Kangaroo Interview A

Subject: SCP-XXXl

Interviewer: Dr Nate Morris

Interviewer: You've mentioned before missing your home…

Subject: Yes

Interviewer: Would you like to talk about it?

Subject: I thank you for your concern. But I'm resigned to the fact that I won't return there. In any case, I have developed affection for many of the researchers here.

Interviewer: I'm glad to hear that. It's certainly reciprocated.

Subject: Thank you. The other thing, of course, is that as you study me, I'm afforded the chance to study you. Remember, I am a zoologist by training.

_ _ _ _ _ _

Interviewer: I take it you haven't changed your mind about the tool…

Subject: You know I have nothing to say about it..

Interviewer: Yet you've shown no reluctance in talking about the weapon we recovered

Subject: It's a simple digging implement. It's not technologically sensitive. Besides, I know as little about its functioning as you do.

Interviewer: I hesitate to be so blunt, but that strikes me as hard to believe.

Subject: Do you know how, say, a CAT scan works?

Interviewer: I understand the principles…

Subject: …and could you build one?

Interview: Lets consider the subject moot. You can't be surprised that the other tool in question has made us curious.

Subject: No. But please understand, I've rendered it inert. There's no point in continuing down that avenue.

Interview: If you'd consent to tell us what its purpose was…

Subject: I hope my refusal won't affect our working relationship which, as I've said, I value highly.

_ _ _ _ _ _

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