"Lord Montague"
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Item #: SCP-1064

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1064 is to be kept in a 7.62 m by 7.62 m (25 feet) room located at Site-██. SCP-1064's cell is to be well-stocked with literature per SCP-1064's requests, and SCP-1064 is allowed ample writing material, which is replaced when necessary. Reading and writing privileges may be taken away in order to enforce behavior, if seen necessary by the current guard of SCP-1064. SCP-1064 is to be examined and repaired every 3 months by an on-site orthopedic surgeon.

Description: SCP-1064 is an animate human male skeleton dating to the mid 16th century. SCP-1064 is around 1.75 meters (Approx. 5'8") in height and weighs 30.45 kg (67.17 pounds). All examinations have revealed that SCP-1064 is nothing more than a normal human skeleton, and so far its methods of movement and speech are unknown. SCP-1064 speaks an archaic dialect of British English, using slang and pronunciations consistent with the speech patterns of an englishman during the Victorian era.

SCP-1064 is quite sociable and curious about the modern world, and enjoys talking at length about poetry, theatre, and literature. SCP-1064 responds to several nicknames, all taken from various Shakespeare works; "Lord Montague", "Puck", "Prospero", and "Shylock", although it has stated it prefers being called "Lord Montague". SCP-1064 requires no forms of sustenance, and does not need to sleep. If SCP-1064 is damaged by having any of its parts separated from it or destroyed, it can simply reattach it or another corresponding part from any other skeleton. This includes complete destruction of the entire body from the neck down.

While not discussing various topics with Site-██ personnel, SCP-1064 usually remains in its cell, reading various pieces of literature or writing poetry and play scripts. Examination of written works shows style, tone, and handwriting consistent with Shakespearean works. When questioned about this, SCP-1064 stays silent and continues what it is doing.

Addendum 1064-01: As of June 17, 20██, approximately ██ years and █ months after arriving in foundation custody, SCP-1064 has begun to integrate modern slang into his speech and writing, claiming "It's interesting to see how far our lexicon has expanded. I'd like to use these words, if you don't mind."

Addendum 1064-02: Interview, dated May 31, 20██.

Interviewed: SCP-1064

Interviewer: Dr. ██████

Note: SCP-1064's statements have been translated into Modern English for convenience.

<Begin Log>

Dr. ██████: Hello, 1064. Do you mind if we ask you a few questions?

SCP-1064: Absolutely, I do mind. Call me by my proper name, if you must ask anything at all and expect an answer.

Dr. ██████: Well then, Lord Montague. Do you remember where you woke up?

SCP-1064: I awoke in a cottage in the middle of a field, surrounded by darkness. I pushed in front of me, and I discovered that I was in some manner of cellar. Surrounding me were coffins like the one I just came out of. I was quite uncomfortable, and at the time, I had not realized that my flesh was gone.

Dr. ██████: When did you realize this fact?

SCP-1064: After walking up the stairs, I had happened upon a mirror. I saw myself, and that's that. Examining my surroundings, I realized that this house had been abandoned for quite some time. After [DATA REDACTED], I had come to realize that I had been asleep for a very long time.

Dr. ██████: And is that when [DATA REDACTED], alerting us to your presence?

SCP-1064: Indeed yes. I willfully gave myself into your custody, knowing that it was for the best for mankind to not notice me. Skeletons that walk aren't very common, yes?

Dr. ██████: Indeed. How long were you awake before we discovered you?

SCP-1064: I believe it was about 2 weeks. I had been wandering for about a day after I awoke, taking my time to explore my house. It took me that long until I began to see civilization. Then, [DATA REDACTED].

Dr. ██████: That would place your awakening near June 20th. If I recall, that is the date of the summer solstice. Has this occurred to you?

SCP-1064: The summer solstice? You found me ██ years ago, correct?

Dr. ██████: Yes.

SCP-1064: Well. Hahaha! ███ years to the day! Hahahahaha!

SCP-1064 begins to laugh hysterically for around 1 minute before regaining his composure.

SCP-1064: I'm sorry for that sudden outburst. It's just the circumstances are quite humorous, if you've seen it from my point of view. I've assumed you've heard of A Midsummer's Night Dream? Fantastic play, written by one of my personal favorite playwrights.

Dr. ██████: Yes, I have. It's quite a good Shakespeare play, I'll agree. Now, before I have to leave, do you remember how you died?

SCP-1064: I was a ripe 51 years, give or take a bit. They hired someone. Joke's on me, trusting them to not screw me over in the end. I knew they were coming. All I remember immediately before my death was the shadow and his knife, glistening with green. It was a poison of a particularly odd variety, and it made it look simply like a death from old age. I remember my burial, then I was asleep.

Dr. ██████: Well then, if you don't mind, I must go now. It has been insightful talking to you, Lord Montague.

SCP-1064: Likewise.

SCP-1064 turns back to his book and begins to read from where he left off

<End Log>

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