Kirakodera Experiment001 Drugs Log

Log of KiraNekoKodera Drugs Experiment-001

5:55:23 PM: * Aesop dispenses scratches to Kiranekokodera.
5:55:31 PM: <Aesop> It is known.
5:55:33 PM: * KiraNekoKodera purr purr purr porr
5:55:46 PM: * KiraNekoKodera pronounces her purrs funny sometimes
5:55:46 PM: <Aesop> Lol
5:55:48 PM: <Malachai> ... No comment.
5:55:49 PM: <Aesop> xD
5:55:58 PM: * BlackWing dumps catnip on Aesop
5:56:03 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> ._.
5:56:17 PM: <Aesop> What the fack
5:56:19 PM: * KiraNekoKodera tackles aesop and rubs all over him getting high at the same time
5:56:28 PM: <Wilkes> ...
5:56:29 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> duuuuude this is some good shit man...
5:56:30 PM: <SallyAcorn> arsenicCatnip
5:56:31 PM: <BlackWing> Oh yea....cats do that
5:56:32 PM: <Aesop> :3
5:56:33 PM: <BlackWing> dammit
5:56:36 PM: <Aesop> :33333
5:56:40 PM: <BlackWing> I thought cats get scratch happy
5:56:54 PM: <Wilkes> Set course for Yif!
5:57:04 PM: * BlackWing steals Kira's cat ears
5:57:04 PM: * KiraNekoKodera kneads her paws on aesops chest... and has claws
5:57:06 PM: <Akashe> :D
5:57:10 PM: <Akashe> COURSE SET
5:57:15 PM: * KiraNekoKodera also has unstealable ears
5:57:19 PM: <Aesop> Wait
5:57:21 PM: <Aesop> I see Guru
5:57:29 PM: * KiraNekoKodera claw claw claw claws aesop
5:57:32 PM: * Aesop 's chest is torn apart.
5:57:39 PM: <Aesop> Guru island HOE!
5:57:43 PM: <SallyAcorn> Do you play second life by chance Kira? <83
5:57:43 PM: * BlackWing evil laugh and gives Kira a tuna
5:57:50 PM: * KiraNekoKodera rolls off him and rubs around on the ground
5:58:15 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> second life...? is that like... some kinda game?
5:58:19 PM: <Aesop> Yea
5:58:24 PM: <Aesop> It's like a multiplayer the sims
5:58:29 PM: <Aesop> Plus WoW
5:58:34 PM: <Malachai> Plus fail.
5:58:35 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> dude...
5:58:39 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> can you play it and stuff?
5:58:42 PM: <Malachai> Secondlife sucks.
5:58:43 PM: <Aesop> Yes
5:58:45 PM: <BlackWing> It costs to play
5:58:48 PM: <AnOrangeGentleman> Second Life is a troubling, confusing game
5:58:50 PM: <SallyAcorn> Second Life is ... it's...
5:58:51 PM: <SallyAcorn> Yes
5:58:52 PM: <SallyAcorn> It's that
5:58:52 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> thats amazing
5:58:56 PM: <Malachai> It's fail.
5:58:59 PM: <BlackWing> Not really Kira
5:58:59 PM: <AnOrangeGentleman> There are far, far too many sex areas
5:59:00 PM: * Aesop bandages himself up.
5:59:01 PM: <AnOrangeGentleman> Far too many
5:59:01 PM: <SallyAcorn> It's amazing fail
5:59:02 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> ive never played it man
5:59:12 PM: * Aesop injects morphine/adrenaline/whatthefuckshit into himself.
5:59:18 PM: <Akashe> Actually, I enjoy selling paper so much, i made a second life character 
that sells paper. It's great.
5:59:24 PM: * KiraNekoKodera rolls back and forth on the ground
5:59:42 PM: * Aesop violently shakes.
5:59:47 PM: <AnOrangeGentleman> If I wanted a second job I have to pay for, I'd play EVE
5:59:48 PM: * BlackWing shines a laser on the ground infront of Kira
5:59:51 PM: * Aesop jumps on KiraNekoKodera.
5:59:56 PM: * Akashe puts a paper bag over Kira's head
6:00:11 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> blackie youre like totally awesome and i cant possibly hate 
you right now even though i should because damn im so high right now i want something to eat 
look hey whered this tuna come from OH SHIT I CANT SEE WHATS GOING ON
6:00:32 PM: <BlackWing> lol
6:00:38 PM: * Aesop violently shakes.
6:00:40 PM: <AnOrangeGentleman> But I have a horrid attention span. I need instant 
gratification. If I had more income, I'd probably play it
6:00:42 PM: * KiraNekoKodera quickly stands up, falls over, stands up again, and starts 
running in a rather straight line
6:00:43 PM: * Aesop (on Kira)
6:00:52 PM: * Aesop is still on Kira.
6:00:53 PM: * KiraNekoKodera crashes into blackwing
6:00:59 PM: <BlackWing> o.O
6:01:14 PM: * KiraNekoKodera tries in vain to get the bag off her head
6:01:25 PM: * BlackWing takes the bag off Kira's head
6:01:38 PM: <ContentedRoland> yargh
6:01:40 PM: * KiraNekoKodera clutches the ground panting furiously
6:01:41 PM: <SallyAcorn> I love this chat.
6:01:52 PM: * Akashe shines lazer pointer
6:01:54 PM: * Aesop is ontop of Kira.
6:01:59 PM: * ContentedRoland waves
6:02:01 PM: * ContentedRoland is baffled
6:02:02 PM: * KiraNekoKodera stands up, pretty wobbly still, and shakes aesop off
6:02:07 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> i meant to do that.
6:02:09 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> all of it.
6:02:12 PM: * Aesop flops to the ground.
6:02:13 PM: *** DrWarsaw has joined channel #site19
6:02:15 PM: <DrWarsaw> Hi
6:02:18 PM: * Aesop flops violently.
6:02:21 PM: <DrWarsaw> :|
6:02:24 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> hi warsaw! :D
6:02:27 PM: * Aesop does a 1000 flop combo.
6:02:30 PM: <Aesop> Hey warsaw.
6:02:34 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> im like so high on catnip right now its ridiculous man
6:02:39 PM: * DrWarsaw flops out of sequence with Aesop to bug him
6:02:41 PM: * UmbralRaptor thosses Aesop into a fish tank.
6:02:47 PM: <UmbralRaptor> *tosses
6:02:50 PM: * Aesop swims inside the fish tank.
6:02:55 PM: <Aesop> Grblblblbl
6:03:00 PM: <Aesop> Oh shit Kira will eat me
6:03:06 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> FISHIE!
6:03:12 PM: <SallyAcorn> firefix
6:03:12 PM: * KiraNekoKodera stares at aesop
6:03:15 PM: * BlackWing puts Kira into a detox room.
6:03:22 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> D:
6:03:32 PM: * KiraNekoKodera claws at the walls because they are trying to eat her
6:03:42 PM: <DrWarsaw> Huh what
6:03:45 PM: * SallyAcorn oozes out of the walls.
6:03:47 PM: * Aesop flops into Kira's room.
6:03:48 PM: <Aesop> flop flop flop
6:03:51 PM: <Aesop> flop flop
6:03:53 PM: <Aesop> flop
6:03:56 PM: * SallyAcorn absorbs Aesop
6:03:59 PM: * SallyAcorn oozes into the vents
6:04:00 PM: * KiraNekoKodera claws the shit out of aesop because shes freaking out man
6:04:01 PM: * Aesop rigs himself with catnip.
6:04:06 PM: * DrWarsaw skweres Aesop and roasts him on a fire
6:04:08 PM: * Aesop is inside sally.
6:04:10 PM: * Aesop what the fuck
6:04:13 PM: * Aesop i'm inside sally
6:04:23 PM: * Aesop how does this werk
6:04:24 PM: * BlackWing ties Kira to a chair till she calms down
6:04:31 PM: * Aesop reincarnates.
6:04:36 PM: * KiraNekoKodera spins the chair in circles
6:04:38 PM: * ContentedRoland sighs
6:04:39 PM: <taybin> hi everybody WHAT IS GOING ON
6:04:41 PM: * Aesop force feeds Kira 100% catnip concentrate.
6:04:41 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> skewer?
6:04:42 PM: * UmbralRaptor gives Kira some magic mushrooms.
6:04:52 PM: * KiraNekoKodera is tripping balls dude
6:04:53 PM: * DrWarsaw likes it that way
6:05:02 PM: * Aesop continues force feeding Kira catnip.
6:05:12 PM: * Aesop patiently waits for the horny phase.
6:05:18 PM: * BlackWing locks Kira in a detox room away from Aesop
6:05:18 PM: <Wilkes> DrWarsaw Skewer;
6:05:23 PM: * KiraNekoKodera od's and passes out, drooling foam
6:05:32 PM: <UmbralRaptor> IIRC, Caffeine works better.
6:05:33 PM: * BlackWing revives Kira
6:05:34 PM: * Aesop appears ontop of Kira.
6:05:35 PM: <UmbralRaptor> >_>
6:05:39 PM: <BlackWing> DAMMIT AESOP
6:05:43 PM: <BlackWing> DONT KILL HER
6:05:46 PM: <DrWarsaw> :|
6:05:46 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> AAAAGH GET THIS GUY OFFA ME
6:05:47 PM: * Aesop injects adrenaliine/morphine/whatthefuckiphine
6:05:49 PM: <BlackWing> She's the only one mostly normal here
6:05:53 PM: * KiraNekoKodera claws the shit out of aesop
6:06:01 PM: * Aesop violently shakes blood all over kira.
6:06:02 PM: * SallyAcorn leaps out of Kira's mind and deheads Aesop then vanishes.
6:06:08 PM: * DrWarsaw slaps Aesop with the complete collection of Calvin and Hobbes
6:06:09 PM: <Aesop> WHAT THE FUCK
6:06:13 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> AAAAAAGH
6:06:14 PM: * Aesop explodes into a ripper swarm.
6:06:15 PM: <DrWarsaw> 20 lbs worth of humor
6:06:22 PM: <progress> The chat has gone crazy.  Atleast this time it isn't crazyand 
6:06:25 PM: * KiraNekoKodera runs into a corner and curls up into a ball
6:06:30 PM: <Aesop> RAWR
6:06:35 PM: * Wilkes shoots Aesop  with a Sonic Defense turret
6:06:43 PM: * BlackWing puts a wet towel on Kira
6:06:50 PM: <Aesop> OMNOMOM
6:06:51 PM: * KiraNekoKodera shivers as she repeats to herself 
6:06:53 PM: <Aesop> I'M TOO MANY
6:06:59 PM: * Aesop eats all the catnip.
6:07:03 PM: * Aesop eats all the moprhine.
6:07:07 PM: * DrWarsaw gets his nice little power sword out and kills some Tyranids
6:07:08 PM: * Aesop eats all the blackwing.
6:07:12 PM: * Aesop eats all the drwars-
6:07:14 PM: <Aesop> FUCK.
6:07:19 PM: * Aesop has poor save.
6:07:20 PM: <BlackWing> Dont worry Kira. Aesop isn't real.
6:07:21 PM: * Aesop dies.
6:07:27 PM: * Aesop . . .
6:07:30 PM: <DrWarsaw> It's a power sword, you don't even get one
6:07:38 PM: <Malachai> Good riddance.
6:07:46 PM: * DrWarsaw gets the flawer too
6:07:51 PM: *** Aesop has been kicked off channel #site19 by Gerald (Calm down, dude.)
6:07:53 PM: *** Aesop has joined channel #site19
6:07:54 PM: <DrWarsaw> *flamer
6:07:56 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> someone... give me something... oh god anything i need to 
come down from this trip holy shit
6:08:01 PM: * Aesop deep strikes ontop of Gerald.
6:08:07 PM: * Aesop stabity stab stab
6:08:08 PM: * DrWarsaw gives Kira some milk
6:08:13 PM: *** Aesop has been kicked off channel #site19 by Gerald (Boot.)
6:08:16 PM: *** Aesop has joined channel #site19
6:08:18 PM: <Aesop> :|
6:08:20 PM: <Aesop> Gerald
6:08:22 PM: * KiraNekoKodera drinks the milk shakily
6:08:24 PM: <Aesop> Don't be a buzz killer
6:08:26 PM: * BlackWing gives Kira some warm bread
6:08:31 PM: * KiraNekoKodera noms some bread
6:08:34 PM: * DrWarsaw gives Kira a hug too
6:08:42 PM: <Gerald> This isn't a buzz, it's hyperactivity.
6:08:44 PM: <Aesop> Why does people keep giving kira warm things
6:08:52 PM: <DrWarsaw> Because she's shaken up
6:08:53 PM: * BlackWing kills Aesop and gives his lifeless body to Kira
6:08:54 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> imfreakingoutimfreakingoutohgodimfreakingout
6:09:22 PM: * KiraNekoKodera claws the dead aesop some more
6:09:24 PM: <DrWarsaw> Is kira really high?
6:09:29 PM: * BlackWing tosses the body into an incinerator
6:09:30 PM: <Aesop> No.
6:09:30 PM: *** You have been kicked off channel #site19 by Gerald (You too.)
6:09:30 PM: *** Topic for #site19:  Welcome to #site19 || Sandbox: || SCP User Map || The 
Password is Keter Class Outbreak
6:09:30 PM: *** Topic for #site19 set by Bright on Monday, July 19, 2010 11:00:25 PM
6:09:35 PM: *** Channel Mode is +sntrcV 
6:09:35 PM: *** Channel created at Sunday, December 21, 2008 12:23:08 PM
6:09:36 PM: <Aesop> Kira.
6:09:43 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> aw sorry gerald
6:09:50 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> i guess i got too carried away there ._.
6:09:53 PM: <Aesop> Kira.
6:09:57 PM: <Aesop> I think we have mod abuse.
6:09:59 PM: <BlackWing> Its ok Kira
6:10:08 PM: <Aesop> . . . loljk. :3
6:10:29 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> so guys
6:10:40 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> now we know what happens to kira during a bad 
catnip/shroom trip
6:10:40 PM: <BlackWing> You were acting crazy Kira
6:10:59 PM: <BlackWing> bad catnip/shrooms/Aesop trip
6:11:07 PM: <KiraNekoKodera> please be careful when experimenting with kira and drugs. 
thank you
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