not appear to actually be constructed from any sort of material. X-rays do not show its form and tests to determine conductivity have returned null results. Sonar remains the sole effective imaging technique. Attempts to obtain a sample of SCP-766 using diamond-tipped drills resulted in broken machinery.

All elements of SCP-766 are solid and immobile. This extends to its "hair", and agents should be mindful to avoid puncture wounds. The use of on-site safety equipment, though not mandatory, is strongly recommended. Attempts to relocate SCP-766 have proven ineffective. Bulldozers and other heavy machinery have been used to no avail.


Time and resources providing, studies using the services of SCP-182 or any other mediums at the Foundation's disposal could provide fruitful results. Though other tests have turned up nothing, perhaps an intellect can be sensed using the talents of some of our other SCPs.
-Dr █████

Request denied pending unforeseen allowances in extra resources.

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