Mechanic Vine
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Item#: SCP-1740

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1740 is to be kept in a specially reinforced habitat. All grow lamps and irrigation channels are to be flush with the walls to prevent tampering. SCP-1740 requires at least 1m of soil in which to take root. Once per week 1 dozen rodent carcasses are to be provided to prevent SCP-1740 from entering its hunting cycle unless otherwise instructed.

Description: SCP-1740 is an organism composed of three different plants with the unique ability to emulate machinery. The tree and vines composing SCP-1740 by themselves are not anomalous and are closely related to mistletoe and ivy. The flowers however are clearly artificially designed. The flowers on SCP-1740 form a rudimentary nerve and circulatory system linking the entire organism together. When the vines pass over a machine SCP-1740 memorizes the structure and a flower furthest from the trunk begins producing a pod. These pods become mobile after a period of time determined by how large the machine being emulated is. The largest recorded machine produced was timed at 48 hours and 3 minutes. Each fully formed pod acts as seed dispersal for the plants, immediately seeking out areas where more machines can be readily found, such as junkyards and scrapyards. These seed pods have been classified as SCP-1740-1.

It was discovered after containment that SCP-1740 is carnivorous and will enter a hunting cycle if it is not supplied with meat. Once it enters into a hunt cycle it produces small malformed machines to seek, kill and collect food. If forced to hunt for an extended period of time the plant becomes more efficient at designing hunters. These hunters have been designated SCP-1740-2.

By themselves the flowers are unable to perform their function, requiring all three plants working as a single unit. Authorization is pending to test the ability of the flowers to form parasitic or symbiotic gestalts with other plants.

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