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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid (See addendum C)

Special Containment Procedures: Upon finding any SCP-XXX, agent should transport all such objects to storage facility at Site YY. Attempt to count the number of SCP-XXX in any collection should not be made. Precaution should be taken not to partition any collection of SCP-XXX unless absolutely necessary. If contents are spilled, agent should take care to collect all SCP-XXX. Avoid handling SCP-XXX one at a time, always deal with the largest collection possible.

Description: A single SCP-XXX appears to be a smooth jade disk approximately 1.5cm in diameter. Material composition is unknown. Disks are believed to be of Indian origin, perhaps used as coins in an early Indus civilization. Any collection of SCP-XXX will grow or shrink with no apparent pattern. Except for isolated disks, no collection has been confirmed to contain any fixed number of SCP-XXX. No collection of two disks has been confirmed.

SCP-XXX seems to be inert. No residue is left after handling. Disks will not burn, although a single disk will disintegrate with prolonged exposure to extreme heat. Attempts to destroy multiple disks with this procedure have proven ineffectual. marked stones will appear in arbitrary collections with no known pattern. Destroying a marked stone seems to remove it from the entire pool of SCP-XXX. (See Document # ZZ-XXX.)

Source of SCP-XXX is unknown. The only contained sample was recovered from a market in ██████, Iran. An unconfirmed report suggests that SCP-XXX was first originally found in a quarry near ███████, India. The quarry has not been located.

Addendum A: Psychological Notes.
SCP-XXX may have disorienting psychological effects. An unconfirmed report suggests that the original discoverer may have had a mental breakdown following discovery. Agent Knapp has shown similar behaviors. Consequently, Agent Knapp is advised to refrain from experimenting with SCP-XXX pending psychological examination. Other personnel appear so far unaffected, but should exercise caution when examining SCP-XXX.

Addendum B:
Please do not attempt to use explosives on any SCP-XXX collection. Cleanup is a mess. (See Document #FF-XXX). Thank you,
█████ Knapp.

After his actions on 16 March, 20██, Agent Knapp is prohibited from experimenting with SCP-XXX until psychological examination is complete.

Addendum C: Agent Knapp has been deemed unfit to continue experimentation with SCP-XXX.

Due to the psychological response of Agent Knapp and other personnel, SCP-XXX has been given Euclid status. Be advised that psychological symptoms of handling SCP-XXX for extended periods of time may include:

  • Disorientation
  • The inability to perform basic arithmetic
  • Insomnia
  • Vivid dreams and the inability to distinguish between these dreams and reality

Document #ZZ-XXX: Excerpt from Agent Knapp's SCP-XXX experiment log. 05 March, 20██.

(Throughout, entire contained sample of SCP-XXX is referred to as "the deck".)
05 March 20██
██:██ - Single disk removed from deck and marked with uppercase A.
Procedure repeated with another disk, marked B.

██:██ - Disks marked with 'A' and 'B' placed in small container. (hereafter, all labeled disks will be known simply by the marking inscribed). Collection will be referred to as AA hereafter.

Collection AA examined.
Disks counted prior to searching for marked disks: 7
A and B were not found in collection AA.
Disks counted following search for marked disks: 9

[Data Expunged]

██:██ - [Data Expunged]
Disk A found in collection BB. It should be noted that disk A was placed in collection AA and no stones from collection AA have been placed in collection BB.

██:██ - Disk A heated with oxy-acetylene torch:
* t=0s: Disk A exposed to flame.
* t=5s: Disk A began to glow red.
* t=10s: Disk A began glow white, seemed to expand.
* t=15s: Disk A began to spark, volume began to decrease.
* t=21s: Disk A approximately 50% of original volume.
* t=28s: Last record of Disk A as of ██ ██████, ████. Torch extinguished.
██:██ - Collection AA heated with oxy-acetylene torch.
██:██ - Torch expired after fuel depleted. Collection AA shuffled back into deck.

Document #FF-XXX Excerpt from Agent Knapp's SCP-XXX experiment log. 16 April, 20██.

Disk C was taken to unit ██. Small plastic explosive used. Last record of disk C as of ██ ██████, ████.

3 disks taken to unit ██. ███kg charge used on result collection.
[Data Expunged].

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