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Initial SCP Ideas

1. A Giant Bat

Description: SCP-1001 is a bat of unusual size, measuring approximately 100 feet from nose to tail, 275 feet in wingspan, and weighing approximately ? metric tonnes (roughly the size of a DC-10 airplane). Complete violation of the square-cube law.

2. Homicidal Blender With Shrink-Ray

Equipped with legs and claws, it hunts and shrinks victims, then blenderizes them.

3. Sharp Shine Brand Toothpaste

Toothpaste that transforms the user's teeth into shark-like ones.

4. Hu Xia Nan

Description: SCP-X is a male human of Chinese (Mandarin) ancestry, approximately 48 years old. Can communicate with insects, due to pheremone glands and antenna.

5. Difference Engine Man

Description: SCP-958 is a large chamber filled with several large and highly complex interlinked difference engines (primative Victorian-era calculating devices). These devices surround a chair which is occupied by a male caucasian who's cranium has been surgically opened and the brain removed. In its place, a variety of metal arms, cables, pistons, and other devices enter the excavated space, attaching to the various exposed major nerves and descending into the spine via the foramen magnum.

Concept overview -

6. The Meat Orchestra

A steel box that exudes organic constructs that can play any music. All of the instruments are made of living flesh and bone.

7. Bug Gun

A .45 caliber revolver that fires flesh-eating scarab beetles. Beetles seemingly materialize in the chamber, so the gun never needs to be (re)loaded.

8. Stellar Intelligence Communication System

Appears to be a bulky '50s era radar/radio set. Correct tuning of the set allows the user to communicate with stars, including the sun. Naturally, the minds of stars are extremely alien and contact with them is determental to health and sanity. When in use, aurora borealis-like lights form above the communicator.

9. Opiate of the Masses

A form of heroin that not only affects the user, but also "broadcasts" both the high and the addictive effects to everyone in a 78 meter radius, plus any individuals the user shares strong emotional ties with. Further, after exposure to the drug, a chemical remains in the blood that transforms normal heroin into "broadcasting" heroin when it enters the body.

10. Eye Exchanger

11. Golden Gear

12. Filth Generating Woman

13. Macro-Atom

14. Solonytsin Camera and Projector

15. Ape Shrine

16. A Strange Crane Game

17. Extradimensional Beast

18. Otherworld Hatch

19. Infinitely Complex Hamster Habitat

20. Undifferentiated Material

21. Voyeur Worms

22. The Sun Lamp

23. A Boltzmann Brain

Concept overview -

24. Exactly What It Says On The Tin

25. The Crumbling Stone

26. Selenium Elemental

Could be any periodic element. Also the summoning grid used to summon it.

27. Multi-Dimensional Rotation Rubik's Cube

28. Giant Maggot

29. Murder Frequency Tuning Fork

30. An Obelisk

31. Glass and Water Engine

32. Glass Tube to Venus

33. Phantom WWII-Era German Scientist

A repeating phantom scene occuring in a German university's basement. A scientist (indentity unknown) is interuptted from working on a device (a probable SCP) by SS and Gestapo officers who drag him from the room. Dialog from everyone other than the scientist can not be heard. The phantasm repeats every 41 minutes. The nature and current location of whatever the scientist was working on is unknown.

"Nehmt Rücksicht! Ich bin ein Wissenschaftler. Ich tu' was ich kann."
"Ich bin nicht verrückt!"
"Unterbrecht dieses nicht! Es ist viel zu Empfindlich. Es ist eine Versicherung für die gesamte Menschheit."
"Das ist unverschämt! Wo bringt ihr mich hin? Ihr macht ein grossen Fehler! Ihr kommt hiermit nicht ungeschoren davon!"
(long pause)
"Wo ist meine Schreibarbeit?"
(long pause)
"Verlaßt mich sofort! Das ist unerhört! Wo bringt ihr mich hin?"
(phantasm ends)

"Please respect my wishes! I am a scientist. I do what I can."
"I am not crazy!"
"Do not interrupt this! It is much too delicate. It is insurance for all mankind."
"This is insolence! Where are you taking me? You're making a great error! You won't get away with this!"
(long pause)
"Where are my papers?" Note: A better translation would be "Where is my paperwork?" Alternatively, translate "Where are my papers?" with "Wo sind meine Papiere?" - Dr. Voss
(long pause)
"Leave immediately! This is an outrage! Where are you taking me?"
(phantasm ends)

34. Transdimensional Origami

35. Bad News Envelope

This envelope always contains a document conveying bad news to the reader - bills, court summons, eviction notices, pink slips, death notices, letters about family tragedies, and so forth.

36. Community of Beetles

A society of intelligent beetles, capable of some manufacturing, agriculture, communication, and so forth. Basic communication has been established.

37. Biological Flight Pack

This lump of blue-gray flesh, when placed like a backpack, extends three wings, allowing the user to fly as though the wing were part of his own body. The wings are thick, partly fibrous, and ooze a sticky slime, appearing similar to moist shelf fungus or the flesh of a mollusk; based on their appearance and shape they should be aerodynamically unsound, but functionally perform excellently. In flight, a corona of blue sparks trail from the wings, and users have reported seeing spatial and temporal distortions. Researchers theorize that the wings actually move through and against a higher-dimensional substance with physical properties not found in our standard four-dimensional framework.

38. Vicar's Collar

A cleric wearing this collar hears "the Voice of God," a voice only they can hear that advises them on how to best succeed at their undertakings, exhorts them to avoid sin (though it is relatively non-judgemental), and help allieviate the suffering of individuals and mankind as a whole. Unfortunately, once the voice starts talking to the user, it never stops. Subject can hear it in their sleep and can not forget any of what it says; further the voice somehow reveals part of the underlying nature of the world, causing mental breakdown in its user. This item only functions for properly ordained Anglican clerics in good standing.

39. Orgy Generator

A device that stimulates mating behavior in most mammals, then uses the energy generated by copulation and orgasm to extend its range, potentially encompassing the entire planet. Those affected will eventually die of dehydriation, being incapable of actions other than mating. Works via orgone energy.

Concept overview -

40. Nun's Vestaments

A nun's habit, whimple, and robes that replace the mind of the wearer with that of a "wicked nun" apparently drawn from the paranoid theories of Jack Chick, the worst excesses of Gothic novels, and the fetishistic fantasies of the nunsploitation genre. The longer the vestaments are worn, a growing area around them transforms into a bizarre medieval covent that conforms to the above stereotypes.

41. Modified Dog

A Great Pyranese modified by unknown agencies to have human-level intellect and speech capabilities, via a transplanted larynx.

This and the two following ideas are based on the idea of biological uplift. They are all tied to the work of any unknown individual (or individuals) and represent their progress in performing increasingly advanced uplift.

Concept overview - []

42. Uplifted Rat

43. Uplifted Struthiomimus

The most advanced uplift, not the least because it required time travel and/or extensive genetic engineering/cloning to accomplish.

Also - - for those interested.

44. Hyena Spirit

45. Platonic Object

Concept overview -

46. Exploding Pangolin

Because pangolins are weird. This one explodes, the scales fly around as deadly shrapnel, then it reforms (yeah, it's kinda weak). See - []

47. Ultimate Therapy Dog

A therapy dog that actually cures diseases, rather than merely providing psychological comfort, though there are odd restrictions and it won't function without it's owner.

Concept overview -

48. Car With Expanding Robotic Limbs

49. Underdwellers

50. Key to Hotel Grotesquo

51. Giant Ectoplasm Producing Beetle

52. Dimensional Viewer

A large and ancient device from a temple near Angkor Wat in Cambodia. Consists of many rotating rings mounted into a wall surrounding a telescope-like aperture. Rotating the rings allows the user to view other dimensions through the viewer. When objects from other dimensions are placed on the small pedestal at the base, the viewer automatically sets itself to view the dimension of origin.

(I thought this might be useful in conjunction with SCP-507. Unfortunately, I think it sounds too much like a Stagate refugee.)

53. Vagina Dentata

Concept overview -

54. Otaku-Eating Shop

A shop in Akibahara that eats otaku by disguising itself as a manga cafe or cosplay restaurant.

55. The Terrifying Hole

56. Mega-Scale Space Triangle

Based on these concepts - and

57. Brain Man

Found him. Just an average guy who has become mutated and dangerously super-intelligent. Sometimes irritable and capable of dangerous mad-science feats. Likes beer, which calms him down and dulls his super-intellect.

SCP subject smiling for the camera.

58. Subway Plant Thing

SCP object prior to capture.

Based on this picture

59. Maps of Hell

More a GPS unit…

60. Person Who's Body Disassembles and the Pieces Grow Spider Legs and Creep Around When They Sleep

Couldn't think of a short and simple title.

61. Anti-Terraforming Device

62. A Clutch of Gigantic Eggs

63. Teleporting, Portal-Making Drill

64. Person with Potion Producing Cysts

65. Cavern Ecology Creating Device

66. Growing Trench Warfare Zone

67. The Unfacer

OK! That's all the SCP ideas I've got at the moment.

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