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Item #: SCP-1416

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1416 is to be contained in a standard 1x1x2 meter wooden crate at Sector-19. SCP-1416 must not be viewed directly in any circumstances aside for testing. Since incidents IE-1416-A, IE-1416-B and IE-1416-C, no further testing with SCP-1416 are allowed.

Note from Dr. Bishop:
Due to the interesting properties of SCP-1416, tests are allowed but needs a level 4 security clearance.

Description: SCP-1416 was retrieved in █████, Irak on ██/██/19██. It is an obelisk of 60 (sixty) cm by 60 (sixty) cm and 1.60 (one and sixty) meter high. It is made of an unknown black mineral, but further testing shows it is made of [DATA EXPUNGED]. Its top consists of a small pyramidal glass in what it appears to be a yellow plasma orb. Glyphs of an unknown origin are all over the obelisk and are being deciphered at the time of redacting.

SCP-1416 triggers seizures in Humans who looked at the orb. Seizure can be stopped if direct eye contact is stopped. An exposition superior of 6 (six) seconds kills the subject in 85 (eighty-five) percent of the case. Exposition superior to 9 (nine) seconds kills 100 (one-hundred) percent of the case. Autopsy in killed subjects shows lesions in the hippocampus and [REDACTED].
If a subject is exposed two times, the seizures can't be interrupted by any means.

Subjects who were exposed but survived show an extreme disorientation at first. They describe the experience as being tased and reported seeing glyphs coming from the orb to them. SCP-1416 seems to enhance cognition, memory, intelligence, motivation, attention, and concentration by at least ███ percent. The more the subject is exposed, the more he is affected by the effects.
However some subjects experienced ability to speak unknown languages, gain access to unknown technologies, knowledges and [DATA EXPUNGED]. (See incidents IE-1416-A, IE-1416-B and IE-1416-C)
MRI shows increased hippocampus activity and [REDACTED] in subjects.


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