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Item #: SCP-5000

Object Class: Safe Keter/Thaumiel/Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-5000 is a collection of 48 identical copies of SCP-049.

Unlike SCP-049, SCP-5000 instances have not requested any live subjects or attempted to create any instances of SCP-5000-A. SCP-5000 instances are generally unresponsive unless prompted with a specific question or task.

All SCP-5000 instances were discovered in previously-unknown wing of Site-49 during a preliminary remodel survey. The wing consisted of 4900 single-person containment chambers arranged into seven panopticons.

At the time of discovery, there were 48 instances of SCP-5000 and 21 caretakers. The caretakers served as guards on rotating shifts, tended a communal garden, and maintained the panopticon's machinery. All caretakers claimed to have been employed by the SCP Foundation as live-in employees and had no interactions with the rest of Site-49.

The oldest employee had been hired in 1999, when there were approximately 100 SCP-5000 instances contained in the wing. During his employment no new instances of SCP-5000 were brought to the wing, and armed guards would periodically escort SCP-5000 instances from the wing. No employees knew where these instances were taken or could state the names and affiliations of the guards. Since the wing was discovered it has been monitored for any unauthorized access; no individuals have attempted to access it.

The wing containing was not listed on any master blueprints (original or remodels) for Site-49. However, it is listed on an as-built dated 1921/07/28 stored in Site-19's Miscellaneous Records section. It is labeled "DOA SCP-049 1-3527 (formerly SCP-5000)" and consists of seven circular panopticons arranged in a heptagon. There is a list of doctors on the back; these appear to be former members of the Foundation, though they are not listed in any personnel records.

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