Item#: SCP-472

Carybdea xaymacana jellyfish, the closest known species.

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-472 is to be kept under complete surveillance, until further notice. All current instances of 472 are currently known to be residing in this one location, and as such should be quarantined.

Description: sonar mapping has found that 472 is currently a deep sea invertebrate that shares many characteristics with the █████ jellyfish. One that it does not share is that SCP-472 can grow between 12mm and ██m, while growing razor sharp barbs in their underside.

It currently lives in the ████████. Testing is ongoing, using biological weapons has unfortunately yielded little success in minimizing the species numbers.

When 472 perceives any living creature, it rushes to its target showing extreme strength and agility (through both, air and water) and latches on by piercing organic matter. Once latched it is shown to send out a mating call and gather other members of the species that are nearby. Once this happens roughly 98% of subjects will be torn apart, as all non-organic matter is ripped away by force causing the subject to die from blood loss.

After all non-organic matter has been removed, one of the organisms, will forcefully enter the subject. When 472 has successfully entered it will start to dissolve leaving a dark-red liquid and microscopic spores (472-01) over the extremities of the deceased subject, covering and decomposing all the other specimens in the process.

During the solidifying process the subjects Soft tissue starts to rot away, usually starting with the skin where it touches the liquid directly. After ██ of soft tissue has rotted away, hard tissue such as the skeleton starts to fracture as 472-01 works their way into the internal structure.

After 2-5 hours of full coverage. The solidified liquid will now burst open and ████ the specimens will be born. When SCP-472-02 has hatched. It is considered in its infancy stage.

Even in it's infancy stage, 472-01 is still quite virulent. The survival rate of a infant attack is significantly higher, as the body weight of an infant is roughly 27% of an adults leading to less tearing. uninformed subjects can still be infected on exposed areas of their body.

Roughly 3 hours after birth SCP-472-01 will grow into it's adult stage.

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