Misfortune cookies
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SCP-000-9 after testing

Item #: SCP-000

Object Class: Safe/Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The incidents predicted by SCP-000-1 through SCP-000-11 have already occurred and are therefore considered safe. They can be accessed by any level 2 personnel with clearance to use the site 19 records hall.
All remaining units of SCP-000 are contained within a high security vault at site 19. All experiments involving SCP-000 must be approved by level 4 personnel and only conducted after proper precautions have been taken to secure keter class SCPs.

Description: SCP-000 is a palette of fortune cookies seized from the site 19 mess hall. The cookies and the fortunes are unremarkable and correspond to the chemical composition, font, and messages of ████████ brand fortune cookies.

Only the lucky numbers printed on the back of the fortune have any significance, as current observations hold that they accurately predict SCP containment breaches. The predictions specify, the date, time, and designation of the SCP that will breach containment in a dd/mm/yy/hh/mm/SCP format.

All previously opened units of SCP-000 (hereafter referred to as SCP-000-1 through 11) correspond to ██ recorded containment breaches. 000-6 through 11 all predicted containment breaches in the near future, the longest interval measuring 51 hours and 7 minutes from the time the cookie was opened.
Due to the nature of SCP-000-1 through 5's recovery, it is uncertain whether they hold true to this pattern, although we have no reason to believe otherwise.

The existence of SCP-000 was discovered during the recapture of SCP-███ when Agent ████ commented to Agent ███████ that the SCP’s designation was listed as part of her “lucky” number on a fortune cookie. Agent ███████ reported the comment to Dr. █████, who procured the fortune in question (and several others) from agent ████. Fortunately for the organization, ████ has a peculiar habit of saving each fortune in her purse for a prolonged period of time.

Inspection revealed that the number on the back of each fortune corresponded to the date, time, and designation of ██ containment breaches over the past ██ months.

When asked where she had obtained the fortune cookies, Agent ████ indicated that they had all come from the Asian fusion bar within the site 19 mess hall. All fortune cookies on site 19 were immediately contained and the purchase of new fortune cookies suspended indefinitely.

Addendum-1: Containment breaches decreased by ██% following the containment of SCP-000 and unexplained malfunctions in the electrical, heating, and cooling systems at site 19 decreased by ██%. This data suggests that SCP-000 is somehow causing the containment breaches it predicts.
All further experiments involving SCP-000 are hereby suspended indefinitely and SCP-000 is to be scheduled for neutralization.

Addendum-2: ██% is hardly enough to justify causality. The first controlled test proved invaluable and SCP-███ was successfully recaptured with a minimum expenditure of resources and without loss of life. See SCP-000 test logs.

Addendum-3: Neutralization of SCP-000 is suspended until we can come up with a safe means of disposal. Who or what opens these things might not matter. Do you really want to run the risk of exposing all those fortunes at once?
The kitchen bought these things in bulk. We’ve got more fortune cookies locked up than we have SCPs.

Addendum-4: Experimentation and neutralization are suspended indefinitely. 000 might cause containment breaches or it may only predict them. We will never know because we cannot go back in time and see if not opening a unit of 000 prevents the containment breach from occurring.
I don’t care how easy it was to recapture ███. We should be prepared to rectify a containment breach at ALL times. We’re professionals. We don’t need an SCP to do our job.

Addendum-5: Pending recommendations by Dr █████, the organization is successfully purchasing all companies that mass-produce fortune cookies and is recalling all cookies with a lucky number consisting of 13 digits. All future fortunes produced by subsidiary companies now owned by the organization are limited to lucky numbers containing 12 or fewer digits.
The mechanism by which 000 predicts or causes SCP containment breaches is unknown, we cannot take the risk that someone may intentionally or unintentionally create or activate more units of SCP-000.

Addendum-6: Proposal to move SCP-000 to a seperate location for storage. The vault at site 19 is getting rather full. That’s a lot of cookies.

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