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*Child Mimic- Plant/Mysterious Creature that mimics apparently injured and/or distraught children

*Insect Hive- Insectoid species that excrete a liquid material that hardens in fashion similar to concrete; used for building of large and elaborate structures (with opportunity)

*'The Exponential'
Another hive-based life form, though hive is a loose term.

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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter Euclid [See Addendum XXX-01-a]

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX is to be kept in a special paddock at Site ██████, though any reinforced paddock in a temperate environment will do. However, all animals must be removed from the enclosure by whatever means are the most expedient prior to the introduction of XXX. Following this contained extinction procedure, suitable animals from the Recommended Dietary Guidelines [Addendum XXX-02] may be added to the enclosure, pursuant to the following conditions: [DATA EXPUNGED]. Further note: ██████ are to be kept out of the paddock at all costs.

SCP-XXX consists of a 'pack' of anywhere from three to seven (3-7) depending on availability of food, territory space available, and ███████ ██████ ██ █████████. There are no clear 'Alpha' individuals in the pack, with males and females co-dominant. A fully grown example of SCP-XXX stands about .6 meters at the shoulder and weighs approx. 60 kilograms, varying in length from 1 to 1.5 meters. With the appearance of emaciated, primarily-lupine quadrupeds with slightly over-large paws, the resemblance to 'natural' animals ends there. Rather than fur, XXX has leathery skin in an inconspicuous shade of tan, though this becomes mottled by dust, mud, grime, plant matter, and other less savory materials that help XXX blend into the environment. XXX's forelimbs are normal in appearance, though with slightly protruding shoulder blades that lend its torso an angular appearance. XXX normally carries itself so that its head is lower than its shoulders, to aid it tracking by scent. In daylight, XXX's eyesight is comparatively poor, though better than a domestic dog's. Perhaps the most distinctive feature of SCP-XXX are its back-jointed rear legs, which cause the "knee" joints of the rear leg to be elevated approximately 15cm over the creature's spine. These grant XXX tremendous horizontal leaping distance, but not vertical. Lastly XXX has a stubby tail, a direct continuation of the spine, approx. 0.5m in length that helps it balance and maneuver at high speeds, much like a Velociraptor's tail.

SCP-XXX differs from a simple predator animal because, in addition to obtaining sustenance from a kill, SCP-XXX obtains some of its victims SQ, or 'Sentience Quotient.' After making a kill, XXX cracks the prey's skull with its powerful jaws before devouring the cerebellar tissue. It is unknown how this transfers the SQ of the target, but Foundation Scientists hypothesize it involves extraction of ███████████ ████████ from the ███████ region of the ██████ cortex and processing it through a series of complex chemical reactions initiated [DATA EXPUNGED].

Incident Report XXX-01-a

SCP involved: XXX

Personnel involved: Dr. ███████, Agent ███████

Date: ██/██/20██

Location: ██████ Province, Canada

A local SCP agent, embedded in the Police department of ███████ notified the Foundation after receiving reports of 'mutated wolves' in the local forest area. SCP personnel, led by Dr. ████████ and Agent ███████ began an operation to locate and capture the animals. Unfortunately several missing persons and transients in the area proved to have fallen prey to the pack, giving them a feral cunning greater than a standard animal but less than a human. Several SCP Security officers and handlers were killed in the effort until the pack was successfully barred into transfer cages. A suitable paddock was prepared at Site ██████ to contain the pack. SCP handlers began feeding XXX on rabbits and deer and within a span of [REDACTED] they noticed a marked decrease in the aggressive behavior and advanced intellect of the SCPs. With Dr. ███████ supervising they fed the pack several D-Class personnel due for elimination and noticed a corresponding increase in aggression and cunning. Shortly thereafter a dietary regimen consisting entirely of [DATA EXPUNGED] that maintains the pack at a manageable level of docility and has, at least temporarily, decreased this SCP's rating to Euclid from Keter-grade.

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