SCP-1491 [WIP]

Item #: SCP-1491

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1491-1 is to be contained in a concrete cell of 4m3 with walls 3.5m wide. Subject is to be allocated food per standard humanoid protocols, and any requests must be approved by O5 before allowance. Requests currently made have been:

  • Copies of various bestselling novels - Approved, so long as there are no metal binders. - O5
  • Notepad, pen that uses disposable ink cartridges and a bag of 40 ink cartridges - Approved, as long as both the notepad and pen do not contain any metals. -O5
  • 80 disposable ink cartridges - Approved. - O5

Under no circumstances can SCP-1491-1 come into contact or be in a 1 metre vicinity of any pure metal or metallic alloy containing over 80% metal.

All instances of SCP-1491-2 are to be kept in an individual 30cm3 glass box, and suspended in oil. In no way should any instances of SCP-1491-2 come into contact with any water source. 2 weeks after collection, substances should be incinerated unless there are under 10 samples of the object.

All collected instances of SCP-1491-3 are to be contained in a vacuumed glass box that varies in size depending on volume of substance. ALL samples must be destroyed after testing.

Description: SCP-1491-1 is a 1.8m tall 17 year old Caucasian male weighing 72kg named 'Francis'. Subject displays normal behaviour for any person at his age, being generally polite to staff with a slight cynical mood. No anomalous properties occur at this point unless the subject comes into contact or between 3 metres of a pure metal or metal alloy containing over 80% of any single metal. When these conditions are met, SCP-1491-1 will lose consciousness until all metals meeting the requirements are converted into either SCP-1491-2 or SCP-1491-3.

SCP-1491-2 is the pure form of Francium produced while SCP-1491-1 is unconscious. It is currently unknown how this is made, but it appears that the atomic structure of the metal is reconfigured manually. The metal has a soft butter texture and can easily be cut with any thin material, and it appears to be immune to radioactive decay. Exposure to air will shade the otherwise platinum-like colour surrounding it, and exposure to water will instantly set the substance alight and create a smaller explosion with a blast radius of 0.5m per 10g. Smaller amounts can cause minor burns, however larger amounts can break bones and cause internal injuries to the user, though the exerted force of this blast is unknown. The way in which the reaction spreads is in a viral fashion- upon reacting with a metal, all metals within contact will continue the reaction and so on. Note to all personnel handling SCP-1491-2: This reaction is incredibly exothermic, giving temperatures up to ███K. Please make sure you have proper protection before testing. - Researcher David

SCP-1491-3 are spontaneous side products from the reactions causing SCP-1491-2. These objects are unpredictable in nature and structure, and it is theorised that these are created from leftover atoms, since the creation of SCP-1491-2 does not reuse atoms, rather creating new ones from stolen protons, neutrons and electrons. These substances can be solid, liquid or gas, and in most cases they are magnetically unstable.

SCP-1491-1 appears to be completely immune to any effects SCP-1491-2 or SCP-1491-3 may bring, including but not limited to explosions, suffocation, burns and drowning. It is unknown whether he is immune to these entirely. It is also unknown when this ability started occurring, since metals are part of most typical lives.

SCP-1491-1 was found in [REDACTED], TX after an incident at a local swimming pool in where he had been refurbishing the roof as an employee and, upon approaching the steel roof, trigged a reaction whereupon SCP-1491-2 fell onto the swimmers below. There had been ███ casualties and ███ injuries, while subject, notably undamaged, was found waking up 15 metres away. All samples of SCP-1491-2 and SCP-1491-3 were seized by Foundation and Class B amnesiacs were distributed with the cover story that an arsonist set the chlorine filtering system alight. The subject was taken in and questioned, whereupon he accidentally caused the containment breach of SCP-███ and SCP-████, causing numerous casualties. Subject was quickly evacuated, whereupon his anomalous properties somewhat identified and transferred to Site ██.

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