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SCP-(I need a number): Windup Critters

Item #: SCP-####

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All known instances of SCP-#### are to be stored in a warehouse at Site-211 with dimensions 100m x 50m x 9m, designed to resemble a commercial distribution center, focused on children's toys. At least 50 new toys of any make are to be stored with the subjects daily.

All uncontained instances are to be retrieved and brought to Site-211, and civilians at the area of retrieval dosed with amnestics.

Description: SCP-#### is the collective classification for a currently-unknown number of plastic toys. These toys are 5cm in diameter, and resemble a roughly spherical creature with blank white eyes, and a purely aesthetic key protruding from its back. They appear spontaneously within commercial distribution centers (especially ones focused on children’s entertainment, such as ████ █ ██) and there is currently no known pattern to when they manifest. after a total replacement event (see Addendum ####-1).

The objects’ anomalous properties manifest every 24 hours, at 12:00 am local time. All methods of observation experience momentary failure (malfunctions for cameras and audio equipment, temporary blindness for direct observation); when observation is restored, a number of other toys equal to the number of SCP-#### instances are replaced by additional instances.

The objects, as far as is known, cease all anomalous properties once purchased and used for their intended purpose; instances of SCP-#### that children play with no longer self-replicate. Instances are mildly cognitohazardous, and children easily grow and maintain attachments into adulthood. See Addendum ####-2.

Notes by Researcher V████: Yes, these things aren’t particularly dangerous. But this is still a problem for maintaining a veneer of normalcy. And that’s not getting into the economic repercussions if, say, they replace expensive collectibles that stockers (not to mention people like me) pay a lot of money for.

Addendum ####-1: On [DATE REDACTED], a previously-unobserved ██████ distribution center experienced total replacement by SCP-####; that is, every other toy in the building (including displays on office desks) had been replaced. The night after this occurred, a ███-████ distribution center under Foundation observation experienced an explosion in SCP-#### population. Despite the fact that SCP-#### was previously only known to self-replicate within a building, these instances had been generated from a building approximately █00km away. After this incident, the Foundation has dedicated extensive resources to tracking down additional instances.

Addendum ####-2: Approximately five years prior to the Foundation’s awareness of SCP-####’s anomalous properties (██ years ago at the time of writing), Site Director T██████ P████████ purchased one of the objects for his infant daughter A███; it is because of this instance that the Foundation initially believed the objects to be non-anomalous once handled by children. However, on [DATE REDACTED], A███ reacted violently when her mother placed the toy in a yard sale. Beyond this, the object resumed its anomalous properties at an unprecedented rate; when containment teams arrived, 7 additional instances were recovered, and A███ was taken in for questioning.

Interview ####-1: Because of their personal relationship to the interviewed, Site Director P████████, Researcher D████ V████, and Agent E████ P████████ were not chosen to interview A███.

Notes: Site Director P████████ confirmed A███’s testimony that Researcher V████ and Agent P████████ had difficulty getting along with each other and their parents prior to their employment with the Foundation.

Random OOC notes: I’ve mentioned this the other two (three? four?) times I tried writing this Scip, but this was based on an experience in Toys R Us I had once. Every other aisle, I’d run across these candy-filled toy Bob-ombs (the little walking cartoon bombs from the Mario games) just sitting randomly on the shelves. For some odd reason, all I could think of was “THEY’RE MULTIPLYING!” That’s pretty much the plotbunny that the Windup Critters grew from.

The addenda and interview were added only in the most recent version, in an attempt to add a hook/twist to the Windup Critters. Site Director Blackbox, his daughter, and Agent E are my stepdad and half-siblings, respectively. Researcher DV would be my avatar, Dylan Veldi, just not fully revealed yet.

Tags: cognitohazard, euclid, scp, self-replicating, telepathic, toy

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