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con procs:


- item is a bus
- item went missing and appeared speeding along highway in a blaze of fire
- item detained by deployment of water barrier
- foundation acquired via clandestine means

- item is in a state of extreme disrepair, though the wheels continue to turn

- after containment, anomalous effects begin
- bugs on windshield
- viscera on tyres
- heating to XXX degrees celcius or cooling surroundings to -XXX degrees celcius
- 'splashing' of corrosive or caustic chemicals during heating onto surrounding surfaces
- manifestation of human figure at the back of the bus… slowly moving forward.

addendum 1:

- researcher notes that the guy at the back is moving faster
- visibly pacing forward, more details can be seen
- woman in a phi-shaped helm, carrying a long hammer/mace
- effects are also becoming more dangerous, necessitating XXX changes
- propose letting it run by itself to recreate original discovery scenario

- runway cleared for 2km and fitted with elastic decelerators
- rail-mounted video camera
- bus accelerated successfully, attaining top speed of 106 km/h, and successfully decelerated

- results: anomalous effects largely subsided over XXX minutes.

- proposed change: installation of circular track and guide rails to contain SCP and mitigate anomalous effects

- change successful
- temperature fluctuations cease
- cheaper containment
- researcher lauded

- addendum 2: incident log

- portal open shit happens life gets fucked yall
- h

- after XX months of running the

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Civilian footage of SCP-@ prior to initial recovery. Note the presence of humanoid figure on right.

Item #: SCP-@

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-@ is kept in a corrugated steel container within the Anomalous Vehicle Containment Bay (AVCB) of Site-101. It is secured to the floor of its container with steel cable rigging. The container also contains a CO2-based fire-suppression system which will extinguish any fires produced during an activation event.

Following each activation event, SCP-@'s interior and exterior should be doused with water and disinfectant. Any biological material found afterwards should be incinerated. To aid cleaning purposes, a plexiglass shield has been installed onto the front of SCP-@. Should it sustain damage, it is to be replaced.

Description: SCP-@ is a double-deckered bus formerly operated by Golden Coach Express between the cities of Kuala Lumpur and Changlun in Malaysia. It was brought to Foundation attention after being declared missing en route to Changlun on 06/10/2016. It later reappeared the following day in downtown Kuala Lumpur, engulfed in flames. It was promptly extinguished by city firefighters and acquired by the Foundation via local police contacts.

Currently, SCP-@ is in a state of extreme disrepair. Its exterior appears to have been heavily damaged by thermal and chemical burns, possibly caused by burning sulfur. Its tyres bear damage consistent with driving over a hot abrasive surface for a prolonged period of time. Its engine is non-functional, likely due to aforementioned sources of damage. All windows were cracked or missing upon arrival. This list of damage is not comprehensive given the nature of SCP-@'s activation events.

SCP-@ was carrying twenty-three passengers, one driver, and one tour guide upon its disappearance. To date, no trace of the missing individuals has been found.

Once every five to seven days, SCP-@ will undergo an activation event, signalled by its doors spontaneously closing. For the next few hours, SCP-@ will rock back and forth violently and experience a range of effects from unseen sources. So far, observed phenomena have included:

  • Large quantities of flies (various species from Tabanidae, Culicidae, Muscidae, and Simulidae families) horizontally projected onto the front of SCP-@.
  • Varying amounts of bovine and caprine viscera deposited underneath the tyres and along the bottom of SCP-@.
  • Dousing of SCP-@ with caustic or corrosive substances, most commonly lye or heated sulfuric acid.
  • Physical impact from multiple directions, occasionally accompanied with large dents or claw marks on the sides of SCP-@.
  • Erratic turning of SCP-@'s steering wheel.
  • Portions of SCP-@ catching fire.

Additionally, during especially violent activation events, camera feeds record the faint appearance of a red humanoid figure at the back of SCP-@. The figure appears to be standing completely still despite the motion of SCP-@; however, frame-by-frame analyses of relevant footage show that during such events, it is slowly moving forwards.

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