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Item #: SCP-XX1

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XX1 is to be kept in a Class 2 container for Anomalous Materials. The lock combination is to be known only by the Site directory and the current researcher affected to the project. The room has to be guarded by two (2) agents with a Security Clearance 3.
For testing procedure, the container must be carried to the experimentation room before being unlocked. Test subjects have to be restrained so as not to be able to leave the room while keeping the use of their arms . Agents overseeing the tests have to wear blinds for all the duration of the test, and not remove them until SCP-XX1 has been replaced in the container and the container closed.
Surveillance by remote camera should be blurred so as to prevent any detail smaller than 10cm to be correctly observed.

Description: SCP-XX1 appears as a object whose size never exceeds 20 centimeters and weight 1 kilogram. The object seems able to change its shape depending on the observer. It has been known however to keep the same shape for as long as 7 different consecutive observers.
When exposed to SCP-XX1, a subject becomes intently fascinated by it. He will stop any action he was performing, and will concentrate on studying the object using any mean immediately available. This ranges from simply looking the SCP over and over to using a magnifying glass if one is within reach of the subject. As long as he can keep observing the SCP, he will become unresponsive to any other stimulus and forgo all basic needs such as eating or sleeping. The subject will offer minimal resistance if an attempt is made to separate it from the SCP.
Once SCP-XX1 has left a subject’s line of sight (either due to external intervention or the subject passing out from exhaustion), the subject will proceed to focus on extensively communicating the results of its observations. At this stage, the subject will resume responding to external stimuli and will eat, drink and sleep as usual. He will however shift all of its priorities into reporting about the object, and become very lax if not unwilling in performing any other duties.
The effect slowly wanes over time, but so far no observed subject has been diagnosed as completely freed from it. Amnesiacs remove the memories of the SCP, but leave the subjects with a heightened interest in objects similar in shape to the one the SCP had when they were exposed to it.
Subsequent exposition to SCP-XX1 will again focus the attention of the subject, but without reaching the extremes of the initial one.

The effect of SCP-XX1 seems to be only triggered by having it enter the visual range of an individual. However, it was also observed when tested on blind subjects who were asked to handle it.

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Retrieval: SCP-XX1 came to the knowledge of the Foundation after a high mortality rate was reported from █████ ███████ Hospital in ███████. A large part of the staff was discovered to have succumbed to the effects of the SCP, which at the time had taken the shape of a scalpel in operation room. Agent ████████, sent to investigate, retrieved the object, which took the shape of a magnifying glass. Upon receiving the report of the agent, which contained a 172 pages description of the SCP, the anomalous properties of the SCP were more precisely identified and the proper containment procedures were put in place. Class-A amnesiacs have been distributed to staff of █████ ███████ Hospital, most of them have now left the medical branch.
Agent ████████ is currently on observation, and was provided with a desk job. His performance has been noted as "adequate", though all of his relationships seem to have been dropped.

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