SCP-XXX Materials Log

The following is a detailed list of all items retrieved from SCP-XXX by Dr. Green's team.

  • Rusted "Satura" Statue
    • A 31cm tall figurine, retrieved during Expedition Log XXX-41-1. The statue is made of carefully forged steel, which has rusted extensively from years of oxidation. It depicts a vaguely feminine figure with four arms, each bearing a different weapon: a bloodied knife, a sickle, an axe, and a mace. The figure's eye sockets are blackened, a large circular wound is present where the heart should be, and there is a wide horizontal incision in the abdomen through which several internal organs are visible. Several flesh covered growths are shown protruding from the figure's spine. The base of the statue bears an engraving which reads "Satura".
  • "The Winnowing" Book
    • An old, extensively worn, 322 page book retrieved during Expedition Log XXX-41-1. Many pages throughout the middle are torn, or have such heavily faded text that they are unintelligable. The parts of the book that are still legible detail the coming of an elder god known as Satura, the same character depicted in the previously catalogued figurine. Four lieutenants of Satura are also described, although not named. In the narrative, Satura blesses her followers with infinite power, in return for their eternal, devoted worship. The book describes a religion heavily based on human sacrifice and mutilation, offerings of blood, and a deep respect for fellow members. The last page of the book carries a serial number (2292-41-5265), and a marking which reads "Printed under authority of the Saturnine Covenant: March 4th, 1921".
  • Documents retrieved from control room during Expedition Log XXX-41-1.
    • Several communique from the "Saturnine Elder Cabal", dated December, 1926. Much of the documents are faded, but the legible sections are reproduced below:
    • Dated December 9th, 1926: "… A beachhead has been established on the north-eastern coast of the Republic. Your holy engine of war, blessed by Satura herself, will be ready for delivery by the end of the week. The machine will be armed and transported to the battlefront via Archon-class airship, along with enough weaklings to fuel the machine for months. Your first target will be Ro Station, expect little ground resistance and moderate…"
    • Date December 15th, 1926 "…has made landfall on the northern coast of the Republic. Commander Orich's army will link up with your strike force at Grand River Valley. They will begin their crusade within the hour … Once you have destroyed Tau Collective, proceed onto the capitol city to strike the final blow. We carry the bloodied mark of Satura, her divine blessing is upon us. We are poised to…"
    • Dated December 27th, 1926: "… city is preparing its feeble defenses; they will be powerless against your onslaught. The 4th Grand Army is moving in north of the capitol city, they will support your assault … Commander Senlial has directed her army to eliminate the Sub-Arctic power station, and cut off all supply routes from Nova Central. The Arcadian Republic will soon be wiped off of the face of the planet, in retribution for their crimes against our great nation."
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