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Item #: SCP-868

Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When not being tested or in use, SCP-868 is to be kept in a locked, 15-cm cubic titanium box and kept in Storage Site-18. Reconnaissance teams wishing to use SCP-868 must have permissions granted from at least Level 3 Personnel, and a record of its success must be kept to monitor its effectiveness.

SCP-868 is a pair of battered, lens-free, “horn-rim” style spectacles. Composition verification and dating has revealed that they were constructed from a hawksbill turtle’s (Eretmochelys imbricate) sometime in the early 20th century, and they show noticeable wear. The top of the right lens case is cracked, and a part of the nosepiece is missing from the left one. The legs of SCP-868 appear to be quite flexible, though quite possibly breakable.

While SCP-868 is worn by a conscious person, a subject will report a change in the clarity of their vision, regardless of current visual acuity. Multiple testing has indicated that SCP-868 will, upon use, improve said acuity to 20/10 unless their vision is already within that range. In nearly 80% of testing, however, subjects reported colorblindness when under SCP-868’s influence, and another 5% reported either “tunnel” vision or weak general nausea. Effects of SCP-868 usually subside upon removal, though nausea may last for several hours afterward. SCP-868 seems to have no effect on blind people or other animals.

When a subject enters the REM stage of sleep while wearing SCP-868, they enter a hypnotic-suggestive state. In this state, they are able to hear questions they are asked about their dream-surroundings and answer coherently. Under this state, subjects usually report a feeling of “floating” through the world, able to see events occurring with the same degree of sharpness (and limitations) as they would the while wearing SCP-868 in a waking state.


It should be noted that removal or administering SCP-868 on a subject already in the REM stage of sleep kills the subject nearly instantaneously. Autopsies of D-Class personnel having died in this manner show a complete severance in their spinal cord with the brain stem.

Document #868-9: Test log for live subjects 868-13 through 868-21
Subjects of differing visual acuity ranging from complete blindness to 20-10 vision were instructed to wear SCP-868 and submitted to a battery of visual tests. With the exception of Subject 868-15, all subjects saw a marked improvement in their vision strength. Subject 868-15, being blind, reported no change, other than a slight headache and a slight burning sensation in the nasal cavity. Subjects 868-13, 868-14, 868-16, 868-19 and 868-21 were unable to pass basic colorblindness tests. Subjects 868-17 and 868-19 also suffered general nausea and tunnel vision, but 868-18 reported no adverse change.


NOTE: What I essentially want to do is to make this into a reconnaissance item, which, with the exception of encasement by the Telekill SCP (which this won't need extra protection with) allows the dreamer to be able to observe most events happening on the planet — which necessitates Euclid Status. I'm also thinking of making it an artifact from the Cold War, you know…just 'cause.

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