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SCP-@ was discovered on 06/10/1996 in the province of Govi-Altai, Mongolia, following official investigations into anomalous local seismic activity and the disappearance of a a coal prospecting party. Local authorities, assisted by members of the China Geological Survey, discovered the remains of a disused mining facility, in which the prospectors had apparently set up base camp. However, despite signs of recent habitation, no trace of the missing personnel could be found. Most recent activity conducted at the site appeared to be the excavation of a 2m-wide shaft that connected to an underground cave system. During its investigation, personnel reported sudden headaches and nausea, along with intermittent nosebleeds; the investigation head, suspecting possible toxicity or radiation hazards, contacted governmental officials, through which the Foundation was notified. Embedded agents disseminated a cover story explaining the prospecting party's disapperance as a result of accidental suffocation following a subterranean gas leak. The site was handed over to Foundation front Satie Logistics on 10/10/1996, which conducted initial threat assessment and containment. Site was classified as SCP-@ on the following day.

SCP-@ is an apparently man-made series of tunnels and caves

SCP-3000 is the former (name cancer hospital, central asian state). (abandoned date) (discovered anomalous by local authorities investigating disappearance of two girls) (embedded agents bring to Foundation attention) (site acquired by Foundation front etc.)

SCP-3000 induces negative physical effects upon humans inside it; personnel with a MARS score of 2 or lower experience debilitating (stroke symptoms) upon entering the complex, while personnel with a score of 4 or lower experience only mild headaches, nausea, and nosebleeds. SCP-3000 is also home to multiple perceptual anomalies. Regardless of MARS score, all tested personnel hear indeterminate human voices at all times while within SCP-3000, emanating from inside its walls. Various sightings have also been reported of human remains within the building. Personnel have reported (rotting corpses in the walls, drifting bundles of nerves, muscles, and bones, severed body parts blocking rooms).

Both the voices and the sightings have not been corroborated by recordings and are assumed to be hallucinatory in nature.

central room

vertical shaft extending into the ground

exploration fails to find anything meaningful, except that the shaft extends an indefinite amount into the earth

air drawn into the shaft, warmth

- link to forced reincarnation somehow

Back from the grave, [REDACTED]? I'd have expected no less.

On the contrary, I completely understand. We signed our lives and more to the cause. You and I, and the rest.

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