There are those of you who have asked why we're here. Some who wonder what the point of all this is, and whether it's worth the trouble. Whether we even have a plan, and what that plan might mean for you.

I can hardly blame you. None of us has ever done anything like this before. None of us knows where this will lead. History is an unsure business, and don't doubt that it's history we're making here.

I have a plan. It will take time and sacrifice, but I do have a plan. But it is my plan. I do not feel qualified to tell the rest of you your business. Let us have a dozen plans, a hundred. Isn't that the nature of free men and women? There is no true road, but many paths up the mountain. Let each seek the way that's right for him. We aren't an army or a government. I trust you all to govern yourselves.

My plan is hard. Because I feel it's not enough to tell people. They must be made to believe. Until we can convince them, we'll be seen as nothing more than crackpots, madmen. We must be able to show them the truth of what we say, and we must show them in a way that no man can hide the truth again. Speak on any street corner you please. Most will call you crazy. If you're too convincing, the Others will pick you up. We need something they can't hide.

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