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A modified deck of 96 hanafuda cards bearing non-standard iconography. Deck is contained in a lacquered mulberry wood case with a brief description of its contents inscribed on the inside; said description claims that the deck is intended for play under an unorthodox Kyoto variant of hanafuda known as 千人一首/Senren-isshu (en: "A thousand poets, a single verse"). While extensive research has yet to uncover any written evidence of its existence, its rules have been passed down through oral instruction from surviving descendents of the Yamauchi clan.

From the size of its casing and testimony from Yamauchi descendents, it is estimated that SCP-XXXX formerly comprised a total of 110-140 cards.

Yamauchi Kiyofumi (山内 清文) (1905-1961) was the grandson of Yamauchi Tei, founder of the company Nintendo Koppai. A known eccentric and talented painter, he was delegated by his father to design a set of hanafuda cards for the company's 50th anniversary at the age of 19. It is known

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