Kangaroo Inventory A
Technological Artifacts, High Value
Item Description Image
Hand weapon Upon discharging, the weapon emits a beam that disintegrates matter. Analysis has shown that it functions by temporarily suppressing the charge of the electron, rendering affected matter violently positively charged. SCP-XXX has professed to not being conversant with the underlying technology. SCP-XXX further claims it is intended as a digging tool to provide shelter at night, though it could obviously be used in an offensive capacity. Item recharges itself via unknown means, acting as a strong emitter of neutrinos while doing so. Classified top priority in terms of analysis and replication device3.jpg
unidentified Item recovered after MRI scans revealed it hidden in SCP-XXX's marsupium1 under a folded layer of skin. SCP-XXX has shown great reluctance in discussing its use or purpose. Surveillance footage which has since been reviewed shows SCP-XXX manipulating it when it thought it was unobserved. SCP-XXX may have rendered it inert or it may have run out of power as it appears non-functioning.. t.jpg
Tactical goggles Item is solar-powered and rechargable. It affixes via suction to SCP-XXX's face. Gyroscopically stablized. Apart from amplifying ambient infrared, it provides telemetry in the form of distance readings, density measurements, motion acuity enhancement and other tactical displays, as well as permitting telescopic and microscopic magnification. goggles.jpg
Various Gear, Low Value
Item Description Image
Water Sack Item appears to be an unknown derivative of plastic. At time of SCP-XXX's capture, it contained water with a dissolved substance which SCP-XXX claims is intended as recreation. Attempts at synthesizing compound successful. SCP-XXX is allowed to imbibe said substance no more than 6 times a year, conditional on its continued cooperation. Testing has demonstrated that substance increases synaptic activity and generally elevates mood.
Rain Ponhco Made of same material as water sac. Shows remarkable ability to be folded and stored.
Flares (12) The ingredients are various including strontium nitrate (Sr(NO3)2), potassium perchlorate (KClO4), as well as charcoal, sulfur, sawdust, aluminum, and magnesium. Similar to conventional flares, but remarkable in their duration.
Rations of jerky (1.5 Kg) Dried meat of an unknown marsupial analog, mildly salted. DNA analysis suggest a possible amphibian lineage. SCP-XXX has described it as a high-protein food source. jerky.jpg
Compact light/heat source  Item is solar-powered and rechargeable and can be used for warmth, cooking, or as a powerful light source. Makes use of hitherto unknown effect involving magnetic induction heat%281%29.jpg
Gloves, fingerless  Made from an unknown variant of cellulose. Worn from use. Item seems to provide support for the unusual tendon and muscular structure of SCP-XXX's hands. ( see note under Clippers regarding recent evolutionary adaptation hypothesis ) SCP-XXX allowed to keep in its possession.
Personal Effects, Negligible Value
Item Description Image
Bracelet Appears to be an alloy of tungsten and cadmium. Appears inert. SPC-XXX states that the bracelet was a gift from its mother upon completing its education. SCP-XXX allowed to keep in its possession.
Tablets (73)  lithium citrate (Li3C6H5O7) . Medication that SCP-XXX must continue to take in order to suppress a natural inclination towards Bipolar disorder. Provided as needed. Tablets bare characters in writing system consistent with SCP-XXX's journal. tablets.jpg
Game/Puzzle  Intricately fabricated from wood. Intended to be used with a light souce. When manipulated, its shadows assumes a variety of configurations. SCP-XXX states that the goal is to create one of several images of famous political figures. SCP-XXX has since completed it but expresses a sentimental attachment to it. SCP-XXX allowed to keep in its possession.
Clippers  Item made of tungsten and cadmium alloy, used to clip SCP-XXX's nails. If nails are allowed to grow unabated, SCP-XXX's fingers lose considerable ability for fine work. Suggests that SCP'XXX's species may have only recently evolved their dexterous use of hands, analogous to Human feet which which also represent a recent adaptation in the service of bipedal locomotion. SCP-XXX allowed to keep in its possession.
Journal  Small book containing 33 pages of poetry in SCP-XXX's handwriting. Book fabricated from a variant of cellulose. Duplicated and archived. SCP-XXX allowed to keep in its possession.  alienwriting10bm1.jpg
Artistic Rendering  Reproduction on material resembling cellulose of SCP-XXX's great-great grandmother, a direct matrilinial ancestor. SCP-XXX's society is matriarchal, oldest females being revered the most. SCP-XXX allowed to keep in its possession.  gran.jpg
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