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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

SCP-XXX's central factory complex.
An instance of an SCP-XXX scavenging automata.
An instance of an SCP-XXX mining automata.

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX phenomena is quarantined in a 100Km 2 zone of the Nullarbor Plain, Australia. Fences have been erected and security personnel deployed to both keep the phenomena contained and to keep the general public out. Helicopters posing as part of a wilderness reclamation project are deployed to assess security concerns and to observe ongoing developments.

Description: SCP-XXX refers to a complex of kinetic, self-replicating sculptures consisting of several varieties operating independently. The automata consist of a central factory complex as well as workers made up of subtypes such as miners, messengers, scavengers and the like. Scavengers are capable of recovering wood from felled trees, miners of digging for and smelting ores, and messengers of ferrying the materials to the central factory complex where the construction of additional automata takes place. The automata's locomotion is provided by wind power and supplementary spiral torsion springs.

Currently, it is unknown whether an intelligence is at work orchestrating the phenomena as it seems the workers and factory operate in a deterministic fashion. At last count, over 4000 drones were identified. At the current rate of growth, the entire phenomena would have a doubling time of 10 days. Evidence exists of the beginning of construction of a second factory 1Km to the east of the current one.

Recovery Log: SCP-XXX related automata were discovered in 2008 in a sparsely settled area of the Nullarbor Plain of Australia, 500 Km northwest of Adelaide. Foundation agents were alerted when reports of areas being mined by no sanctioned body began to surface . A quarantine zone spanning 100 Km2 was erected to study the phenomena and to prevent public attention.

Experimental Findings: Experiments have demonstrated that the worker automata are capable of avoiding human beings in a manner not yet understood. The factory complex itself seems indifferent to observation as far as can be established.

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