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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be attached to a 6-string acoustic guitar, to be kept in a standard Safe-class locker at Site 19. Every 12 hours a D-Class must play the guitar where the object is attached for at least 3 minutes. No actual songs need to be played.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a [] brand aluminium capo for use in guitars. It’s anomalous effects manifest when it’s not attached to a guitar for more than 24 hours or when the guitar where it’s attached is not played for at least 3 minutes for more than 24 hours. The guitar must be played without the help of picks. No actual songs need to be played, as the object doesn’t seem to have a “sense” of rhythm, harmony or melody.

When the previous conditions aren’t fulfilled, the object starts to emit a sound at 123 Hz, a B2 in the chromatic scale. If the conditions still aren’t met, for every twelve minutes the sound increases an octave in frequency (i.e. after the first twelve minutes the sound changes from 123 Hz to 246 Hz, a B3, and after more twelve minutes from 246 Hz to 493 Hz, a B4). When the guitar completes three minutes being played the sounds instantly cease, but the effects caused by exposure to them don’t.

Exposure to the sounds produced by the object is reported to cause nausea and migraines that last about four hours after the exposure. Auditory hallucinations can persist for a week. These hallucinations usually manifest as repeated words, and test subjects report feelings of paranoia and the sensation of being watched. Any piece of music heard during this week induces catatonia for about two seconds.

Twelve minutes after the sound emitted reaches 3951 Hz, a B7, the object instantly deafens any humans in a 31 meters radius. The deafness is permanent and cannot be reversed by any means. In 13% of the cases, visual hallucinations occur when a piece of music is played at normal hearing range of a subject, even though, because of the deafness, it cannot be heard. These hallucinations include music sheets, sine waves, mathematical equations, drawings of industrial machinery and [REDACTED].

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