Memory Cube
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Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: The cube is to be placed in a 3 m by 3 m room with a security system armed at all times. The room should have one (1) single point of entry, sealed off, at all times, by a reinforced stainless steel door. The door must only be unlockable through typing in a 20 digit code into its key pad. This code must be set to change every 30 seconds. The door should only be opened for routine inspection of security alarm and for testing with SCP-XXX.

The room must be situated in secure facility at [REDACTED] and must not have a window, vent, or other possible openings in the room other than the pre-stated entry. This room should not be situated near any computing systems or near where any secret information would be discussed. Personnel are discouraged to talk about any information they wish to keep secret, even quietly, within 5 m of the room in which SCP-XXX is held. As long as the security system's functionality is ensured, no guards are needed near SCP-XXX.

Description: SCP-XXX is a 1m x 1m x 1m cube encased in a tinted glass. Each side of the cube has an approximately 2 cm thick panel of glass. An unknown polymer adhesive holds seals the panels at their edges. The case tightly fits around the internal metallic cube. There is no evidence as to what exactly this glass is composed of but it seems to have a large amount of tensile strength (see addendum-XXX-01).
The internal cube's outer, metal shell is comprised of a titanium alloy also containing iron, lead, aluminum, and trace amounts of other metals of the periodic table (see addendum-XXX-02). The object has no visible jacks or ports on its exterior. SCP-XXX shows no visual signs of activity and only seems to become active when placed near a computer.

When a computer comes within at least 30 meters of SCP-XXX, random information that has been stored on the cube is transferred onto the computer. It would also appear that most, if not all, information from the computer is also copied onto its hard disk and stored there (see addendum-XXX-03). Each time SCP-XXX "connects" to a computer, it only copies a small amount of its information (on average 10-30 GB) onto the computer.

Of the variety of files stored on SCP-XXX, the majority seem to consist of:

Building blueprints

Security footage

Basic weaponry schematics

Audio logs


Geographical coordinates

Diagrams of its inner electronic configurations and compositions (see addendum-XXX-02)

It also seems capable of obtaining and analyzing non-electronically reported events, locations, etc. (see-addendum-XXX-04) indicating that the object must have some ability to create audio, video, and even tactile recordings. The object seems to have used this ability to analyze data such as suggested methods of destroying or disabling other SCP, Foundation personnel, level authority, [DATA EXPUNGED]. So far there is no known method of choosing what information is extracted let alone deleted.

All attempts made to delete files from SCP-XXX have proven unsuccessful. Due to the sensitivity of this information, it must be ensured that nothing and nobody is able to remove SCP-XXX without clearance from Level 4 or higher. It was found that SCP-XXX also contained information on many other SCP including, but not limited to, [DATA EXPUNGED].

The object was recovered from a recently exposed terrorist hideout in [REDACTED] along with many other items of value. When the Foundation learned that computers at a government storage facility were obtaining mass amounts of documents and schematics, SCP-XXX was found and transported to a secure location at [REDACTED]

Addendum: Under construction. Will be ready when SCP file is actually released.

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