Matter Annihilating Disease
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Subjects quarantined due to infection risk of SCP-XXX-01 are to be sealed in suitable quarters, isolated from external contact by double-airlock, to be exclusively remotely opened. Quarters are to be suspended from the ceiling of a cubic plexiglass vacuum chamber with walls ten meters distant from internal quarters. Collection areas, made of glass or other transparent material to allow for visual observation, are to be attached under entire flooring surface of internal quarters in order to contain SCP-XXX-02. All collection areas should be filled with densely packed transparent material and contain remotely-releasable containers of radioactive material. Due to their destructive nature, instances of SCP-XXX-02 are to be immediately purged by activation of the closest radioactive canister, unless required for research. Supply delivery for living subjects and replacement of radioactive canisters or SCP-XXX-02 collectors are to be conducted entirely through robotic means. Thermal imaging equipment, for detection of SCP-XXX-02, should always be present and directed at the collection area. This equipment, as well as all other electronic surveillance present, should be constantly monitored by no less than two security level 1 personnel.

On the event of a confirmed outbreak, all personnel assigned to containment of infected and destruction of SCP-XXX-02 are to be assigned completely sealed hazmat suits. During containment procedures, personnel are to be rotated in teams every two hours for complete inspection of equipment for any signs of damage. Any unprotected human to come within six meters of a possible carrier is to be considered a possible infected as well and contained or terminated as necessary. Once human threat is contained, containment team is to conduct exploratory excavation to locate and eliminate deposits of SCP-XXX-02.

Description: SCP-XXX is an [DATA EXPUNGED] disease with four currently identified strains. 87% of carriers are asymptomatic, while the remaining 13% will present symptoms at what appear to be random intervals. Upon activation, subject is beset with intense nausea followed by bodily elimination of fluid secretions (primarily urine, saliva, bile and small amounts of blood) and feces through every available orifice, followed by ataxia and hypothermia, ultimately culminating in vomiting of a bright, fluorescent green to yellow substance shortly before death and highly accelerated decomposition, which seeds the ground with SCP-XXX-02. Until activation, SCP-XXX-01 is virtually undetectable externally; biopsies performed on known carriers, however, have determined mutations following specific patterns on heart and brain tissue. SCP-XXX-01 transmits itself primarily through contact with infected fluids, with guaranteed infection merely upon contact with unprotected skin; fluid-borne infection vector surviving up to forty minutes outside the human body. SCP-XXX-01 can also transmit itself in airborne form, though with severely reduced infection rate and maximum observed range of six meters. All observed strains of SCP-XXX-01 have been conclusively tested to infect humans exclusively.

SCP-XXX-02 objects are created exclusively upon death of an activated carrier. SCP-XXX-02 objects have the appearance of a mottled gray, pulsating, sac of flesh, and will rapidly burrow to a depth of up to ██m and begin secreting fluid. This colorless, opaque fluid, on contact with nonliving or inorganic matter, appears to annihilate both itself and an equivalent mass of said matter. Organic, living objects are [DATA EXPUNGED]; individual SCP-XXX-02 objects will collate into a single mass upon being moved together by this annihilating ability. An SCP-XXX-02 Object will produce ██liters per second per █cubic meters of its volume, meaning even small concentrations will rapidly destroy enough matter to cause seismic upheaval on the surface above.

SCP-XXX-02 is extremely hardy, emerging completely unscathed from blunt force trauma, edge strikes, bullets, and temperatures below 1600 Celsius. Temperatures at least 30 degrees above this mark, or even light amounts of radiation, will however cause an SCP-XXX-02 object to convulse uncontrollably for several seconds before becoming an inert, safe and compact mass of human skin dust, regardless of [DATA EXPUNGED].

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