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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXX-1 is currently stored in SCP containment locker M-███ at Site ██. No special protective measures against damage are needed, due to its properties. SCP-XXX-1 is currently classified as Euclid, and containment is present to prevent theft or damage. Security checks are to be made on all personnel exiting for the presence of SCP-XXX-1.

All level 3 or above personnel members can access SCP-XXX-1, and level 2 personnel members are allowed access with the supervision of one level 3 personnel member.

Access to SCP-XXX-1 now requires the signed and recorded permission of three level 4 personnel members, in light of Incident SCP-XXX-2-██.

In the event of unintended exposure, infected personnel are to be immediately tranquilized to prevent attachment to SCP-XXX-2 and compromise of confidential information, and then sent to [REDACTED] for emergency psychiatric treatment. Intentional exposure to personnel members with previous or current level 3 or above clearance is prohibited. Records of conversations with personnel infected with SCP-XXX-2 inherit their clearance.

In light of the events of Incident SCP-XXX-2-█, any personnel members with exposure to contagious memetic agents are not to be within 5 meters of SCP-XXX-1 unless proper containment procedures for the agent(s) are in place.


SCP-XXX-1 is a one page handwritten essay, written in English, on [REDACTED] brand folder paper by Agent █████'s son (classified as SCP-███-N due to creation of other SCP objects), that argues [DATA EXPUNGED]. Agent █████ is unable to remember how he identified SCP-XXX-1 as an object requiring SCP classification.

SCP-XXX-1 quickly repairs itself after receiving damage not intended by a living human, but otherwise presents the normal properties of its brand of paper.
When SCP-XXX-1's thesis is read, it has a ██% chance of infecting most subjects, or a █% chance in lobotomized subjects. Fully reading SCP-XXX-1 is guaranteed to infect the subject. Duplicates can infect, but translations or significant rewordings cannot.

SCP-XXX-2 is an imaginary universe, existing as an extremely vivid mental image in the subject's mind. The subject, unless aware of SCP-XXX-2's properties before exposure, will not be worried by its presence. SCP-XXX-2's properties are exactly that of what the subject knows/believes about the properties of this universe, as such, SCP-XXX-2 lacks detail in events that the subject has not directly witnessed, if not missing entirely.

Subjects infected with SCP-XXX-2 will become extremely informative about the events pictured in it, even in spite of previous refusal to give information.

When the subject is initially infected, for a period of 5 to 15 minutes, they witness an accelerated growth of SCP-XXX-2 until it matches the current time. The subject will be focused on the more important events of the growth of SCP-XXX-2. Time scale may vary depending on importance of events.

After the growth stage, the subject can now alter the location and scope of his observations at will. Religious subjects maintain limited control over SCP-XXX-2 depending on specific beliefs(monotheistic and similar subjects showing effectively unlimited control).
Infected subjects will change personality, depending on religious beliefs, such as monotheistic subjects developing megalomania.

Subjects will refuse to sleep, understanding that sleep will result in the destruction of SCP-XXX-2. They will be unable to sleep on their own will, and will no longer undergo microsleep. If SCP-XXX-2 ends, they will fall asleep, and will wake up with severe personality changes.

It is unknown if SCP-XXX-2 is a psychological viewpoint to another universe, or if the universe is purely imaginary

Discovery of SCP-XXX-1's physical properties
Subject: Dr. ███████
Dr. ███████ enters research chamber carrying SCP-XXX-1 and places it on a table.
Dr. ███████ conducts several standard physical tests, including removing an edge of SCP-XXX-1 for chemical analysis.
Dr. ███████ accidentally knocks over Agent █████'s coffee mug, spilling standard Foundation issue coffee on SCP-XXX-1.
Coffee stain appears on SCP-XXX-1.
Dr. ███████ wipes out the coffee, but unintentionally rips off the stained segment.
SCP-XXX-1 regenerates from the damage.
SCP-XXX-1 is to undergo testing to confirm immunity to accidental damage. Also █████, if that had negative consequences, you would have been reprimanded.
~ Dr. ███████
I'll get right on that Dr. ███████
~ Assistant Researcher ███
Well, you are supposed to check for foreign items in the research chamber. Not my fault you forgot that. PS: You owe me 50 cents for the coffee. ~ Agent █████
Both Dr. ███████ and Agent █████ have been reprimanded for violation of research procedure ~ Site ██ Director ████.

Test to confirm properties
Subjects: Assistant Researcher ███, D-3557
Assistant Researcher ███ holds SCP-XXX-1 out face down, ordering D-3557 to grab it with a pair scissors without damaging it.
D-3557 attempts to grab it, but fails.
SCP-XXX-1 regenerates the damage.
Test repeated with D-3558 though D-3564, all returning similar results.

Subjects: D-4872, Dr. ███████
Relevant subject notes: D-4827 D-4827 has been known for an utter disregard of history and a tendency towards [REDACTED].
D-4827 ordered to read SCP-XXX-1.
D-4827 describes the growth of an imaginary universe (now titled SCP-XXX-2) consistent with his knowledge, and his failed attempts to abuse it to witness [REDACTED].

D-4827 refuses to sleep, stating that it would destroy "his" universe.
D-4827 tranquilized by security after constant refusal to sleep.
D-4827 wakes up, starts screaming incoherently.
D-4827 stops screaming, but still appears shocked and is crying.
Dr. ███████asks D-4827 about allergies to various psychiatric medications.
D-4827 lies to Dr. ███████ about his lithium carbonate allergy, stating that lithium carbonate is the only anti-psychotic medicine safe for him.
D-4827 injected with lithium carbonate, rapidly enters anaphylactic shock due to allergy and dies.
Should have checked his allergy history. Still, we earned interesting information about SCP-XXX-1 from that test. I suspect that D-4827's later psychosis was due to the tranquillizing. I have a strange feeling that we might get interesting results with religious personnel members.
~ Dr. ███████

Subjects: D-6189, Dr. ███████
Relevant subject notes: D-6189 was demoted from Researcher due to attempts to bypass containment of SCP-882, and investigation revealed him to be an agent of The Church of the Broken God. D-6189 was falsely promised termination via SCP-882 as a reward for cooperation.
D-6189 ordered to read SCP-XXX-1.
D-6189 describes the growth of SCP-XXX-2, however most notably in a first person point of view as the CotBG's God. D-6189 describes assisting his followers in a manner consistent with the CotBG's religious views.

D-6189 refuses to sleep, stating that "I must be whole".
D-6189 returns to isolation chamber under camera watch.
36 hours pass, with D-6189 showing symptoms of sleep deprivation with a distinct lack of microsleep.
D-6189 describes a series of events in which his followers succeed in combining SCP-882, SCP-217, SCP-271 and SCP-███.
D-6189 falls asleep.
D-6189 wakes up and starts proclaiming that he is complete, and claims godhood.
D-6189 runs though the isolation chamber window and shatters it.
D-6189 is shot to death by site security.
That was interesting. And we even learned a good deal of info about The Church of the Broken God. ~ Dr. ███████
Sensitive sections of the audio log have been expunged, and all level four and below personnel have been administered a Class B amnesiac to remove memories of sensitive data. Also the building contractor responsible for the non-reinforced window has been demoted to D class. ~O5-█

Subjects: D-1772, Dr. ███████
Relevant subject notes: D-1772 is a young earth creationist pandeist.
D-1772 describes a creation from the first person point of view of a Creator, then ceases communication.

D-1772 maintains a constant smile and ceases communication.
D-1772 avoids sleep, (including microsleep) for 140 hours.
D-1772 tranquilized and revived at psych ward.
D-1772 enters permanent coma. Attempts at revival fail, and brain scans show no activity.
D-1772 terminated at the end of the month.
That was interesting. Glad that this one didn't kill himself. ~ Dr. ███████

Triggered SCP-XXX-2 destruction test.
Subjects:** D-4932, Dr. ██████
Relevant Subject Notes: D-4931 was previously conditioned to believe the current date to be December 21, 2012. D-4931 believes that December 21, 2012 marks the date of the end of the world via planetary collision, however demonstrates psychopathy.
D-4931 introduced to SCP-XXX-1, with the promise of freedom. Thesis does not infect.
D-4931 finishes reading SCP-XXX-1.
D-4931 immediately falls asleep.
D-4931 awakens and calmly describes the end of the world with a positive tone.

D-4931 calms down, and is placed into containment for observation.
D-4931 shows no long-term psychological changes besides a positive mood boost over SCP-XXX-2's destruction.
While the imagined scenario was merely earth affecting, it somehow induced unconsciousness. I suspect it was due to geocentric beliefs. Also, finally we got one that survives SCP-XXX-2's destruction. ~ Dr. ███████

Language test
Subjects: Research Assistant ██████, D-8956
Relevant Subject Notes: D-8956 is a Spanish only speaker.
D-8956 ordered to read SCP-XXX-1.
D-8956 is unable to read SCP-XXX-1.
SCP-XXX-1 is translated into Spanish, and D-8956 is ordered to read the translation.
D-8956 shows no change in psycology.
Tests with other languages and multiple translators show the same result.
That's strange. Maybe ███-N could have made a version in a different language if it survived. ~ Dr. ███████

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