Log Of SCP-XXXX Test Firings

Forward: To ensure that the amount of variables in the test firings were minimized, all of test were done with similar conditions; in other words, SCP-XXXX was always fired with the same kind of shell and with the same amount of firing materiel. It was also always fired from its storage location at Site 20 to areas near predesignated, remote SCP outposts which recorded the results of the teleportaion. In addition, all test logs were recorded in the following format:

Test Number:
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed:
Additional Notes:

Test Number: 001
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: ███° ██' ██", ██° ██' ██" (middle of the █████ Desert)
Results: Shell arrives at destination with the expected speed and direction.
Additional Notes: Nothing abnormal so far… lets see if it stays that way. ~ Dr. ██████


Test Number: 004
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: ██° ██' ██", ███° ██' ██" (near the base of Mt. ███████)
Results: Shell arrives at destination with the expected speed and direction.
Additional Notes: These tests seem to be pretty consistent… I'm starting to think that we won't gain any new data from them. I think we'll do one more firing and then wrap it up. ~ Dr. ██████

Test Number: 005
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: ██° ██' ██", ██° ██' ██" (section of barren plains █km from ████, ██, U.S.A.)
Results: Shell falls out of the portal on its side and tumbles out of the sky until it lands. When personnel inspected the crash, they observed that the shell had a large dent in it that had deformed it to an extent that it was bent at a 47° angle. The shell has been stored for later study.
Additional Notes: That's odd… could there have been a slight misfire, or was that a result of the target location? I don't know how any misfire could have caused something like that; maybe we should try again, for science's sake. ~ Dr. ██████

Test Number: 006
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: Same as the previous test.
Results: Shell appears to have lost nearly all its momentum as a result of the teleportation; as a result, the shell falls out of the portal until it lands. Upon inspection of the crash site, the shell was found to be covered in a think, viscous orange fluid of unknown origin. Samples of the fluid are still being analyzed.
Additional Notes: Well, I guess you could say we got two important bits of information from this test: 1. All firings can vary, regardless of the target location, and 2. We have a good reason to continue testing. ~ Dr. ██████


Test Number: 008
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: ███° ██' ██", ███° ██' ██" (inside the Arctic Circle)
Results: Shell comes out of the portal with a slightly slower velocity than expected and lands in the ice. When researchers inspected the crash site, the shell was reported to have a large, green crystalline formation imbedded in the front. When the researchers approached it, however, the crystal began to vibrate and make a low humming sound for █ seconds before shattering violently, sending shards in every direction and killing █ staff members in the process. All the shards then themselves shattered into innumerable, miniscule pieces that were too small to be found afterwards, despite thorough investigation. As such, no samples survived the test.
Additional Notes: Alright, if we are going to continue these tests, we need to be more careful. From now on, all landing sites are to inspected by D-class. ~ Dr. ██████

Test Number: 009
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: ██° ██' ██", ███° ██' ██" (deep in the ████████ Jungle)
Results: Shell comes out of the portal with a much slower velocity than expected, tumbling somewhat as it falls. The crashed shell appears to be coated in an unknown, dark red liquid that the D-class noted as "looking like blood" and "smelling like [EXPLETIVE REMOVED]", as well as small, unidentifiable pieces of flesh and skin. No samples were recovered, however, as the liquid proved to be extremely corrosive, eating away at the shell and later parts of the ground at an extremely rapid rate before dissipating. No samples remained for study.
Additional Notes: Curious… although I'm starting to not like what we are hitting with this thing. I think we should still try a few more tests though. ~ Dr. █████


Test Number: 012
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: ███° ██' ██", ██° ██' ██" (the Serengeti plains)
Results: While the portal appears a few seconds later than normal, the shell still arrives normally and moves with the expected speed and direction. However, the shell appears be severely rusted and breaks apart in mid flight, scattering dust around the landing site. Some of the dust particles were collected and are currently being studied.
Additional Notes: Space AND time teleportation? What did the Nazis do to obtain this technology? ~ Dr. █████

Test Number: 013
Latitude/Longitude Coordinates Imputed: ██° ██' ██", ██° ██' ██" (near the ████████ Volcano in ██████)
Results: The shell falls from the portal with a faster than normal velocity and tumbles from the sky, creating an abnormally large crater when it lands. When the D-class personnel investigated the crash site, they discovered SCP-███ under the shell. SCP-███ was seemingly uninjured in the crash, however, and proceeded to kill all the D-class at the crash before eventually being subdued by Foundation personnel. SCP-███ is now contained at Site ██.
Additional Notes: This is getting a little out of hand… all these test are staring to be almost all pain and no gain. I'm suggesting we stop these tests; the fact of the matter is, this cannon is starting to be more trouble than its worth. ~ Dr. █████

Afterword: Testing on SCP-XXXX was discontinued after Test #013 by the order of Dr. █████ due to the danger of the tests. The Foundation is currently looking into the possible uses of SCP-XXXX and analyzing the materials collected from the tests; any new data will be added when deemed substantial and noteworthy.

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