Athena Frog
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A member of SCP-XXX in its natural habitat

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimens of SCP-XXX are to be contained in a standard venomous amphibian containment terrarium. Samples of SCP-XXX secretions are to be stored in a biological containment freezer between tests. Samples of SCP-XXX secretions are to be collected under standard biological hazard protocols. All samples of SCP-XXX venom are to be destroyed after testing is complete. Samples of SCP-XXX secretions are only to be gathered via robotic assistance in preparation for authorized experiments.
Anyone demonstrating the symptoms of exposure to SCP-XXX venom is to be isolated in a standard quarantine cell for observation. Termination of personnel demonstrating symptoms of exposure to SCP-XXX venom is authorized. Quarantine cells assigned to contain test subjects exposed to SCP-XXX venom are to be remotely scanned for additional biological signs every fifteen (15) minutes. If anomalous life signs are detected, all organic material in the cell is to be destroyed via incineration.
Members of SCP-XXX discovered in the wild are to be destroyed and all contaminated water sources in the area are to be subject to level 7 sterilization treatments.
All experiments involving SCP-XXX will require OS-█ approval.

Description: SCP-XXX consists of a previously unknown genus of the family Dendrobatidae, more commonly known as poison dart frog. All members of SCP-XXX examined have demonstrated male secondary sexual characteristics but no primary sexual characteristics and do not seem to be capable of reproduction [Data Expunged].
Exposure to the secretions of SCP-XXX in humans disrupts the proper functioning of several elements of the human brain, particularly those related to learning and social interaction. Affected subjects appear to regress to knowledge acquisition pattens normally exhibited by children age █ to █. In addition, the normal function of REM sleep is slightly altered, with a reduction in the pruning of weak synaptic links in favor of the indiscriminate strengthening of neural connections.
The secretions of SCP-XXX retain their potency even when diffused in large bodies of water. Testing has revealed that a colony twelve (12) instances of SCP-XXX can fully contaminate 2,500,000 L of standing water (the volume of an Olympic swimming pool) in a little under a week.

Addendum: The early manifestations resulting from exposure to the secretions of SCP-XXX bear a certain similarity to schizophrenia, a result of the uncontrolled re-learning of language and basic social interactions coupled with the semi-random formation of new associations between existing concepts.
If a subject is isolated from others affected by SCP-XXX secretions, their symptoms will follow a regular pattern from this point on.
As time progresses, the symptoms of schizophrenia will increase in intensity. The subject will also begin to demonstrate symptoms of aphasia as their understanding of language becomes increasingly coupled with unrelated concepts. A subject who is isolated from others affected by SCP-XXX secretions will eventually withdraw into a non responsive state, a result of their inability to understand or reliably interact with the world around them.
If, however, several subjects are allowed regular social contact with each other from early the early stages of affliction, then several divergences from the standard pattern emerge.
Groups comprised of 3-4 individuals will form, with larger groups rapidly fragmenting. Within these groups, conceptual links will be shared and a common language will emerge. Communication between groups appear to suffer all the problems associated with communication between affected and unaffected individuals.
At the stage where affected subjects would normally enter an unresponsive sate [Data Expunged]

OS-█ Clearance Required

Incident Report XXX-A2

██:22 PM: Members of experimental group A2 begin to demonstrate signs of extreme agitation. While it remains impossible to decipher exactly what was being communicated between members of the experimental group, several utterances of the word “Frog” accompanied by pointing gestures are recorded from all members of A2.
██:25 PM: Subject A2-3 collapses to the ground screaming. Other members of A2 follow suit.
██:26 PM: Subject A2-3 stops screaming and [Data Expunged]
██:44 PM: Security forces reestablish containment surviving experimental group subjects and [Data Expunged] ██ agents and █ researchers killed outright, while ██ agents and ██ researches are exposed to SCP-XXX secretions.
Experimental subject examined and found to have suffered nearly complete degradation of neural structures related to learned behavior, effectively possessing the mind of an infant. Knowledge acquisition patterns induced by SCP-XXX secretions still evident. Subjects terminated.

Addendum: It is my theory that SCP-XXX represents an adaptation, either the result of natural (or unnatural) evolution or a deliberate creation, to utilize the human mind, and human social interaction in particular, as a method of propagation.
- Researcher S████████

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