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Old photograph of toy model matching SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored within an electronic key and retinal scan locked room. A single double-pane window is to be the only method of viewing the object. Transportation of SCP-XXXX requires Level 3 or higher approval. Anyone transporting the object may not directly hold the object with their hand, excepting when testing has been approved.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a child's toy Cowboy Revolver pewter cap gun with a plastic handle.

When held by a subject child (for purposed of this document, a child is defined as a human aged 13 or younger), SCP-XXXX acts as whatever kind of weapon the child imagines from a simple handgun to a more space-age laser pistol and beyond. If the subject pretends firing it at an inanimate object, there is no effect. However, if the subject pretends firing towards a living being, the target will be affected as if injured by the imagined weapon. There is no observable projectile from SCP-XXXX even when used in this fashion and any intervening viewing material between the subject and the target such as glass or a mirror is unaffected by the weapon or a projectile. Child Subjects who have used SCP-XXXX display no sense of guilt, regret, or fear in use of the object, even when viewing what could be considered a horrific corpse of one of their targets. They will, as children do with toys, eventually get bored of playing with the object and will drop it on the ground.

When gripped by an adult subject the effect is far more dramatic. The subject is flooded with painful memories of gleefully murdering innocent living beings begging for mercy such as adults, children, women [some pregnant], men, animals, babies, and more with a revolver in purposeful cold blood. In particular, all dead family members and friends of the Subject are believed to have been gunned down by the Subject in sadistic fashion.

The invariable result of an adult Subject holding SCP-XXXX is they will first break into uncontrollable weeping, driven by massive amounts of guilt. Depending on the willfulness of the subject, the amount of time till the next effect varies, but it will always occur unless prevented by a third party. This next effect is the Subject will place the barrel of the toy in their mouths and fire, killing themselves as though with a large caliber revolver projectile. An adult Subject, once they have SCP-XXXX in their hand, can not be stopped from progressing towards this end except through being restrained and having their hand forcibly pried open to allow release of SCP-XXXX which causes great, though brief, pain and a sensation of increased emotional trauma upon the subject.

Adult Subjects will forever have these experiences permanently ingrained upon their memories and must be placed into psychiatric care until it is determined that the Subject has either accepted the sense of guilt and can move on, or has accepted the truth that these memories are falsely fabricated. This process has been known to take, at the least, 3 years and some subjects have yet to recover. Suicide has been exhibited in several experimental Subjects even up to 10 years later.

Origin: SCP-XXXX was discovered by the Foundation when apparently used by a 12-year old child in [REDACTED], NM to kill his older brother, younger sister, the family's dog, and a visiting neighbor child related to Agent ██████. The child in question expressed no remorse in the murders, instead expressing a firm belief that they were all playing a fun game and he won. He looked forward to playing with his siblings and friend again. The child was unaware that they were permanently dead. Attempts to convince the child of the truth was met with heavy resistance and finally, a building emotional trauma.

SCP Personnel were notified and SCP-XXXX was found by Agent ███████ who broke down into uncontrollable weeping, repetition of the words "I'm sorry" followed by suicide with the device.

Research tracked the make of the toy gun back to a now defunct, ███████ & ███████ Co. originally based in [REDACTED], TX. It was manufactured in 18██ along with thousands of others of the same model in a factory. Other models of the toy have displayed no SCP-related properties. Retrieved documents detailed an incident in the company's offices in which a child of the company's CEO found a gun and killed every single person on the third floor of the building before finally being shot and killed by the child's own father. Local police files from the time are missing, perhaps never properly filed. Whether the SCP-XXXX was used in this event, gain its properties through this event, or is completely unrelated is currently unknown and still remains a subject of investigation.

SCP-XXXX itself had been transferred into the hands of the [REDACTED] family through purchase at an estate sale through the trust of a deceased Mr. Joshua █████. No records exist on where or how the toy got into the hands of Mr. █████'s estate.

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