Scp 1058-The incubus incedent

The following document has been altered from it's original form. All original forms and copies have been transported to a secure location that only admin staff is allowed to access. Any attempt to restore documentation to it's original form will be considered a willful act of treason and you will be executed. Your records will be expunged from the mainframe, any and all SCP material that pertains to you will be summarily destroyed. Subjects X and Z are to be contained within site 212, with M class personal in full hazmat attire, and Oxygen masks, and are to be changed every twelve hours. The site has specially made filters to contain the pheromones produced by the contained subjects.

This is the written record of Dr.X. some audio files are also present in this file

Dr.X: I have in custody a "succubus." I have read the reports of scp-166, but I do not believe that just seeing this creature is the real reason males go into a frenzy, there must be more too it. I am bringing along with me, Mr.V my trusted aid.

Dr.X: The location for my experiments shall take place at site 212. The 30ft x 30ft x 30ft building is perfect for all my needs. Connected the square building is a 10ft x 10ft x 10 ft decontamination chamber, the controls for the doors of the decontamination chamber are located on the main control board in the office space that is also 10ft x 10ft x 10ft. This office space is adjacent to the main chamber and has a air tight viewing window approximately 3ft thick.

Dr.X: The subject is female, age is at least 30-40, and her measurements are 5'6" Bust:46in. Waist:32in. Hip:38in. Unlike scp-166 this female who identifies herself as " Betty" can wear clothing but chooses not too, as she says " why would I want to cover up this perfect figure?" Note all measurements were taken by a d class female, and at no time were my self or Dr.V within the room with the subject. I have decided to call her zero as to dehumanize her as possible. I do not want to identify with this creature what so ever.

Dr.X: My experiments begin today, I have one d class male of average height and build as my first test subject. I have placed him in the decontamination chamber that lets into zero's chamber, with both doors sealed tight, and no frenzy has taken place, the male subject, in fact shows a disinterest in zero. This proves my hypothesis that it is not just the sight of the the creature that sends males into a frenzy. What then causes the frenzy, I will find that answer, I must.

Dr.X: When I opened the second door into zero's room, an immediate change took over the d class male, he rushed at Betty tearing off all his clothes and soon they where mating. It should be noted that zero meat the d class male half-way, saying "come to me." It has been 12hrs, and they have finally stopped, but it seams that the d class male is now emaciated, I must get samples but how, i believe that her skin might hold a clue. I sent in a female d class to dispose of the remains.

Dr.X: I will see if zero can transfer her abilities to other females, I will send in a d class female. Zero has bitten the d class female and the characteristics of the subject have been altered to that of zero. I will see if my second male d class subject is put into a frenzy or not. The d class male is dead after 12hrs of mating with the transformed d class female, He has been disposed of, and the d class female is currently being dissected, I noticed that her glands are creating a pheromone that is not present in normal female biology.

Dr.X:I have been remonstrated for wasting valuable resources. I stated that the gain far outweighed any loss of a few d classes, for what are good for? They are nothing but tools, pawns, easily disposed of and replaced. I see no need to number them.

Dr.X: I am currently unable to procure anymore d class subjects at the moment, but not all is lost, for I have discovered a subtle difference between a normal humans skin and zero's. It seams that her pheromones are much more pronounced. In fact i would say they are concentrated to an extreme, that explains the apparent frenzy that takes over any male, when in close proximity of zero.

Dr.X: After three months of nothing, I cannot wait any longer, I will test the effects of the pheromones on Mr.V, to see if in fact that does explain the frenzy that over took my first subject. Astounding Mr.V has reacted to the pheromones I sprayed on a stuffed bear I bought at a yard sale yesterday. The bear is just outside his reach, how he begs for it, pleading, threats, even crying, but unlike the first subject he has stopped at the 3hr mark. It must be concluded that zero produces these pheromones constantly.

7/8/2xxx {audio file}time:12:30
Dr.X: Mr.V what are you doing? Get away from the door Mr.V! I will shoot you if I have to, I will not allow you to endanger my research, by going to that creature.
Mr.V: I must have her, I want her, I need her, I will not stop until I am with her
Dr.X: I will not warn you again! Step away from the door NOW!{three shots } Damn him! He almost breached the door. I must make a note of this action taken by Mr.V. {cough} The sent of the creature is now filling up the room I must get to the control panel! i must lock her in.

last entry 7/8/2xxx {audio file}time:2:00
Dr.X: Where is subject zero? How did she break containment, this is not good if she gets out i am ruined, i must lock this place down. Computer! activate code gamma epsilon 91 immediately.
Com: Code gamma epsilon 91 is now in effect. immediate lock down of facility structure has been completed.
Dr.X: Computer locate subject zero.
Com: Subject is in facility doctor.
Dr.X: Where in the facility is the subject.
Zero: I'm right here handsome
Dr.X: Zero! how did you break containment.
Zero: It's Betty doc, and your crack shooting is too blame for my freedom.
Dr.X: Well Betty I hate to tell you this, but your never getting out of here, this facility can only be opened by those with level 10 clearance, but they will never open it because you are now free of your containment.
Betty: Who said anything about wanting to get out, I'm going to enjoy having you ravish me over and over knowing that you despise what I am.
Dr.X: I think not Betty, because while I may ravish you, I will undoubtedly die from emaciation, due not enough fluids in my body.
Betty: Oh Dr. didn't you know I can turn you into a creature much like myself, however you my dear will be a male and exhibit a much different pathology than mine.
Dr.X: What? your bluffing you cant possibly do that.
Betty:{laughs}Oh my dear delusional doctor, i can and i will {giggle}.
DR.X: NOOOOO!{crash} [end of tape]

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