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Item #: SCP-@

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

  • Observation Post @ set up at SCP-@ permanently staffed with at least 2 trained medical personnel
  • report manifestations of subjects inside the inner chamber and prepare them for immediate transport to Site-XX


  • SCP-@ designates an underground facility located in the Dasht-e Kavir (coordinates) (
  • Trapdoor, stairs, small interior. Set in the southwest wall is a nondescript alcove, facing the direction of Mecca.
  • Sound of chipping stone when trapdoor is shut is normal and not an auditory hallucination.
  • Since 1983, SCP-@ has acted as the point of manifestation of several individuals who disappeared under identical circumstances between 1972 to 1979.
  • Individuals found within SCP-@ are…
  • Malnourished/dehydrated/delirious
  • Individuals recovered from SCP-@ uniformly report…
  • Characterised by chronic pain in throat, dry mouth, and chills
  • Mental dissociation, sense of unreality
  • Exactly three days after initial onset of symptoms, victims will disappear.
  • Accounts marked by slurred speech and general incoherency

Addendum: Recovery documentation

Date: 05/10/04

Found our first one. Subject positively identified as @/003. Was catatonic upon rescue. No visible signs of injury, dehydration, or malnourishment. However, subject's muscles are immensely atrophied and looks to be at least a decade older despite much shorter absence. Possibility that this effect is stress-induced. Photic reflex still observed — slightly more pronounced in Dr. Yusof's presence than my own, for some reason. Will gather further information from the subject when he awakens.

- Dr. Sufian

Date: 07/10/04

Subject spoke his first word today. "Trapdoor." Yusof believes he is referring to the place where we found him, indicating that he might either have been conscious the whole time, or was in the hole in some form throughout the length of his disappearance — some kind of parallel transposition a la SCP-XXXX. I'm inclined to believe that to be the case, but we're always open to new possibilities.

- Dr. Sufian

Interview #: @/003/001
Interviewers:Dr. M. Sufian, Dr. F. Yusof.
Interviewed: Subject @/003

(Recording begins.)

SUFIAN: Cue tape. Hello. How are you feeling?

@/003: (inaudible) I can't see, I can't see.

SUFIAN: Farah, turn down the lights.

@/003: Somebody help. (inaudible) cannot move.

SUFIAN: Sir, you're at a hospital now. You're safe. It's alright.

@/003: Trapdoor. She's not here anymore, is she?

SUFIAN: Please try not to move — Farah, the drips —

SUFIAN: Settle, settle. It's okay. We just want to ask some questions. Is that alright?

@/003: Need help. Where am I? This is not the hole.

YUSOF: You are in a hospital. We're doctors, and we're here to help.

SUFIAN: Do you remember anything of the time since your disappearance?

@/003: Time. Lost (inaudible) time. I wasn't, I wasn't awake. Hard to tell you. It's all so loud…

YUSOF: That's fine. Whatever happened to you, we don't think you were the only one. Whatever you can tell us will help other people.

SUFIAN: What is the trapdoor? What is the hole?

@/003: (inaudible)

YUSOF: Lay it off, he's clearly not ready —

@/003: Trapdoor. Hole. The man's in the hole, and he's still screaming. We need to help him.

SUFIAN: Who is this? Did you see anyone else?

@/003: (breathing heavily) The hole's under the trapdoor. The trapdoor's in my house. The hole's under the trapdoor. The trapdoor's in my house —

YUSOF: Stop, enough. It's okay, relax. You're safe now. Sufian, what did I tell you?

@/003: — the hole's under the trapdoor. The trapdoor's in his house —

(Recording ends.)

Date: 11/10/04

We checked his address. The family's moved to Tehran, and the current residents don't have a trapdoor or even a cellar. Some kind of alternate realm access? That would explain the aging and the stasis.

- Agent Saam K.

Date: 11/10/04

Negative. HQ asked around in some local contracting firms and there's still a basement in there. Contracting company sealed it up in '77. I'd advise some monitoring of the premises with a Hume meter or two just in case it's something chronic.

- Dr. Sufian

Interview #: @/003/001
Interviewers:Dr. M. Sufian, Dr. F. Yusof.
Interviewed: Subject @/003

(Recording begins.)

SUFIAN: Start from the beginning. Tell us about what happened before you blacked out.

@/003: Okay.

@/003: It started — like my throat was on fire. My boy, Reza, his wife was a doctor, she offered to check, but she could find nothing. They thought it was an infection — I could barely speak. Then the next day it started onto the rest of my body, into my joints. I was very scared. I knew something was going to happen to me. My son and his wife wanted to carry me to the hospital, but then I turned to them and I said, "By the glory of God, I think I'm going to die." Then there was nothing.

SUFIAN: What about the trapdoor?

@/003: What trapdoor?

YUSUF: Remember? You were telling us — you tripped and you fell. In your own house, in your basement. Down the trapdoor.

@/003: Yes, I felt like I was falling a long time… The next thing that — no, before — the vision —

SUFIAN: But the —

YUSUF: Hafez, if you remember something new, you have to tell us.

SUFIAN: We can sort this out later. Archival needs the recordings by tonight. Can you tell us more about the vision?

@/003: I'm sorry, it's exactly as I remember it, I don't know what's wrong. I'm sorry. Do you want me to talk about…

SUFIAN: The prince on the throne. What did you see? What was he doing?

@/003: The prince. I knew he was a prince, because he was sitting on a black marble throne. It was shaped like a pyramid, but the sides were not smooth, it was like it had stairs and many little pyramids growing out of it like a flower. It was hard to look at. And there was a space at the top for the size of a person, but didn't seem like it was built for him. I think she built it for him.

@/003: He had fair skin, like he had come from the north. There was no hair on his head. He had only one eye, and it was green. He was screaming and crying. She was beating him, there were thick scars across his back. He didn't want to be here. He didn't want to be on the throne because she had turned his legs into stone. They were horrible, they looked like burnt matchsticks…

@/003: He was very young. No older than my youngest daughter. He was screaming because he knew she was coming. She was very near. The look on his face.

YUSUF: Just to be sure, you said that this vision came just after you blacked out?

@/003: I can't decide. I don't know. Maybe it's always been there, and I'm just now remembering it. You asked me to talk about it, so I did.

@/003: You have to help. Please. Every night since I have come here, I have seen the pyramid with him on it. I am sure you are not normal doctors. I am sure you can help.

SUFIAN: Doctor Yusuf, she specialises in the brain. She'll be here for you if you start to remember more things. If you want, there are special medicines we can give you to help you remember.

@/003: It's not me. It's him. You have to help him. He's still in there with her. He needs to get out.

(Recording ends.)

Date: 17/10/04

Hafiz's condition is stable. He's sitting up and fully conversant, and the pain in his throat seems to have subsided. Tissue damage isn't as severe as we thought. Dr. Sufian, ever the pragmatist, suggests pro bono physiotherapy under our front clinic in Tehran, just so we can keep an eye on him in case anything new crops up. By his estimates, if our patient commits to it, he'll be up and walking this time next year.

Meanwhile, Agents Saan and Carver have tracked down his family. They'll be contacted once Disinformation can come up with a proper cover for his absence. I don't think it's the end of this, but we've gleaned all we can for the time being and I propose we start filing the discharge papers soon.

- Farah


  • Two agents interview a folklorist who tells the story of the Ensorcelled Prince
  • (flavour: folklorist thinks the agents are solving the case of a serial killer)
  • Fake some mystical cultural background — cast ambiguity on the identity of the cheating slave.
  • Paint the slave as ominous evil: a hollow, breathing, thing on the floor of the obsidian chamber.
  • Horror as the agents realise why SCP-@ only affects a certain type of people: fridge horror that the slave has metaphorically escaped the chamber — and we haven't been keeping tabs.
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