Log of Exploration-1400-I
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Exploration Specifications: This expedition was undertaken by a D-class subject (Classification D-0835; referred to as D-83 by the staff for the sake of brevity) with the aid of a harness attached to the subject, which was subsequently attached to a motorized winch system (capable of 2,000 N of force) secured to the ceiling above SCP-1300-1; this winch system was equipped with a heavy-duty steel cable approximately 650 m in length. This winch system was also equipped with an electronic height measuring device, so as to be able to measure how deep the subject was inside SCP-1300.

The subject herself is a Caucasian female approximately 26 years of age. Psychological examinations of the subject have shown her to be of a relatively sane mind, despite the fact that she was recently convicted for the murder of her husband; this was taken into account by on-site staff. The subject was equipped with a specialized helmet with both an oxygen tank with a 4-hour supply attached to her back (in case there was a lack of breathable air inside SCP-1300), internal lighting (to combat the effects of blindness due to increased exposure to complete darkness), and a two-way radio with a wired feed running up the steel cable. Subject also had a video camera with a flashlight fastened to her shoulder (which also had a wired feed running up the cable) that connected to a computer, which both displayed and recorded the feed for study.

Description of the video and audio feed follows:

<BEGIN LOG 0h 0m 0s>

[Video feed activates. Subject is hanging above an open SCP-1400-1 from the harness system, the camera facing Dr. ██████]

Dr. ██████ …and finally, this camera should give us a view of what you are looking at.

** D-0835** Alright, alright. Let’s just get this over with.

Dr. ██████ OK. Now we are going to lower you in now. Remember, keep in contact with us throughout the exploration and report your observations using your radio. If you feel that you are in any sort of danger, tell us and we’ll try to pull you up as fast as we can.

** D-0835** [muttering] Yeah, I’ll show you danger when this is over…

Dr. ██████ What was that?

** D-0835** Nothing.

Dr. ██████ Mmm. Agent █████, lower her down.

[Subject is lowered into SCP-1400 at 0h 11m 07s by the winch system at a rate of 0.1 m/s. Video feed now shows the inside of SCP-1400 (the same dark blackness viewed from outside the space). Nothing of note happens until 0h 3m 10s.]

Dr. ██████ By our calculations, you are now approximately 50 meters below the entry point of SCP-1400. We would now like to test a theory regarding the blackness that encompasses the entirety of SCP-1400. Please look up, D-83.

** D-0835** OK, if you say so…

[Subject looks up to find that she can no longer see the entry point of SCP-1400, and the steel cable securing the subject is barely visible, and seems to stretch into blackness; the video feed also picks up on this phenomenon.]

** D-0835** Hey! I can’t see the hole! Is this some kind of trick?

Dr. ██████ Negative, D-83. SCP-1400-1 is still open. Please remain calm; you are in no danger.

D-0835 Huh. As if this place wasn’t eerie enough.

[Aside for minor observation’s regarding the “creepiness” of the space and some casual conversation between the subject and Dr. ██████ in order to "calm" the subject, nothing more of note happens until 0h 51m 16s, when subject is about 308 m below the entry point.]

D-0835 What!?! What was that?

Dr. ██████ What was what, D-83?

D-0835 You guys didn’t see it? It was only for a moment. It was like the darkness… shifted for a second. It was almost like it was moving.

Dr. ██████ We didn’t see anything on the camera. You might have been seeing things since you've only seen darkness for so long.

D-0835 Fine, if you won’t believe me. I know what I saw.

[Nothing more of note happens until 1h 24m 32s, when the subject is about 507 m below the entry point.]

[Subject is casually reaching out her hand, reportedly out of boredom, when it appears to touch part of the blackness; similar to what was reported earlier, the blackness appears to “shift” in position, shimmering for a moment off the light of the flashlight. This anomaly lasts for 0h 0m 13s; during this time, the shimmer pulses inward away from the subject and seems to back away from the light of the flashlight before disappearing. Subject jerks back her hand and is audibly distressed.]

D-0835 What the [EXPLETIVE REMOVED]? I just felt something! Tell me you guys up there saw that!

Dr. ██████ Yes, we did pick up someth…

[At this point a loud, deep-pitched rumbling noise is heard through the radio, which matches the description of the sound detailed in Interview-1400-a. The sound lasts for 0h 0m 17s, getting quieter and seemingly more distant as time goes on.]

D-0835 Oh my god oh my go oh my god… there is something IN HERE!
Get me out get me out get me…

Dr. ██████ Calm down, D-83. Whatever that was, it seems to be afraid of you. There is no need to worry… its gone now.

D-0835 But what if it comes back? Stop lowering me right now!

Dr. ██████ It’s alright, D-83. We’ve got your back. Calm down. We’ll go just a few more meters and then we’ll begin your ascent.

D-0835 [subject is breathing heavily] …right… a few more meters…

[Nothing more of note happens until 1h 48m 10s, when subject is about 648 m below the entry point; subject has stopped descending due to reaching the end of the cable’s length.]

Dr. ██████ Well, it appears that we have run out of cable… and we STILL haven’t found the bottom of this thing.

D-0835 I don’t even care… just get me out of here as fast as you can.

Dr. ██████ [sigh] Will do, D-0835. Agent █████, bring her back up.

Agent █████ Yes, sir.

[Subject begins rising at a rate of 0.3 m/s until she abruptly stops after 0h 0m 27s.]

D-0835 Uh… what just happened?

Dr. ██████…[EXPLETIVE REMOVED] it… sorry D-83, we appear to be having some technical difficulties up here with the winch… just stay where you are and we’ll have this fixed in a moment.

D-0835 [muttering] Ha ha ha… [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] you.

[Subject dangles silently in the air for 0h 1m 42s, until another rumbling sound is heard near her]

D-0835 Did any of you guys hear that? It’s coming back!

Dr. ██████ It's OK, D-83… we almost have it fixed…

[Subject is frantic, looking around the space. Suddenly, the camera shows another shimmer appear to move under her. The rumbling noise is heard again.]

D-0835 I just felt it! It brushed against my leg!

Dr. ██████ [EXPLETIVE REMOVED] it! Hang in there, we almost got you!

D-0835 Well, hurry up! [yelling]…Get away from me, whatever you are! Get away!

[Subject is extremely distressed, spinning around apparently looking again for the shimmer. Suddenly, she stops moving and sees a shimmer move in front of her. The shimmer disappears and is replaced by a pattern of three glowing red eye-like spheres in a triangular formation, with a fourth sphere in the center; this entity has been dubbed SCP-1400-2 by the research personel.]

D-0835 What the…

[SCP-1400-2 moves towards the subject rapidly as she screams for a brief moment before the video and audio feed cuts out.]

<END LOG 1h 51m 09s>

Afterword Not long after the end of the video log, the winch system started working again, prompting Dr. ██████ to order Agent █████ to immediately reel it back in at the fastest rate it would go, 1.1 m/s. After approximately 6 minutes, the cable returned to the winch, tattered and frayed. No remnant of D-0835 was left. The results of the exploration attempt gave O5-██ reason to change SCP-1400’s classification from Safe to Euclid and to order that no more exploration attempts be made without prior O5 approval.

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